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The Diary of Amanda Lamb Dorman (1883-84)

(EDITOR’S NOTE — The following article is reprinted with permission from the Scott County Historical Society’s Summer 1986 Newsletter. The diary was provided to the Historical Society by Mrs. Dorman’s great-granddaughter, Mrs. Claude (Lucille) Terry of Winfield.)


JOHN FETTERMAN came to this area after the Civil War and bought up tracts of land that had poplar trees on it. They were located on Smith Creek in Scott County. He set up a mill, had the logs cut into small pieces and made bowls from them. They were all sizes from 10 inches to 36 inches in diameter. My great grandfather and great grandmother DORMAN came from their home in the north (probably Ohio) and lived near the mill for several years. Grandfather Dorman worked for Mr. FETTERMAN in the mill and they lived in a log cabin near the mill.

This diary was written by my great grandmother AMANDA LAMB DORMAN. Grandfather’s name was JOHN SYLVESTER DORMAN, whose nickname was "Yet." AMANDA CHARLOTTE LAMB DORMAN was born March 4, 1848 and died May 25, 1918. She is buried in the Chitwood Cemetery in Winfield. JOHN SYLVESTER "Vet" DORMAN was born June 19,1845 and died May 22, 1899. He is also buried in the Chitwood Cemetery at Winfield.


February 1, 1883 — February came in pleasant. The men turned bowls. JENNIE went down to Mrs. HAMBYs and got some butter. Mrs. FETTERMAN came over in the afternoon.

Friday, February 2 — It is a pleasant day. The men turned bowls. GRACE and JENNIE went with BAILEY after blocks. They stayed and went to the top of the mountain — the highest mountain that is close to us. HENRY RYAN went with them. They built a fire on top of the mountain. It looked nice from here. JENNIE and GRACE were tired when they got home. You can see the country for miles from the top of the mountain.

Saturday, February 3 — Pleasant and warm. The men turned bowls. Mr. BAILEY went to Chitwood and got the butter and box. IDA went to Chitwood and went up to Summerset to get some teeth pulled. They came back about eight o’clock. IDA got her teeth out. BAILEY got the box. It was alright but the apples were froze and part of the cabbage was froze. I ate the good part and thought of LINNA (her sister). I went over to Mrs. RYANs in the afternoon with EMMA. We had some buckwheat cakes; they were splendid. Thank you very much for them.

Sunday, February 4 — It is raining today. There were three strangers here for watches. JENNIE had to wear her dirty dress all day. There were so many people in and out all day. She says she is going to have a partition in our house.

Monday, Feb. 5 — It is raining this morning. I shall not wash. We are all well. I shall cut out JENNIE some underclothes and make them today. The men are turning bowls.

Tuesday, Feb. 6 — We are all well this morning. It is raining again. The creek was so high that it came up around the arch two feet deep. WILL built a fire in the arch twice and it went out both times. The water went down and they turned bowls in the afternoon. BAILEY went to the post office. JENNIE got her papers.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 — It is raining a little. The men are making bowls. We’re all well. JENNIE went over to Mrs. RYANs in the morning. SALLIE RYAN dressed up in boys clothes and they had a big time.

Thursday, Feb. 8 — This morning the sun shines and we are going to wash and do lots of work today. Mrs. HAMBY brought up some eggs and stayed a little while.

Friday, Feb. 9 — It is a nice day or was until about three o’clock then it rained a little. JENNIE and GRACE went to the post office. Got a letter from ELLA and a card from HENRY. I went over to IDA’s in the afternoon. The men turned bowls.

Saturday, Feb. 10 — It is pleasant in the morning but rained in the afternoon. JENNIE took her first lesson. BAILEY and WILL went up to Summerset. I fussed around the house most of the day.

Sunday, Feb. 11 — We had a rainy day. BAILEY came in this morning before I was up. Mr. FETTERMAN was here tonight.

Monday, Feb. 12 — Pleasant today. They are all going to wash but me. I don’t feel in a washing mood. EMMA came back over in the afternoon.

Tuesday, Feb. 13 — Pleasant in the morning; rained in the afternoon. TOM went over to Chitwood. EMMA, BAILEY, WILL and IDA were over to supper and stayed in the evening. The men turned bowls.

Wednesday, Feb. 14 — Very warm. The wind blew hard from the south. IDA gave JENNIE a lesson in the afternoon. TOM came back today. The grass is looking green and the mustard is coming up. The men turned bowls today. Today is ADRIANs birthday. Wish I could see him.

Thursday, Feb. 15 — It’s pleasant and very warm. The wind blew hard from the south. There were three teams hauling bowls. There were ten horses hitched to the fence at one time. Men came to watch them make bowls. I went down to Mrs. HAMBYs in the afternoon. I got half a bushel of seed potatoes. It is so warm I let the fire go out as quick as I could.

Friday, Feb. 16 — The wind blowed hard all day but did not rain, it’s very warm. We are talking about planting peas and sowing lettuce. JENNIE went to the post office, got a letter from Mother I and CARRIE got a Valentine.

Saturday, Feb. 17 — It is raining this morning and growing colder. We are all invited over to Mrs. Ryan’s for dinner — Mr. and Mrs. Fetterman, Mr. and Mr. SHOATS, Mr. SHATS daughter, Mr. and Mrs. DORMAN and BAILEY. We had a splendid dinner. We went over to WILL’s in the evening — had lots of fun.

Sunday, Feb. 18 — It is a little colder today. It snowed enough last night to cover the ground. Mr. and Mrs. HAMBY came up and stayed awhile.

Monday, Feb. 19 — It’s pleasant and quite warm. The men turned bowls. We all washed but EMMA. She went down to Mrs. HAMBYs for dinner. JENNIE is over at IDAs. I did most of my ironing tonight in the evening.

Tuesday, Feb. 20 — It’s very pleasant. GRACE and JENNIE went down to Mrs. HAMBYs for dinner and went down to the post office in the afternoon. The girls found a wintergreen patchs and got a pint of berries.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 — It’s very pleasant today. Mrs. HAMBY came up to see EMMA. CARRIE has got a sore throat. I put pork and oil on it and gave her some pepper sauce for they aren’t no doctors closer than five miles . FRED cut his big toe about half off today. TOM fixed it up.

Thursday, Feb. 22 — CARRIE was quite sick all night but I think she is a little better now. She has got a bad cold and sore throat. VET had a bad headache all

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day but he worked.

Friday, Feb. 23 — It’s pleasant today. CARRIE is some better. IDA was sick all night and laid in bed all day. I gave her some choral potash and it helped her throat. She came very near having the diptheria. BILL WOOD sent a horse up for EMMA to ride down to their house. I let JENNIE go and help IDA so she could go too. The mill didn’t run. VET was most wild with his head in the morning but felt a little better in the afternoon, lie went over to WOODs and got a bottle of St. Jacobs oil and took a dose of that and rubbed it on his head and it helped him.

Saturday, Feb. 24 — It’s raining a little. The mill is running today. CARRIE and IDA are better today. TOM and EMMA are packing up. TOM ate supper with us.

Sunday, Feb. 25 — It rained in the morning but was pleasant in the afternoon. The sick ones are all getting better. EMMA, CRESA and RYAN all went horseback riding.

Monday, Feb. 26 — We had a cold night but is pleasant day. We didn’t any of us wash today. TOM and EMMA started home today. JENNIE SAWYERS went to Chitwood with them. I hated to see them leave. IDA is a little better. JENNIE is helping her today. I have got a stiff neck so I didn’t feel very good. went over to IDA’s in the evening.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 — It is pleasant but cold. I didn't wash today. My shoulders and neck were too lame. The men sawed today. VET tried to saw the schoop shovel too but it would not saw worth a cent. He was cleaning the sawdust out and hit the saw. It dulled it so they had to set and file it. I heard it so I ran down to the mill to see if they were hurt. But they said there was no one hurt. JENNIE and GRACE went to the post office but we didn’t get any mail.

Wednesday, Feb. 28 — It is pleasant today. The road is nice and dry. We will work for IDA today. The men made bowls.

Thursday, March 1 — It is pleasant and warm. Went down to the mill in the afternoon — everyone of us women. Mrs. RYAN got her peas planted.

Friday, March 2- — It is pleasant and warm. Mrs. FETTERMAN came over and wanted me to go down to Mrs. HAMBYs with her. We went down and stayed for dinner and had a good time. We got a letter from ELLA today. CARRIE made cookies from your recipe.

Saturday, March 3 — The men are turning large blocks today. It is very pleasant. WILL and IDA and BOBIE and JENNIE SAYRES all walked to Chitwood tonight. It is five miles. ‘They stayed all night. I made sassafras blood root syrup for Mr. HAMBY. He has a bad cough. I sent him a tumbler of jelly.

Sunday, March 4 — VET went over to the state line. Mr. FETTERMAN went to Chitwood. JENNIE, CARRIE, EDITH, FRED and GRACE have all gone after winter greens so I’m all alone for a little while. It is my birthday. Little did I think last year I would be away down here. WILL, IDA, BAILEY and JENNIE got back tonight. They were all tired.

Monday, March 5 — Cloudy but doesn’t rain. I made CARRIEs dress you gave her. JENNIE is practicing.

Tuesday, March 6 — It is raining this morning. The men turned bowls. WILL went to the post office. JENNIE got a letter from ESTHER.

Wednesday, March 7 — Pleasant but cold. I went over to Mrs. RYANs. They all have bad colds.

Thursday, March 8 — Pleasant. I washed today. The men turned bowls in the forenoon; sawed in the afternoon.

Friday, March 9 — The men all went to Chitwood to get the new wagon. Mr. FETTERMAN went to look at Umber. VET got the girls some shoes. I went to the office with IDA.

Saturday, March 10 — Pleasant but a cold wind.. VET made stairs at the mill. Mr. STUCKINRAFF was here for supper. He used to live in Cambridge. It seems good to see anyone from the north and he is an old fellow. We got acquainted right away.

Sunday, March 11 — Mr. STUCKINRAFF and Mr. CATE went back to Chitwood tonight. Mr. CATE cut VET s hair today. JENNIE and CARRIE have gone over to Mrs. RYANS tonight. VET is reading a book.-

Monday, March 12 — The men sand-papered today. It’s very pleasant and we all washed. VET made a rack to haul bowls in.

Tuesday, March 13 — Pleasant. Mrs. FETTERMAN and I went to a quilting today down to Mrs. STRUNKS. Had a good time.

Wednesday, March 14 — Bailey took a load of bowls to Chitwood today. The first they have shipped. JENNIE and GRACE wanted to go but VET would not let JENNIE go so they have gone to hunt wildflowers.

Thursday, March 15 — JENNIE and GRACE went with BAILEY to Chitwood. They had a good t*me. They wished we lived in Chitwood.

Friday, March 16 — Bailey took one load of bowls over in the forenoon. Mrs. FETTERMAN, JENNIE, IDA and I went to the post office. Got your letter.

Saturday, March 17 — Mrs. FETTERMAN and I went to Chitwood with Mr. BAILEY on a big load of bowls. We walked about two miles. We had a good time. I got me a new dress and some cloth for the girls.

Sunday, March 18 — Very pleasant and warm.

Monday, March 19 — Rained in the afternoon. Sewed and did not work.

Tuesday, March 20 — JENNIE made her dress today. The men turned bowls.

Thursday, March 22 — It snowed today. The mountains were covered with snow.

Friday, March 23 — The mill was shut down today. Mrs. FETTERMAN and I and all the men went to Chitwood. We had a good time. We walked about one and a half miles.

Saturday, March 24 — Pleasant but cold. GRACE went to the office. Got a letter for me from ESTHER.

Sunday, March 25 — It rained all day. VET was most sick all day. JANE Ryan was here for dinner.

Monday, March 26 — VET was sick so he could not turn bowls so the men sawed. It is cloudy but did not rain.

Tuesday, March 27 — VET was sick all day. The men sawed. I cut me out a wrapper. Didn’t do much of anything.

Wednesday, March 28 — Pleasant today. VET went up to Somerset to get some medicine. Got CARRIE a doll. I washed.

Thursday, March 29 — VET worked today. He looks bad. It makes me have the blues to see him feel so bad and try to work.

Friday, March 30 — Turned bowls. We went over to IDA’s for supper. Dressed CARRIE’s doll. CARRIE has the croup.

Saturday, March 31 — It rained all day and thundered hard. VET feels a little better.

Sunday, April 1 — It rained this morning. LIZZA STEPHENS came over from Chitwood to see JENNIE SAYRES today.

Monday, April 2 — Rained all day. I cut JENNIE out a wrapper, and got it most made.

Tuesday, April 3 — Pleasant. I washed. Mr. FETTERMAN is sick so he can’t work. The rest of the men tinkered around. VET went hunting part of the time.

Friday, April 6 — Mr. FETTERMAN is better now so they ran the mill. VET had watches to fix so he earned about as much as usual.

Sunday, April 8 — Pleasant and very warm. VET and I went on top of the big mountain. I got very tired but we rested when we got to the top. It was worth the trip to see the country — to look down on the other mountains.

Monday, April 9 — I shan’t work today. I feel old after my long tramp. Rained before night.

Wednesday, April 11 — The men put up a shed over the sandpaper rig. I shall wash. I feel old right now. Mr. FETTERMAN got home tonight.

Friday, April 13 — The men turned today. It’s pleasant and very warm. Got a letter from ELLA.

Saturday, April 14 — Pleasant today. WILL, IDA, BAILEY, and JENNIE all went to Chitwood tonight. I went down to Mrs. HAMBY’s after milk.

Sunday, April 15 Rained in the afternoon. Will came home. The rest stayed all night. IDA was sick all night and could not come home until Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, April 16 — Pleasant. I washed today. JENNIE and BAILEY got home before noon.

Tuesday, April 17 — I planted some beans today and ironed. The men turned bowls. I went down to Mrs. WATTERS and planted some peas for her.

Wednesday, April 18 — I didn’t feel very well so I didn’t do much. JENNIE washed for IDA.

Friday, April 20 — JENNIE and GRACE went to the post office. Got your letter and one from ELLA. Heard about Mrs. TERRY’s death and it made me feel very bad to hear she was gone for I did think so much of her.

Saturday, April 21 — JENNIE and GRACE went to Chitwood in the afternoon.

Sunday, April 22 — Rained today. Wrote to ELLA.

Monday, April 23 — Pleasant today. We washed clothes today.

Tuesday, April 24 — I went up in the woods with IDA and Mr. BAILEY. We had to go straight up in some places. I do pity a team that has to haul blocks there. The woods are full of flowers.

Wednesday, April 25 — Pleasant. I sewed all day on the machine.

Thursday, April 26 — Pleasant. Don’t feel very well.

Friday, April 27 — VET and FETTERMAN went to Chitwood to get his gun. BAILEY hauled bowls.

Saturday, April 28 — I had to lay in bed all day. It is the first day since I came here.

Sunday, April 29 — I don’t feel any better this morning. Laid in bed all day. Rained all day.

Monday, April 30 — Pleasant and I feel better. I set up apart of the time. The girls washed. WILL cut his leg with the broad-ax.

Tuesday, May 1 — It rained this morning. I have tried to work a little. JENNIE is going to iron.

Wednesday, May 2 — Pleasant and warm. WILL went to Chitwood with a load a of bowls. IDA and JENNIE went with him. The men killed five snakes today.

Thursday, May 3 — Pleasant and very warm. BAILEY killed a blow snake. VET and WILL shot five snakes next to the mill. I sowed some beets and made a sheet.

Friday, May 4 — Pleasant and warm. BAILEY killed five snakes. I made me a waist-lining. Got a letter from Mrs. SMITH. IDA is sick. I feel well for me.

Saturday, May 5 — Pleasant. VET went hunting with Mr. RYAN in the afternoon.

Sunday, May 6 — It is six months ago today that we went to Meadville. I went to church today — the first time since I came to Kentucky, and VET went with us. I walked about four miles today. We went to Mrs. RYAN’s tonight.

Monday, May 7 — Pleasant until night then we had a hailstorm. It rained very I hard. The creek was very high.

Friday, May 11 — The men all went fishing. Men came home but did not get many fish.

Sunday, May 20 — Pleasant until about noon, then rained and got very I cold. We built a fire.

Monday, May 21 — Cold rain all night. The men turned bowls.

Tuesday, May 22 — VET got up at five o’clock and said it was snowing. It snowed enough to cover the logs on the mountains. FRED went to the post office and we got four letters.

Wednesday, May 23 — We washed. It was cold all day but cleared up about dark and then there was a heavy fog so it didn’t frost to do any harm. BAILEY and HENRY were here in the evening.

Thursday, May 24 — Very pleasant today.

Sunday, May 27 — Pleasant in the morning — rained and hailed in the afternoon. IDA starts for home today. It made me feel lonesome to see her start home. Mrs. BAILEY began boarding at our house today.

Monday, May 28 — I didn’t wash today or do any work. I was most sick.

Tuesday, May 29 — I feel some better. Pleasant and warm.

Wednesday, May 30 — We had just got breakfast ready when WILL came. He went to Cincinnati with IDA and will come back next Wednesday. We washed clothes. They don’t decorate the raves here.

Thursday, May 31 — Today the men are sawing the lumber for Mr. FETTERMAN’s house.

Friday, June 1 — It is very warm. The men sawed until noon then VET helped Mr. FETTERMAN about the house.

Saturday, June 2 — VET went up in the woods and sawed some logs for our kitchen. WILL is as lonesome as he can be.

May 10, 1887 — The mill burned. It caught fire while we were at dinner. Saved part of the machinery.

May 30, 1887 — Got the mill up and started sandpapering.

Winfield, May 19,1894 — It snowed a little in the morning and rained in the afternoon. It commenced snowing in the night of May 20 and the trees were loaded down. About four inches on the ground. It made us farmers feel blue to see Snow when corn, potatoes and beans are all up.

December 11, 1913 — Mrs. CLARA CRAM and Mrs. AMANDA DORMAN arrived in Wabasso, Florida. Stayed with Mrs. VANDINEER until January 7, 1914. Then we went to housekeeping.

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