Scott Co, Tennessee Queries
March 2000 through April 2000

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I need marriage info for NANCY ANNA E.OWENS married to ALBERT BENTON BROTHERTON, they were married in Scott Co.Tn.Thanks so much
Sandra Anderson
Submitted on Sun Apr 30 13:11:33 2000


looking for JAMES and or EDWARD McGUFFEY, born in or around Glenmary, TN
Submitted on Sat Apr 29 10:56:32 2000


I'm looking for the family of JAMES STORY TAYLOR and wife CYNTHIA STARKS TAYLOR. I believe them to be parents of: Daughters: 1.)MARTHA J. TAYLOR and 2.)RUTHA AMANDA TAYLOR (b.1855-TN) Both daughters married ISAAC DRAUGHN 1.)1867 2.)1878 in Scott Co. TN. Thanks for your help.
Linda Thomas
Submitted on Wed Apr 26 11:22:25 2000


I'm looking for some of the family Brother's and Sister's of D.T NEWPORT If anyone can help e-mail me at
Shannon Gardner
Submitted on Wed Apr 26 11:20:21 2000


I'm looking for information on GEORGE ALVIS MOORE and MATILDA GRIDER. They lived in Robbins, Scott Co, TN in 1912 until 1916 when they moved to Michigan. GEORGE & MATILDA were both born in Byrdstown, Pickett Co., TN Any one with information please email me...thanks, Dianna
Dianna Worsley
Submitted on Tue Apr 25 12:01:08 2000


Looking for someone who has the 1850 scott county census, I am looking for ABSALEM CROSS, and his childrens name. AB was connected with the educational system in that era.
philip cross whitenton
Submitted on Mon Apr 24 20:31:17 2000


I am looking for info on MONROE COOPER. According to family history, he married MOLLIE ELLEN SHARP in Oneida, TN in 1896 ( 1 year). She was from Meigs County, Tennessee. No info on him. He supposedly died in 1897 or 1898 in either Onieda or Louisville, KY. Any info greatly appreciated.
Jim Loeffler
Submitted on Mon Apr 24 14:00:32 2000


Looking for information on the CROSS family of Jellicho, Winfield area. CASWELL or CASSY who was a teacher and postmaster
philip cross whitenton
Submitted on Sun Apr 23 11:15:15 2000


Looking for any info or family that was/is related to John LAWSON of or around Jelico,Tenn. My dad is Jerry LAWSON and my grandfather is/was JOHN LAWSON. JOHN married (ithink )KATE or KATIE. He was alive in 1980 and was born around the time of 1920. Any info or relations? (katie and John divorced)
Submitted on Wed Apr 19 08:44:17 2000


I am looking for any information on the birth, marriage, death, or any information on JOHN H OAKES who I think was married to MARTHIA TAYLOR in 1895?? Born Nov 1867?? I believe they had 8 or 9 children. WILLIAM MARTION is believed to be a grand or greatgrand father of MARTHIA TAYLOR??
Submitted on Mon Apr 17 20:15:02 2000


I am trying to find out the name of the husband and further information about SARAH BLANKENBECKLER from Campbell Co., TN who married a man from Scott Co. between 1900-1910. She had at least one child named RUBY (surname unknown). SARAH's mother died young, and she left home fairly young. Without her husband's name I can do no further research, not even in the census. If anyone who knows ANYTHING about this family, I would really appreciate hearing from you. I'd like to make contact with living descendants, if possible. I can exchange information on her background.
Submitted on Sun Apr 16 18:55:01 2000


Looking for JOSEPH DRAUGHN or DRAUGHAN (Son of JOHN DRAUGHN and HANNAH MARION)(married to LUCINDA POTTER(around 1876-83). Looking for his children's names. He may have raised his brother's (ISAAC DRAUGHN's) children, (JOSEPH, ETTIE, ROBERT, M.C., WILLIAM E., and MAUDE DRAUGHN?) JOSEPH (son of ISAAC) married MARTHA ELLEN SMITH March 15, 1894-Scott CO.,TN. JOSEPH appears in 1870 Fentress CO. Census with father JOHN and Mother HANNAH. I' haven't been able to find any records after that on JOSEPH. Thanks for any HELP!
Linda Thomas
Submitted on Fri Apr 14 11:14:28 2000


Submitted on Thu Apr 13 02:30:20 2000


I am searching for the father and mother of JOHN THOMAS MASSENGALE. Their names are JORDAN MASSENGALE and SERELDA LOWE according to family. I have no dates or anything. Also searching for the parents of JORDAN and SERELDA. If you can help it would be appreciated. My father was born at Smokey Junction.
Johnny Massengale
Submitted on Tue Apr 11 09:54:10 2000


I am looking for three things:(1)Grandparents (2) father (3)sister's burial site. All family members are from Oneida. Grandparents are: ARVILLE and JOYCE PHILLIPS. JOYCE was a WALKER. Father is: DENNIS LEE PHILLIPS 1/8/47 sister: CINDY MICHELLE PHILLIPS died in Onieda 2/19/73? I hope someone can point me in the right direction to locate my past. Thank you!
Carolyn K. Groll (maiden name was PHILLIPS)
Submitted on Tue Apr 11 08:53:09 2000


Looking for info on REUBEN NEWPORT married ELIZABETH LONG late 1800's. Farmed on Brimstone, raised 10 children: TRUCIE, MAGGIE, ROSE, MARTHA, ALTA, JULIE, ROBERT, BURL, LUTHER and GEORGE.
Bobby L. Newport
Submitted on Tue Apr 11 06:32:26 2000


I am looking for information on DORA SEXTON. She was part indian and was born in Scott. Co. I looking for proof of indian hertiage. She was born in the late 1800's and later moved to Campbell CO.
Tony King
Submitted on Sun Apr 9 19:48:04 2000


Im looking for some information on a D.T NEWPORT or DENNIS THOMAS NEWPORT. He worked for the railroad. Married a lady named JOANN and together they had 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy if anyone could help me get started on DENNY,s (son) family tree I would greatly appreciate it
Submitted on Thu Apr 6 15:50:45 2000


Any information on GILES POWELL DUPEY and TEMPERANCE STEPHENS, I know that they are buried Newlight Baptist Church, GILES POWELL or sometimes POWELL DUPEY or DUPUY was born circa 1824.
Charlsie Gatlin
Submitted on Wed Apr 5 20:29:34 2000


Looking for ALVIN PARKER d. 1888. He was married to RHODA ANN POTTER children were ROSE, BENEVALANCE, BESS. RHODA's parents were JOHN and JANE (BUTTRAM) POTTER. He was supt. of schools and justice of the peace. He was shot by a relative and buried in old New River cemetery. Any info on PARKERS and POTTERS would be appreciated
Submitted on Tue Apr 4 09:53:52 2000


Looking for info on THOMAS HENRY b. approx 1828 in TN and wife MINERVA b. approx 1830 in South Carolina. THOMAS may have been part Cherokee Indian and possibly killed in Kentucky.
Submitted on Sun Apr 2 13:59:20 2000


I am tracing my fathers family - JOHN DANIEL MASSEY - his father was HUGH MASSEY - mother MARTHA JEFFERS - she married ISAAC BOSHEARS after the death of HUGH MASSEY. children of HUGH & MARTHA were JOHN DANIEL - JAKE - BESSIE - ISAAC
Submitted on Fri Mar 31 09:52:12 2000


My Grandmother, MARY LEE WEBB b.1889 d.1976 m. ANDREW THOMAS LOVETT, both born in Scott Co, was daughter of LUCINDA LAY b.1873 d.1962 and LEWIS WEBB who may have died abt. 1942. Family lore has him being a Sheriff. Other children may have been THOMAS, JAMES and ROBELY. I am seeking any factual information on LEWIS. Any reply will be welcome.
Wanda Lovett Bow
Submitted on Thu Mar 30 19:40:20 2000


Looking for information regarding my father EVERETT LAY b 3/4/1896 d 09/1964, exact date unknown. He was born in Pioneer TN but is listed in the 1900 and 1910 Scott Cnty Census. His father was CALVIN OZIAS LAY b 12/02/1869 d 07/14/1947 and his mother was LYDIA BRADEN LAY b 7/18/1876 d 8/30/1962. EVERETT was the oldest child of this union. I would like any info on EVERETT's marriage to Lena(maiden name unknown). She may have been from Kentucky.Also would like any information on where EVERETT may have died and where he may be buried.
Pam Richardson
Submitted on Tue Mar 28 18:45:56 2000


I am researching ALLEN J. HENSLEY who married LAURA GRAHAM. I believe that they originally came from Scott County. ALLEN J. HENSLEY (born June 2, 1880 / died Apr 20, 1942) was the son of FLOYD and JULIE KATHERYNE HENSLEY. There was at least 8 other children in this family. 3 sons: RICHARD HENSLEY; GEORGE HENSLEY; and LYNEL HENSLEY. 5 daughters: PRUDIE HENSLEY; CORIDA HENSLEY; LAURA HENSLEY; VILACE HENSLEY and GIRTA HENSLEY. ALLEN J. HENSLEY married LAURA GRAHAM (born June 17, 1875/80) daughter of WILLIAM and BETTIE GRAHAM. WILLIAM and BETTIE had at least 3 other children: JOE GRAHAM; MOSSIE GRAHAM and LIDA GRAHAM. ALLEN J. and LAURA moved to Campbell County after their marriage and are buried at Peabody Cemetery on Peabody Mountain. I believe that the HENSLEY and GRAHAM families came from the lower end of Scott County near Anderson County. The men were believed to be coal miners. Any help would be great.
Pat Montgomery
Submitted on Mon Mar 27 19:15:00 2000


I am working on collecting some background history on the CECIL and ANGEL families from Scott County (Oneida/Winfield mostly, I believe). There are still CECIL'S living in the area, but we wanted to find out how far back they go and any interesting facts about the family. I believe both names are English and came out of Maryland during the Revolutionary War. Any tid-bits of info would be great!
Angela Cecil
Submitted on Thu Mar 23 06:43:38 2000


I'm Looking for info about the PRICE Family of Scott Co.,Tn..... There was 7 children born of the PRICE Family , Fathers name unknown. Mothers name was JANE PRICE, in the 1900 census she was born 1850 in TN.... Still at home was MARY C. PRICE 16 ,born in Ky. (my Grandmother) JOHN PRICE,19 yrs of age, born in Ky. too. I know that from one of my Grandmothers brothers there was a son by the name of ROY PRICE who was born in New River ,TN....He left and moved to Texas where he lived out his life. Thank you, Frankie
Submitted on Wed Mar 22 20:20:27 2000


I am searching for a record of HENRY PHIPPS' service in the Civil War. He was mustered into the 6th KY Veteran's Cavalry in Scott Co. TN from the 24th KY Infantry in 1863. I can find no information on the 6th KY Vet. Cav. Approximately 30 soldiers transferred to the Scott co. unit from the KY 24th at the same time. Possibly the unit was given another name or was divided even further at a later date? Thanks in advance for any help.
Submitted on Mon Mar 20 18:32:15 2000


I would like any information on my great-great-granfather JOSHUA DUNCAN father of EMANUEL and grandfather of OLIVER DUNCAN (my grandfather.) OLIVER DUNCAN married TABITHA SLAVEN I would also like information on my lineage on the SLAVENS.
Barbara D. Barnett
Submitted on Sun Mar 19 13:12:19 2000


I am looking for information on my great-grandparents HENRY CARSON and his wife ROSA SHEPHERD. HENRY died in 1967 and it is possible ROSA died in 1968. Their son DAN CARSON was born in 1922. I have no information about their parents, birthdates, etc. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks
Michele McFadden
Submitted on Fri Mar 17 14:46:17 2000


I am searching for info. about DAVE JEFFERS, b1898/d1933-34, lived & buried in Oneida. Married MABEL CHRISTINE GRUNDY, ca 1918; they had 7 children. After DAVE'S death, CHRISTINE moved the family to Cincinnati, OH. Other names related are: THEODORE GRUNDY, NANCY ELIZABETH GRUNDY, LORENE, MAXINE, BOB, & ELMER GRUNDY. GARFIELD JEFFERS. JAY & MAE JEFFERS.  All were of Oneida. Thank you!
Sheila Greeson
Submitted on Wed Mar 15 10:41:09 2000


I am searching for any info on my grandparents, MARION ROSS-married to MARY-maiden name unkown. They lived in the Bear Creek area. I have an uncle that still lives in the area by the name of LOUIE ROSS. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted on Tue Mar 14 18:35:56 2000


Looking for ROSEMOND McCULLEY married EMILY JANE PATTERSON No children
Submitted on Fri Mar 3 20:55:46 2000


Looking for dates and other info on the following: CLARENCE EMANUEL FREELS, b.abt. 1899; SQUIRE CLAYTON FREELS, b.abt.1860; Columbus FREELS b. abt. 1839; WILLIAM FREELS b. abt.1820; THOMAS FREELS b.abt.1800; EDWARD FREELS b.abt. 1780. Also RACHEL LAY, who was the wife of SQUIRE CLAYTON FREELS. RACHEL, my GGrandmother, was reported to be Cherokee,although I have not seen her name on any Rolls, I have seen her picture and I believe the reports of her being Native American. I have some FREELS and LAY data as well as photographs to share if anyone is interested.
Mary Freels Church
Submitted on Wed Mar 1 13:54:15 2000

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