Scott County, Tennessee
Korean War Heroes

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People from Scott County who served in Korean War.

Source information:  The list of names in the following table comes from the Veterans Memorial Wall in Huntsville.  The related information come from the National Archives Lists of Casualties from the Korean Conflict (1951-1957)Cemeteries of Scott County, Tennessee, and various obituaries.

I need your help to make this table complete.  Please email me with information that completes or corrects the table.  I would be particularly grateful for copies of obituaries, pictures of headstones, and pictures of the soldier.  I think others would be interested in knowing the specific military units in which these soldiers served and where in Korea they died.

Name Service  Birth Info  Death Info  Cemetery
Date Location Date Location
Adkins, Dennis Floyd PFC - USMC 18 May 1933   19 Jun 1953   Reed Cemetery
New River, Scott Co, TN
Corder, Charles Jr. PFC - USA     22 Aug 1950 Korea  
Cross, Roy Edward PFC - USMC 14 Dec 1930   4 May 1952   Fairview Cemetery
Huntsville, Scott Co, TN
Keeton, Bailey Jr. Cpl - USA     31 Dec 1953 Korea  
Litton, Jackie
(see John Luther Stanford)
Marcum, Emmit Ray Pvt - ? 20 Jun 1933   4 Feb 1954 Washington, DC Marcum-Kidd Cemetery
Gravehill, Scott Co, TN
Matthews, Roy W. PFC - USA 9 Dec 1926   25 May 1951 Korea Marcum-Kidd Cemetery
Grave Hill, Scott Co, TN
Russ, George Daniel  Pvt -      13 Feb 1951 Korea Temple Hill Cemetery, St. Paul, Russell Co, VA
Sexton, Manford E. Jr. Sgt - USA 22 Dec 1931 Oneida
Scott Co, TN
17 Sep 1952 Esto
Holmes Co, FL
Sexton Family Cemetery
Helenwood, Scott Co, TN
Stanford, John Luther Seaman     27 Oct 1951 Pacific Ocean, 200 miles from HI  
Terry, Van Norman Pvt - ? 10 Nov 1932   10 Nov 1952 Songowol, Korea Cross Cemetery
Winfield, Scott Co, TN
Watters, Willis Sgt - USA 20 Jul 1932   28 May 1951 Korea Foster Crossroads Cemetery
Grave Hill, Scott Co, TN

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