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21 Written on back is "House Party, New River, TN" (undated but probably 1900-1910).  I know 2 of them, brother & sister Emmett Keen (left in middle row) and Flora Keen (bottom right). Who are the others?

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22 This picture is actually a postcard and was with my grandmother's things, which leads me to believe that at least one of these is a Newport from Scott County.  Who are they?

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The men are: (L-R) Rodes Acres (section foreman), Ewell Jeffers, Ehihu Chambers, Pleas Chambers, unknown, Marshall Smiths, Bill Chambers, John Crowley, and Richard Jeffers. Taken on the Tennessee Railroad (probably up onSmoky Creek branch) in 1915.  An identified copy ran in the Scott Co. News back in the '70s.

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Picture was mis-identifies as James Trusville Cecil and Phebia Phillips Cecil.  A subsequent picture clearly shows this picture is not James or Phebia.  So, who are these two?

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25 photo25.jpg (93538 bytes) Who are these men?  They may be Cecil's or Hatfield's.

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26 photo26.jpg (57604 bytes) Who is this women and child?  They may be Cecil's or Hatfield's.

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Partially IdentifiedSee below

"Winners of the Scott Co. series." Most, if not all, are with the New River Lumber Co. baseball team. Note the "N" on the caps -- Norma or "New"? Estimating the photo at 1912-1920, since "Dusty Bits", p542 says that was the team's period.  I'm guessing Frank G. "Yankee" Norcross, the team & lumber company owner, with the watch fob is on the left. The others might be: Ross Elliot & brother Arthur Elliot, Garfield Chambers, Heaber Louis, Lucian Byrd, Tim Peters, Fred Smith, Opal Loy, Clifford Norcross (son of Frank), Gordon Denton, Roy Hose, Jim Carson, Dewey Hembree, Dewey Shannon or Riley Shannon. 

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Partially Identifed

Jim O'Brien and wife Emmaline Strunk, Jim's mother and children, Lilly A. Strunk (Emmaline's sister) and Alfred Sharp. Emmaline and Lilly are daughters of Burrell Strunk and Elizabeth JonesNotice Jim's mother is barefoot.  Did the James O'Brien Family live in Scott County, TN, or in KY? Are there any relatives of this family still alive?

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29 Can anyone help me identify this man? I believe him to be Howard Ryan, son of Joseph and Emma Cecil Ryan of Scott County.

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Partially Identified!  See below.

Can anyone help me identify the people in this picture and what school it came from?  Paul Acres might be third from right on the top row.  The school might be from Oneida in the 1920s or 1930s.

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Picture 27My Grandfather - James Alec (as it turns out not Alex) sent the postcard (picture 27 above) from Norma to "Miss" Katie in Huntsville in 1912. He told her he had a wonderful time in Huntsville and he missed her. He wrote to her in a very charming "formal" manner.  They were married in Huntsville on July 3, 1913.

At the time of their marriage James was 25 and Katie was four days shy of her sixteenth birthday.  James was born January 1, 1888 and Katie was born July 7, 1897 in Scott Cty. They lived in Norma and had four children -  Ruth, Mary Louise, James Alexander and (my father) George Richard. Sadly Katie died of an appendicitis attack after they had been married only eight years. She died   July 5, 1921 when my father was only nine months old.

 James is the middle man in the first row sitting on the ground in the postcard. My daughter and I will be in Scott Cty sometime around June 14th. Although we have gathered quite a bit of information on our other family members we are still looking for James' father.

Catherine Carson 

Picture 30:  Mary Lorena "Bill" Smith who is on the far right, second row, standing next to the girl sitting on the ledge, is my mother.  Since my mother was born in 1914 and looks to be about 10-12 years of age, I would guess the photo is from about 1924-1926 era. And, it would be Oneida, TN.

Edna Scarbrough

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