Scott Co, Tennessee Queries
March 1997 thru April 1997

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Brenda Ellis Jones Sun Apr 27 19:14:19 1997
Searching for name of JAMES ELLIS' first wife, they probably married in Campbell Co. around 1821, first child born 1822 was EDWARD ELLIS. Later on JAMES ELLIS settled in Scott CO. this being after he married for second time in 1840, family says the second wife's name is SARAH RUTHERFORD, I'm not sure this is correct. If you have information on this family please let me know. JAMES ELLIS was son of ROBERT ELLIS, Rev. war soldier of SC. JAMES ELLIS children were: EDWARD, JAMES Jr., ROBERT, NANCY, WILLIAM, PEGGY, LUCY, ELIZABETH, all by first wife. JOSEPH and JANE were by second wife. JAMES ELLIS died in Scott co. in 1858 he is buried at the Paint Rock Cemetary. Other names I'm searching in Scott Co. are GRIFFITH, PARKER, BUTTRAM, PHILLIPS.

Vera Grizzell Wed Apr 23 17:17:04 1997
I need any information on JAMES A. FARRESTER born about 1850 and died in Robbins, Scott County, Tenn. He was married to CALLIE CHOATE/SHOLT/SHUTT who supposedly died in Oklahoma. They had about 5 children.

Vera Grizzell Wed Apr 23 17:57:58 1997
I need info on DIXON, LAWSON, FARRESTER, CHOATE, GRIFFITH, YOUNG Families in Scott Co. My father was BARNEY DIXON, his mother was MAUDE LAWSON who married CLEOPHAS DIXON. I want more information on MAUDE's mother ALICE FARRESTER LAWSON. I will look up info for you in Atlanta Ga. if you can help me.

Melissa Robinson Fri Apr 18 20:25:01 1997
I am searching for information on LOUIS CALVIN ACRES (d.o.b. 7-26-1847 d.o.d. 12-5-1916) and his wife EMELINE HUGHETTE (d.o.b. 7-4-1850 d.o.d. 5-28-1938). Both lived and died in Scott Co. TN. Their children included DAN, JOHN H., SARAH, MARTHA, CAL, BESSIE, and POPPIE. Louis' parents were DAVID ACRES (d.o.b. <1822>) and SARAH STANLEY (d.o.b. <1825>). His brothers and sisters were GEORGE, MARTHA, RUTHA, JOSHUA, DANIEL L., and DAVID.

Daniel Keaton Sun Apr 20 05:55:08 1997
Looking for info. on Scott Co. KEATONS. Father, RON KEATON, was born at Helenwood. Think his father O. D. KEATON was also. Thanks

John Lane Mon Apr 14 20:05:23 1997
I would like any information I could get on JOHN CARSON and his desendants born 1780? married Dec of 1801 in Grainger Co., TN or any information on his parents. His wife SALLY ESTES or SARAH. Thank you for any help just lookin for my roots

Jim Hauser Sun Apr 13 14:43:08 1997
I am trying to find where my grandfather GEORGE B. HAUSER is burried. He died Oct 2, 1960 at Eastern State Hospital. His death certificate says he was taken to Weaver Funeral Home. I have checked with the hospitial and they say "Yes" he was take to Weaver. Weaver Funeral home says they have never heard of GEORGE B. HAUSER. They even checked records from that time and no HAUSER. He lived in Pioneer, Scott county.

Brenda Farmer Foster Wed Apr 9 23:31:32 1997
BOWLING\BOLING Looking for parents of JESSE BOWLING born about 1811 in Ky. Married ANNA YORK in 1835. In 1850, JESSE and ANNA are living in Scott Co Tn. with 7 children and DAVID, JESSE's father. In 1860, Scott Co Tn, JESSE and ANNA have 9 children living with them; making a total of 10 children, with the oldest being married and moved out by 1860. Who is JESSE's mother and who is DAVID's father?

Gary Laxton Wed Apr 9 17:30:17 1997
LAXTON/OWENS - I am looking for ancestors of JAMES MOUNTIVILLE LAXTON from Scott Co. I believe that his father was THOMAS LAXTON, Sr. Any info would be helpful.

Jim Birch Sun Mar 16 13:26:57 1997
Interested in exchanging information with anyone related to EDWARD GRIFFITH(S) born 1837 in Wales and settled in Glenmary, Scott County in late 1880's. Died in 1910 in Wooldridge, Campbell County.

Jim Birch Sun Mar 16 13:31:54 1997
Interested in exchanging informatin with anyone related to CHARLES BIRCH born 1839 in England. Settled in Glenmary, Scott County in 1889. Later lived in Wooldridge, Campbell County, Eagen, Campbell County, and Pruden, Claiborn County. Some family went to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1915.

Jim Birch Sun Mar 16 13:34:50 1997
Seek any information about DAVISON/DAVIDSON family from England who settled in Glenmary, Scott County in the late 1880's.

Jim Birch Sun Mar 16 13:37:06 1997
Seek information about EDWARD HILTON, born about 1863 in England. Settled in Glenmary, Scott County about 1886. Died 1900 in Wooldridge, Campbell County.

Tony Gerber Wed Mar 12 23:15:01 1997
I am interested on any information related to LOUISA LOW and husband LACY LEVI ADKINS. Also JOHN THOMAS ANDERSON, WILEY and BELL ANDERSON of Scott County, Smoky Junction area.

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