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1 Clearance West Written on the back of this picture is the name Clarence West.  Is he Clarence West and who are his parents?  He is not the Clarence West, son of Crawford West and Josie Babb West.  Could he be the son of Reuben West and Addie Adkins?

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Benjamin Harrison Russell, b.16 Oct 1890 and d. 29 Nov 1927 in Scott Co, TN, married 17 Sep 1916 to Bertha Savannah Cross, b. 27 Aug 1893 in Scott Co, TN, d. 23 Feb 1991 Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH. They had 7 children.

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3 I believe these people are from Scott Co, TN.  My grandmother Bertha King Bridges, had these pictures.  She died in 1973.  Who are they?

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They are Dora Wilson and her brother, Clyde Thomas Wilson. Their parents were Birt and Lucretia Wilson.  (06/04)

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5 The women are Willie May Cecil and Jessie Cecil.  The man's first name is Joe.  What is his last name and who is the child?

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6 The lady on the far left is Millie Ann Duncan, the lady on the far right is Martha Lutishie Duncan, my grandmother, daughters of Dave Duncan and Rebecca Daugherty. Who are other the other 3 people in the picture?

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Lady is Margaret Duncan Meadors daughter of Champ Duncan and Sally Privett. The gentleman is Joe Duncan according to writing on the back of the photo. Who is Joe Duncan?

Joe Duncan, b. @ 1901, was the husband of Nora Sexton, daughter of Leamon Sexton & Eliza Duncan. Joe & Nora had the following children: Jack, Ruth Ann, Mary Jo and Guieneve (thanks to Carla Sexton)

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Maxine Martin Marrett. Born in the 1920s died Nov 1999 (thanks to Jennifer Stevens)

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