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81 I am pretty sure her name is Shirley West, but over the years, we sometimes forget. Anyway, we were in class together in Elementary School at Robbins one year. She lived at that time at Brimstone real far
up in the mountains, I guess you could say.  Anyway, I ran across this
picture and I would be curious to know if this is who I think it is.

Email Beverly Reid with your answer (04/10)

82 I am going through more photos from the home of Lindsay Sexton of Helenwood.  I found photo of a young child ( I think a boy). The date on the side of the photo is Sep 56. The back has "Raymond H". Do you have any ideal who this may be? The family may want the photo; then again they may not want any part of it.

Email Carla Sexton Moore with your answer (05/03)

83 Who are these Boyatt children?

Email B J. Boyatt with your answer (05/04) 



(L to R) Sarah Jane (Duncan) Pennington (wife of William Thomas Pennington) daughters Mertie (Pennington) Sexton and Mabel. (Pennington) Jeffers, Hatfield. On R is Anna Belle (Keeton) Pennington wife of Luther Pennington. The children (L to R), Harold Pennington, dog spot, Clifton Pennington, Helen Pennington, Dan Pennington - all are the children of Luther and Anna Pennington.

Thanks to Dan Pennington (05/08)

Paul Craven asked for identification (05/06)

85 Can anyone name this Baird couple?

Email Donna Lynn Carrol with your answer (05/09)

86 This might be a Scott Co, TNschool picture or church group picture.  I had it blown up and I could see the tracks from the wagon(s) made in the dirt.  Anyone know what school?  Can you identify any of the people?

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87 Who is this couple?

Email Donna Lynn Carrol with your answer (05/09)

88 This photo was in box belonging to the late Frank Sharp, son of Calvin M Sharp and Sallie Chitwood.  Any idea who these people might be?  (The fellow in the center, and the one furthest left do have the tell-tale "Sharp ears" of the era.)

Email Michael Sharp with your answer (05/09)



The person on the right hand side of the picture is George Vimbert Crowley, son of Richard Caswell Crowley and Elmira Chambers and the husband of Stella Boshears Crowley.  The person on the left is Frank Chambers, younger brother of Elmira Chambers.

Thanks to Larry Crowley and Jim Dobbs.
Lisa Frederick asked for identification (06/04)


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