Scott Co, Tennessee Queries
September 1997 thru October 1997

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Ann Brotzge Fri Oct 31 08:26:00 1997
I am interested in any and all SLAVEN/SLAVEY/SLAVIN names. I have extensive records on SLAVENS who settled along the Ky/Tn line. I will be glad to share/exchange information. Ann Slaven Brotzge.

Laura L Gibson Thu Oct 2 09:40:48 1997
JEFFERS/JEFFERIES - Scott County Any information that would help to identify this family would be helpful. I believe they may have been living in the section of Campbell County that was later became Scott County, TN. JUDY JEFFERS/JEFFERIES b. abt 1796 TN EMILY JEFFERS/JEFFERIES b. abt 1828 TN POLLY JEFFERS/JEFFERIES b. abt 1832 TN

Lois Henes Thu Oct 9 14:04:42 1997
I am searching for information on the MOFFETTE family of Scott Co. TN. THOMAS MOFFETTE\MOFFITT showed up in the 1880 census married to ELIZABETH (YOUNG) 1 son but records show he divorced his first wife MELINDA SMITHERS or BROWN can't seem to find out which . Can't find record of their marriage. Also he was around 51 yrs. old at that time ,son only four. Can't seem to trace him forward or backwards from there. Any help would be appreciated from anyone anywhere. Thanks a heap.

Garrett Tue Oct 7 14:11:22 1997
I am searching for the son of JAMES MARION (JIMMY) WILLIAMS. JIMMY's son was born out of wedlock in the mid 1940's. His family didn't know about him until JIMMY's death. This son has a brother and sister who would like to hear from him or anyone who can help. Thanks.

Dan Terry Mon Sep 29 16:32:57 1997
TERRY, JOHN , born 10/9/1860, died 3/14/1896. wife - NANCY. Looking for info on their parents. (UNKNOWN) TERRY, Rev. C.C., 1833 - 1909. Masonic Lodge #566, Parmersville, KY. Both of these TERRY's are buried in a hilltop cemetary near Buck Ford off the Tomey Road, off Rt. 297 in Oneida, as is my grandfather, HENRY TERRY, born 4/21/1891, died 2/15/1919. Any info as to the parents of JOHN, or info on Rev. C.C. TERRY would be appreciated.

Deb Shippee Mon Sep 29 21:04:37 1997
I am looking for any information on the POTTER family of possibly Scott, or Morgan County. My great-grandfather was ABSLEM GILBERT POTTER, who married LEONA HAWN. They had 12 children, one of which was HOMER, who was my grandfather. He married ALVERTIA BISHOP.

Linda Sexton Nusbaum Sun Sep 21 13:37:26 1997
BLEVINS, CRAWFORD - b 1881, d 1973, m MARY MILLER. These are my great grandparents. I need the name of CRAWFORD's father. Some family members believe it was JOHNSON and some say JULIAN . I have found nothing. CRAWFORD owned a large farm in Scott county, and was the local healer, blacksmith, and miller. He and MARY had the following children: SYLVESTER, ARTHUR, JONATHAN (JUBER), TEMPLE, HARVEY (my grandfather), OLA, ALMEDA, REASON, NETTIE, WULBERN, and LULA.

Phyllis Ann Gomez Sun Sep 21 17:33:08 1997
My sister is doing research on the HENSLEY family.She may be contacted at she has a lot of info if anyone is willing to exchange .She also is researching the ARCHER line. She is looking back further than WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENSLEY.

Julie Chitwood Sat Sep 20 06:49:52 1997
BAKER: Seeking parents of WILLIAM HIRAM BAKER, b. 27 Mar 1825, Scott Co TN, d. 19 Dec 1902 m. ELIZABETH "BETTY" DAVIS, b. 4 Oct 1825, d. 24 Feb 1907 Capuchine. They had 10 children. Family is suppose to be connected to Sen. HOWARD BAKER's family.

T. Truran Sat Sep 20 11:58:46 1997
Am looking for SEXTON, JAMES ANDREW, born 1904, son of, SEXTON, GILBERT. He was one of 10 children I believe.

Ken Broyles Tue Sep 16 06:33:50 1997
I would any information on the BYRD family of Scott County, TN.

Jennifer Harness Sat Sep 6 19:19:44 1997
I am looking for information on JOHN ADKINS and MARY SAUNDERS ADKINS. They were the parents of STERLING ADKINS and LACEY LEVI ADKINS of Scott County. I believe that JOHN and MARY came from North Carolina in the early 1800's. Any info that you can supply about JOHN and MARY's lineage would be appreciated! Thank you!

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