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Joseph Griffith Revolutionary War Land Grant

A Revolutionary War land grant (filed in Anderson County, TN.) lured JOSEPH GRIFFITH (born Oct. 22, 1758 in Maryland) and his family from Virginia to the mountainous area called Brimstone in Tennessee. According to surveys dated in 1808 and 1809 JOSEPH GRIFFITH owned two tracts (126 acres and 64 acres) on New River. He was living in Brunswick County, VA. when he enlisted in the Revolutionary War. JOSEPH GRIFFITH was a personal "life" guard of General GEORGE WASHINGTON and witnessed CORNWALLACE surrender his sword to General WASHINGTON. His place of residence was listed as Morgan County, TN. when he applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833.

The area known as Brimstone (shaded area) lies in the long valleys through which Brimstone Creek flows from its headwaters in the Rhoda Creek area northward where it empties into the New River between the settlements of Low Gap and New River. The valleys of Brimstone slope upward to Round Mountain, Signal Mountain, Gosnell and Flower Mountain on the eastern boundary and Wright Mountain and the Griffith Mountains bound the western side. The headwaters of Brimstone Creek flow from near the Hamby Gap through which travelers could get to the Emery section of Morgan County. The area of convergence of Rhoda Creek and Brimstone Creek is known as Rhoda Creek and may have been named after JOSEPH’s daughter, RHODA. (Joseph Griffith story begins on page 1)

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