Scott Co, Tennessee Queries
July 1997 thru August 1997

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Paul Watters Thu Aug 28 16:09:56 1997
Looking for info. on JOHN WATTERS believed to have lived on Clear Fork Creek early 1800 in Scott or Fentress County wife's name was WARE thanks in advance.

Barbara England Sat Aug 30 12:30:59 1997
Searching for surname BOYD in Scott Co Tn in 1850 and 1860. Anyone having these census who can search for me, email me please

pitchman Sun Aug 31 17:20:46 1997
Is this a true story? Doe's anyone remember, or has anyone heard of a tragedy that supposedly occured in Glenmary,Tn. in the late 1800s, probably between 1895-1900 . JAMES or JOSEPH SIMPSON allegedly shot and killed a J. BURTON. I'm researching and need to have this information. Can anyone send it to me , or let me know where I can look for this information.

Jennifer Harness Sun Aug 31 20:01:53 1997
I am looking for information about a family legend that I have heard. I have been told that at one time a VANDERGRIPP man married a HARNESS woman and that he took HER name because a) it was the end of her line and they wanted to continue her name or b)the VANDERGRIPP man was in trouble and changed his name so that the authorities could not find him as easily. If you have heard this story, or know that this has happened, please email me and let me know!

Becky Phillips-Parker Mon Aug 25 20:32:50 1997
PHILLIPS, L. CANEY (my Great Grandfather) B: 1876 (assume Scott Co., TN) D: 1935 (died in Harlan Co., KY; but buried in PHILLIPS Family Cemetery in the Capital Hill community of Huntsville/Helenwood area, Scott Co., TN M: ROSETTA OWENS (daughter of WES OWENS); B: abt 1879 (assume Scott Co., TN); d: approx. 1960's; also buried in PHILLIPS Cemetery beside her husband, L. CANEY PHILLIPS. Children of L. CANEY PHILLIPS and ROSETTA OWENS PHILLIPS: -JAMES OSCAR(Nov. 11, 1894/June 29, 1979)(My Grandfather) (m: LOMA COKER from Elk Valley around 1918) -ARTHUR (Sept. 10, 1893) -NANNIE BELL -EMMIE -GEORGE -MARY -HATTIE -MILDRED -ROY. I don't know L. CANEY PHILLIPS father's name, but L. CANEY's mother was a PEMBERTON. Any information on this line of PHILLIPS of Scott Co.,? My Line: G-Grandfather: L. CANEY PHILLIPS; Grandfather: JAMES OSCAR PHILLIPS; Father: LEWIS KENNETH PHILLIPS; Me: REBECCA JEAN PHILLIPS-PARKER

Stephen Woodrum Tue Aug 26 11:23:25 1997
WOODRUM, GUY NICHOLS, I am searching scott co. TN as my grandfather graduated high scool there in 1926, from Oneida H.S. I would appreciate any info you can provide with reguards to him.

Julie Chitwood Wed Aug 27 06:27:00 1997
Seeking info on SEREPTA LAWSON, b. c 1816, d. c 1863 Liv. in Campbell Co. M. 1st (11/12/1845, Campbell Co. TN) RUBIN H. BRIDGES, b. c 1804 NC. SEREPTA m. 2nd BRYANTT HONEYCUTT 3 Oct 1864. RUBIN and SEREPTA had the following children: NANCY, DAVID, ELIZABETH, YOUNG, MARY L., and ANDREW. In the 1850 Census it showed a WILLIAM & MARY BRIDGES living with RUBIN (poss. his parents?). Any help on the BRIDGES and LAWSON families appreciated.

Patrick Murphy Wed Aug 27 18:47:55 1997
Seeking an obituary notice for THOMAS NELSON HUGHES. He met his death in front of a train near Glen Mary, TN on June 23, 1913. His wife's name was AMANDA ELLER HUGHES.

Mark Atterson Sat Aug 23 16:06:20 1997
I am researching any ATTERSON-OTTERSON-AUTERSON family member or connected families. JOHN LEWIS { born June 1868}, WILLIAM ALEXANDER ATTERSON, and their sisters MARTHA, EMILINE, MARY, INEZ, and ANNE, lived, worked, and some died in and around the Scott County, Tennessee, area. MARTHA {born January 1862} married WILLIAM RAINES, EMILINE {born October 1869} married W. Van MARSH, MARY CATHERINE {born June 1882} married WILLIAM GRANT MASSINGALE, INEZ {born March 1874} married WILLIAM N. ISABEL, ANNE {March 1879} married EMMETT RAINES, then WILEY J. VOILES.

V. Norman Rains Tue Aug 19 20:52:43 1997
MARCUM, LITTON,TERRY, SLAVEN, WEST, SMITH. I am wanting to trace back the WILLIAM MARCUM, AMANDA LITTON lines. WILLIAM MARCUM b: 5/29/1871 in Scott County, TN, married AMANDA LITTON, b: 1/12/1879 in Oneida, Scott Co., TN., on or about 11/14/1896 in Oneida, Scott Co., TN. AMANDA LITTON decended from GEORGE WASHINGTON LITTON and EMILY TERRY, nfi. WILLIAM MARCUM decended from REASON MARCUM nfi and CHARITY SMITH, nfi. Parents of REASON MARCUM and CHARITY SMITH are WEST nfi and HENRY SMITH, nfi. Parents of GEORGE WASHINGTON LITTON is LITTLETON LITTON, nfi, wife unknown. Parents of EMILY TERRY are CALVIN TERRY and RUTH SLAVEN nfi

Reed Hurtt Mon Aug 18 12:54:33 1997
HURTT, GOODE, BUTTRAM Tracing MOSES HURTT, buried New River (Scott Co.) about 1922; 2nd wife NANCY ELLEN (GOODE) HURTT, buried New River about 1924; also 7 children born New River between 1886 - 1903, mainly BEN H.(Harry)HURTT, born 1889. 1st wife ELLEN (BUTTRAM) HURTT - 3 children, VIANNA, OLLIE, WM. Looking for cemetery and birth records. Does New River still exist as a town ?

Penny Walters Towater Sun Aug 17 21:00:29 1997
Looking for information on ELLEN CHAMBERS, married GEORGE MORGAN in late 1800's in Scott County, Three childred, ELVA, WILLIE (WILLIAM?), and JOHNNIE (JOHN?). ELLEN may have died in a hospital in TN or KY.

James E. Linville Fri Aug 8 10:19:44 1997
I am looking for any information regarding the following de- ceased relative. Name: ROBERT JACKSON BAKER Born: 03/21/1854 in Virginia Died: 02/18/1922 in Scott County, Tenn. Was buried at Huntsville, Tenn. Wife was ANNA BROWN CORDELL who was born on 05/22/1854 and died on 01/30/1940 and was also buried in Scott Co. Tenn.

Mark Barnes Thu Aug 7 23:56:49 1997
BENNETT: Looking for info on JEFF DAVIS BENNETT, born in Winfield, Scott Co., Tenn, on 10-29-1886. Moved to Texas in early 1900's. Any info you can provide regarding siblings or ancestors will be greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Harness Thu Jul 31 16:07:24 1997
I am looking for relations to THOMAS and TELITHA HARNESS who lived in SCOTT COUNTY as far back as 1860. I am expecially interested in TELITHA's maiden name. THOMAS could have been born anwhere from 1820-25. TELITHA could have been born in 1830-1834. They had the following children: WILLIAM R. Born in 1848, JACOB born in 1852, PENTILA born in 1854, JEREMIAH born in 1865, JOHN born in 1857, LEONARD born in 1861, DAVID born in 1865, NOAH born in 1867, JAMES A. born in 1869, and PETER born in 1872. The dates listed could vary--they were taken from the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records of the State of Tennessee.

Linda Shay Wed Jul 30 17:27:16 1997

NEWPORT: I am seeking old photographs of the NEWPORT family, particularly from the Civil War or Victorian era. Would especially like a copy of a photo of JAMES J. NEWPORT, who served in the Tennessee General Assembly from 1893-95. Will reimburse any costs involved. A good photocopy would be fine. Thank you sincerely.

Victor Boyd Tue Jul 29 18:49:50 1997
I am looking for any information on JAMES GRANVILLE BOYD. b1861 Scott Co. Oneida area. His Father, is said to have died during war, body identified by gold tooth.

Greg Chambers Tue Jul 29 05:40:28 1997
I am related to THOMAS CHAMBERS through his first wife, KATY LAWSON. Thomas settled in the Buffalo Creek area following the Revolutionary War and is considered by some writers to be among the first three or four white settlers in what is now Scott Co. THOMAS' father, WILLIAM, fought with the 4th Virginia Infantry during the Rev. War. Has anyone done any research on WILLIAM and/or taken this line back to earlier generations. I've heard two scenarios: 1) While WILLIAM was born in Virginia in abt 1750, his family actually came south from Pennsylvania; 2) While WILLIAM was born in Virginia abt 1750, his family actually came from Scotland where they have lived since the mid-1600's. Any response would be appreciated.

Pat Bowling Metheny Sun Jul 27 06:22:46 1997
Seeking info GREENBERRY BOWLING ca.1820 died Scott county 1900. Married (1) VESTIA BROWN (2) CHRISTINA LAWSON McDONALD (3) SARAH LAWSON LEWELLYN (4) PHERBIA CHAMBERS. Where was he born? Did he live his whole life in Scott county? Who were his parents?

Claude Cheatham Wed Jul 23 20:49:39 1997

Seeking information on parents of THOMAS A. RUSSELL b. 05 Oct 1853 d. 05 Jun 1930 and is buried in the Hall Cemetery in Stinking Creek, Campbell County, Tn. Thomas married 1st, MARY CATHERINE WILLIAMS and 2nd, MARHTA "PATTY" WALDEN. Some 21 or 22 children were born of these marriages. Some of the family members of THOMAS's lineage lived or live in Campbell and Scott County, Tn. today. Any information would be appreciated. Will exchange information.

Jack Daugherty Wed Jul 23 20:49:30 1997

DAUGHERTY, BROWN, BURRESS, NEWPORT. Looking for information on my great-grandfather ELISHA D. DAUGHERTY (I erroneously said his name was WILLIAM in an earlier query) who was born July 13, 1866. He married ADELINE or ADALINE BROWN (born March 12, 1867) on December 22, 1881. He may have worked in "public works" in Scott Co. (thanks to Donna Rowland-Gough for the info). Their eight children were MARGARET J. (6/22/83), WILLIAM JEFFREY (5/18/86), HIRAM (11/11/88), JOHN R. (6/19/91-9/18/47), EMBY ARLINE (1/1/94-1/26/57), IDA B. (5/9/98-8/26/15), MAUDE D. (4/13/01-11/12/11), and ANDREW H. (3/31/03-4/1910 or 11). ELISHA married MINERVA BURRESS who was born March 27, 1896 (yes he had five children older than her, but, wait, the best part is coming). He and MINERVA had three daughters: twins FLORIA REA and FLORRA LEE (10/27/16) and ALPHA GERTRUDE (5/23/19). MINERVA may have died in childbirth because later he seems to have married BERTHA NEWPORT who may have been born September 11, 1913 (the family Bible is hard to read, surely it was 1903!) and they had a son, HARRY ERASMUS born 5/27/22. Okay, great-grandfather! No wonder there are so many Daughertys running around Scott Co. I'd like info on ADALINE, MINERVA, and BERTHA, too, please. Thanks in advance.

Jack Daugherty Wed Jul 23 20:49:28 1997

CHILDRES, DAUGHERTY. Looking for information on GEORGE CHILDRES (CHILDRESS) who d. 1922-23 and was bu. in Gum Fork community. His wife was AMANDA DAUGHERTY and they may have had thirteen children: FLORA, ARTHUR, ANAS (ANNAS), MARY, DEWEY, EMMA, ROMIE, EVA, MELVIN, MILLIE, and ETHEL who died at birth or as youths, and possibly two others who died at birth or as youths. ANAS CHILDRES was born December 31, 1891 in Gum Fork. Any help is appreciated and accept my thanks in advance.

Marjorie Slavens Tue Jul 15 17:41:39 1997

Looking for descendants of JAMES SLAVEN of Scott County, son of DANIEL SLAVEN and ELIZABETH ANN (LIZA ANN) COOPER of Hawkins County. Sons of JAMES in Scott County were ELISHA, JOHN, LEWIS, and daughters, JANE, RACHEL, and MARY A.

Kristina Main Fri Jul 4 13:41:04 1997
Looking for LUCINDA ELIZA RICH (b. Apr 1837/9, d. 1925 in Scott County. Known mostly by ELIZA or LIZA or LIZEY. She had a sister CLERISSA, who married JOHN SHANNON, bro. of ELDRIDGE SHANNON. She married ELDRIDGE SHANNON (b. 18 May 1835, d. 20 Jun 1917) ELDRIDGE and ELIZA SHANNON are buried in Lone Mountain Cemetery in Scott County. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

Donna Walker Thu Jul 3 10:22:51 1997
HUCKEBY - JOHN G. and first wife, NELLIE. JOHN was probably born around 1880 (going on son MACK's birth in 1901), Scott Co. I do know their children were MACK and MYRTLE (who died very young; he remarried a woman named DELLA and named another daughter MYRTLE).

Donna Walker Thu Jul 3 10:22:51 1997
SILCOX - DINK and his wife, KATHRINE SMITH, probably born in mid-late 1800's, Scott Co. Their children's names were JOHN, EARVIN, JAMES, HAYLEY, ELIZABETH ("Topsy"), MINERVA, OCTIVE, ANNIE, and DORA. (some spellings questionable)

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