Scott Co, Tennessee Queries
July 1999 through August 1999

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I am desperately searching for any information on a ROSA COTTON. She would have been born about 1884 and married JOSEPH BRANUM (or BRANNUM). She is supposed to have had a brother named JOHN COTTON
Gregg Branum
Submitted on Sun Aug 29 22:44:09 1999


Am interested information on OLIVER PARKER, born around 1822. Has at least one child named BALAAM PARKER. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Mickey Parker
Submitted on Sun Aug 29 22:02:18 1999


I would like to know anything on ISHAM and MARY WEBB. They had a son named CHARLES SEVIER WEBB. He was married to LOIS POTTER. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Kathy Byrd
Submitted on Fri Aug 27 16:56:33 1999


Searching for info on HUGH ROBINSON. Death record shows he was born abt. 1859 in Scott county and died July 27,1908, age 49years, in Elk Valley, Tn. for some reason the death was not recorded until July 10, 1909, almost a year later. no other info on death record. I have 1900 Scott co, Tn. census record showing HUGH ROBERSON with wife NANCY and son CHARLEY G. (actually my grandfather CHARLES EUGENE ROBINSON) born June 1888. it is certain that this is the same person because the census info came from my grandfathers personal effects after he died. family history says that HUGH's wife was MINERVA but i believe she was his second wife. there is no record of NANCY or MINERVA,s Maiden name. Who were HUGH,s parents and what were his wifes(wives) maiden names. I have looked at hundreds of ROBINSON records and trees and cannot find this HUGH ROBINSON. any help?
Bill Robinson
Submitted on Thu Aug 26 22:55:01 1999


I'am looking for BEN, CLIFTON, WILLARD and MILLARD FILMORE ENOCH. They may be father and sons or brothers. MILLARD FILMORE ENOCH 10/4/1856 TN died 8/4/1919 in Crittenden Co., KY. MILLARD's childrens birth records say he's from both Scott and Rutherford Co., TN
Shirlee Smith
Submitted on Thu Aug 26 22:00:23 1999


I am searching for any information on JAMES PANIEL NAPIER Sr. and ZETTIE/y (possibly Zeddie/y) (JACKSON) NAPIER. Birth and death dates unkown. said to have lived in or around Oneida, they had four children named (not in order of birth) JAMES PANIEL NAPIER Jr. b.27Aug.1915/16 d.22Aug.1997 in Lexington,Ky. ROSCOE NAPIER b./d. unknown , SHERMAN NAPIER b/d. unknown youngest child was a daughter named ALICE NAPIER. ALICE died at around age two from Influenza. ZETTIE (the mother) died within a few days after ALICE, also from influenza. I'm estimating that thier deaths happened between the years of 1918-1921. JAMES Sr. then remarried to a woman named GERTRUDE GOOCH who had two sons from previous marriage. she is said to have been VERY hateful to ZETTIE's children, which resulted in my grandfather, JAMES Jr., running away to Ohio. Because of this, all ties were severed with JAMES Sr. and GERTRUDE. If there's anyone out there who might have any information for me, please help.
Lisa M. Napier
Submitted on Sun Aug 22 20:24:03 1999


I am looking for the family of WILLIAM LAY who married JANE CARSON, July 28, 1864 in Scott county, Tennessee
Dorla Stork
Submitted on Sun Aug 22 20:17:52 1999


I am looking for information on the parents of SARAH "Sallie" EMILY HALE. She married LACY ADKINS Jr. on 4 Jan 1893. I know that her parents names are WILLIAM HALE and MARGARET HAWKINS. SARAH HALE was born 19 Dec 1875 in Scott Co. Any help I can get would be greatly apprecicated. Thanks.
Diana Kerrigan -- Post Office Box 554, Winchester, IN 47394
Submitted on Fri Aug 20 21:51:29 1999


I am searching for information about the ancestors and descendents of HIRAM RICHARDSON, who was born in Tenn in 1849. HIRAM married MILLIE DAUGHERTY in 1891, and they lived in Scott county, Tenn. MILLIE gave birth to my Grandfather, GARFIELD RICHARDSON, in Oneida, Tenn on the 6th of Aug 1893. I am sure that HIRAM had another wife before he married MILLIE, for the 1900 census listed the names of three children (JAMES, JULIE & JOHN), who were all born prior the 1891 wedding date of MILLIE and HIRAM. I would appreciate, and would be willing to share any information that I have or that I can obtain about HIRAM, his parents, his first wife, his ancestors, or his descendents. Thank you for your help.
David Richardson -- 853A Summercrest Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028
Submitted on Thu Aug 12 22:29:21 1999


1. Looking for info on ROY EUGENE FREELS m. to VERA LOU GAY children; ERIN NICOLE FREELS, BRANDON WESLEY FREELS, SARA FAC FREELS----- 2. MARION EDWARD FREELS b. 1800-1890 d. 1/4/1965 in ill. m. to CONDELIA MAUDE GRIMES on April 06, 1904 in ill. b. 1/16/1865 in Gallatin County, ill. d. 11/15/1868 in Marion Ill. Children; BESSIE FREELS b. abt1907 m. to DONALD BRUSH -----Would like to know father, mother, brothers, sisters , other children and dates on all the above.
Virgil William Freels -- 3800 W. Wilson # 85, Banning, CA 92220
Submitted on Tue Aug 10 14:26:17 1999


Requesting info on MARY ELIZABETH SMITH b. Oct. 16,1854 Scott Co. Married JOSEPH HAMON, date unknown. Both buried Elizabethtown, KY. Children: KATIE, b. 1884, CORNELIUS HEZEKIAH, b. Mar 14, 1886 and JOSEPH S., b. Jan. 15, 1898. May have a McCOY or WALDEN connection.
Jean Cabanilla -- 167 "I" Street, Brawley, CA 92227-2322
Submitted on Mon Aug 9 21:41:55 1999


Looking for info on ANDERSON SMITH and SARAH SLAVEN parents of ELIZABETH SMITH b. 1839 d. 1929 Known as GRANNY BETTS. She was the second wife of JOHN "Bum" BLEVINS b. 1848 d.17 Dec 1924 (Scott Co TN)
Jeanne Kellner
Submitted on Mon Aug 9 17:14:36 EDT 1999


Searching for any information on ALEXANDER MILLS born in 1848, married to RUTHIE HAMMOCK, or his father WILKERSON MILLS born in 1810, married to NANCY born in 1816. Also info on JOHN POTTER born in 1850, married to MARY (Polly) WRIGHT born in 1848. Their children's names were MAUDA L., REAN, SARAH E., PLINA A., GEORGE W., EFFIE MAUDE, and LEE. Any information would be appreciated.
Debbie Griffith
Submitted on Sun Aug 8 13:59:00 1999


Seeking information on PRISCILLA E. SAVAGE. She married J. C. PATTERSON in Overton County on 09 Mar 1889. They are said to have moved to Scott County where they reared their family. The children of this marriage were: MARTHA EDNA and CLAUDEEN. PRISCILLA is thought to have died in Scott County ca 1950s. Any information concerning this family will be appreciated.
Edward P. Savage
Submitted on Sat Aug 7 12:51:38 1999


I am researching my families connection to the Cherokee Nation. I am told that NANCY LEWALLEN, daughter of JOHN LEWALLEN and DELIAH REED, was of Cherokee descent. NANCY LEWALLEN married HAYDEN BURKE who led a number of wagon trains out west. I was told by my uncle that a chief named JOHN (?) knew her and was trying to get him to regester our family in the Nation rolls. Chief JOHN has since passed away. If you can help me at all I would greatly appreciate it.
Suzi Sweeney -- 1671 Dewey Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45205
Submitted on Fri Aug 6 13:24:43 1999


I am seeking information regarding JACKSON G. SMITH and his wife MALINDA TERRY who were in Scott County during and prior to the Civil War. They reportedly had many children one was JOSEPH SMITH born Scott County 1867 does anyone know anything about these people
Dan Usherwood
Submitted on Tue Aug 3 11:27:23 1999


Need help on ELISHA DAUGHERTY he was part Cherokee Indian but can't find the relationship, any help appreciated.
Submitted on Tue Aug 3 01:16:57 1999


I am looking for any information on the parents of ERVIN FOSTER and EASTER CARSON. They were married 1840 in Wayne County KY. They later moved to Scott County. If there is any family out there researching this line, please write.
stephanie briggs
Submitted on Sun Aug 1 23:46:58 1999


I am looking for information on WILLIAM LEWIS THOMPSON. He married JULIA ANN SEXTON Feb 1880 in Scott County. I have the SEXTON family back to 1750. What I am looking for is information on WILLIAM LEWIS THOMPSON, especially information on his parents.
stephanie briggs
Submitted on Sun Aug 1 23:43:55 1999


I am looking for any information on my great-grandparents. KIZZIE (HUTSON) JONES and WILLIAM THOMAS JONES. Any information would be great appreciated.
Lenita Daugherty
Submitted on Sun Aug 1 12:31:36 1999


I am looking for any information on BILL MASON or his wife JULIE ANN. I am not sure what JULIE ANN's maiden name was. I know they had at least one child; FRANK MASON my grandfather. Any leads will be appreciated.
Lenita Daugherty
Submitted on Sat Jul 31 21:44:46 1999


I am looking for info. on SAMUEL JOHN TILDEN LANGLEY b.1878 Jellico, Scott Co., TN. He is supposedly descended from LOCK LANGLEY who was purported to be of the Cherokee People. Any info. would be appreciated. email
Cheryl Santos -- 2647 Texas Drive, Dallas, TX 75211
Submitted on Fri Jul 30 21:30:09 EDT 1999


I am looking for any leads on NANCY HARNESS, and JAKE LAWSON. They had several children; ROENA LAWSON, EUGENE LAWSON, MILRED LAWSON.
Lenita Daugherty -- 2502 Straight Fork Rd, Huntsville, TN 37756
Submitted on Tue Jul 27 22:36:45 EDT 1999


I am looking for some info on some of the LOWES and MASONS and CARROLLS in Scott County. I need birth and death date of EGBERT LOWE and EVELYN LOWES birthdate because she is still living.I would also like to have some info on FELINE MASON and NANNIE MILLER MASON.I would also like some info on the surname CARROLL in Scott County.Feel free to email me!!!!!
Submitted on Mon Jul 26 01:54:34 1999


I am looking for information on ELI COOPER and BARBARA RIDENER they were born about 1798. ELI's son was GEORGE WASHINGTON COOPER b.15 Nov. 1819 in Tennessee, d. 5 April 1881 he married Emily Wilson. Any information would be appreciated.
E. Covington
Submitted on Fri Jul 23 11:57:34 1999


Searching for info on ANDREW NEWPORT, married OLLIE CROWLEY. Lived in Norma and New River TN area. Possibly died about 1950? Would like info on ancestors of both. I have been told the graves are marked with field stones, any info on gravesite would help also.
Roger Newport
Submitted on Mon Jul 19 17:54:18 1999


I am looking for Info on, and ancestors of SHERMAN BRUMETT (Brummett, or Brummit) many different spellings for the same family and info on CALADONIA PHILLIPS. I have info on the ancestors of CALADONIA but would like info on CALADONIA herself and her burial place. After the death of CALADONIA in 1909? SHERMAN married MERTIE DELL TERRY. Would appreciate any and all info.
Roger Newport
Submitted on Mon Jul 19 17:47:10 1999


I am looking for information concerning my Great Grandmother. I have her name listed as MATILDA E. KEATHLEY, also ELIZABETH EMMALINE MATILDA KEATHLEY. Either way, she was born around 1862 and died in 1924. She married NOAH HARNESS, son of JOHN HARNESS. She also has a brother or father named SHERMAN. Thank you for your help.
Submitted on Sat Jul 17 00:12:40 1999


Looking for ancestors and family. My father, CHARLES EDGAR BURCHETT, was born in Glenmary TN in 1896, left in 1917, joined Army; died in California in 1962. His father, WILLIAM BURCHETT, was born in Clinton KY in 1861 and died in TN in 1924. His mother was MARY ELIZABETH TODD (born in 1870 and died in 1913 in Glenmary). They had many children, including JOHN GUY, MAGGIE, EVA, THELMA, and my father, known as "ED." Can anyone help?
Eleanore Perkins -- PO Box 8, Ashland, OR 97520
Submitted on Fri Jul 16 19:22:03 1999


I am looking for any information relating the STEPHENS surname in the Cumberland gap area, i.e. Scott County, TN, Cumberland, KY, etc.Specifically pre-1900.Other associated names might be KING and TAYLOR, as I know these to be pre-1900 relative's names. Pleaseshare any information that you might have and I will share what I have.
Brent Stephens -- 614 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201
Submitted on Thu Jul 15 15:09:44 1999


I am looking for any information on a SPENCER & LOU WORKMAN who had a son born in Robbins, Tennessee, on nov. 5, 1908. The son's name would have been JOSEPH SPENCER WORKMAN. I am desperately seeking any information that anyone could help me with, no matter how small. Thank you in advance for any help!!!!!
Submitted on Wed Jul 14 20:42:37 1999


I am searching for the marriage record of CALVIN WOODS and FURLIE BURTON.They was from Wayne Co Ky.,but I am told that the preacher who went on horse back to that area filed some of the marriage records in the Scott Co Tenn clerks office. These are my grandparents.I am not sure of the spelling of Ms BURTON's first name. Please email me with any information that I would be so grateful for.
Faye Cram
Submitted on Wed Jul 14 14:36:16 1999


I am researching my dad's family from Scott County. My grandfather was JAMES CONKLIN (J.C.) NEWPORT (7/1/1882-4/26/1954). We don't know his dad's name other than he may have been known as ROE NEWPORT, and his mother was REBECCA NEWPORT but I don't know her maiden name. My grandmother was SARAH BURRESS NEWPORT (3/6/1891-8/3/1982) d/o REV. ALFRED BURRESS (12/14/1849-11/19/1925) & SOPHRONIA (FRONA) DUNCAN BURRESS (5/20/1861-8/29/1945). ALFRED and FRONA are buried at Corinth Baptist Church at Smoky Junction.
Teresa Newport
Submitted on Wed Jul 14 00:21:20 1999


I'm trying to locate birth, death and marriage certificates or information to help prove lineage with JOSEPH R. RYAN and ANDREW JACKSON RYAN from Scott Co. 1787-1902.
Brenda Ryan Cate -- 361 Marney Cove Road, Kingston, TN 37763
Submitted on Tue Jul 13 13:36:11 1999


Looking for info. on RILE or RILEY CHAMBERS, who was my g grandfather. He had a child with MYRA BROWN, but never married. MYRA died in 1912. Their son, GEORGE ALFRED CHAMBERS/BROWN, was born in 1900 and died in 1968. He was raised by his uncle, JEREMIAH BROWN, after his mother's death. JEREMIAH served in Civil War at age 12. Records indicate MYRA and GEORGE were in Pickett County, TN. MYRA's parents were ALFRED and BETSY BROWN
Submitted on Mon Jul 12 23:54:47 1999


Looking for information on JOHN HAWN (1840-1905), Father of TIMOTHY HAWN (1868-1948), buried at Hawn Cemetery, Brimstone Rd. Wife of JOHN was ELIZABETH YOUNG
Submitted on Sat Jul 10 14:57:10 1999


I am trying to find some records of those people buried in the Winona, Tennessee Cemetery, some from the 1700's and before, and especially those who are JEFFERS'.
Timothy Wayne Jeffers -- 1275 Warner Stephens Ln., Allardt, TN 38504
Submitted on Fri Jul 9 01:05:53 1999


Looking for information on MARY JANE DYER TAYLOR, mother was said to have been MELINDA CLOUD married to Chief GREENBERRY CLOUD. And supposedly they were full Cherokee. Mary married JOHN TAYLOR. She was born aug. 2,1856 and died March 10, 1939. Her mother died 1906 in Homestead, Jefferson City, Missouri. any help on this family would be greatly appreciated. She was my husbands great grandmother.
Teresa Taylor -- 60 Centerhill drive, Chatsworth, GA 30705
Submitted on Wed Jul 7 23:12:31 1999


Searching for information on NATHAN BOWLING(BOLING), ANDREW BOWLING, SUSANNAH BOWLING in Scott Co in the 1860-1880's. NATHAN was in the Tennessee National Guard during Civil War and died shortly after the war.
Mike Dreyer
Submitted on Wed Jul 7 22:50:28 1999


I am looking for information on ROBERT GREEN MARTIN b. July 8, 1867. ROBERT married (May 26, 1888) SARAH AGESS "Aggie" COX b. May 2, 1871 d. Dec. 21, 1940. They had 11 children. I am also looking for information on ANDREW "Andy" J. MARTIN b. Oct. 14, 1892 d. Oct 2, 1967. ANDY married (? date) NOLA DAVENPORT b. Aug. 23, 1896 d. April 11, 1979. They had 21 children with 2 sets of twins. A lot of the decendents from these families live in McCreary County Ky. but none has been able to give me a lot of information. McCreary County Kentucky did not exist until 1912. Before then it was part of Pulaski, Wayne & Whitley Counties in Kentucky. I'm sure that some had to of had lived in Scott Co. Tn. Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Joy (Martin)Wilson -- P.O. Box 42 , Pine Knot, KY 42635
Submitted on Mon Jul 5 13:42:42 1999


I am looking for anyone who knows JOEL PIERCY from Robbins TN. 
Submitted on Mon Jul 5 01:40:30 1999

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