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Clifford Potter and Reason Voiles:

Two Influential Leaders
Who Guided Growth of
New River Baptist Church

As with any endeavor undertaken by a group, it takes everyone pulling together to accomplish the goal. There are always leaders too, that seem to stand out from the crowd and keep the group pulling in the same direction. Two such leaders in the New River Baptist Church were Clifford Potter and Reason Voiles. They were determined to have a new church building for the members to worship in. Being the influential men in the community that they were, they were able to encourage donations and community support that was necessary for the new church building to become a reality. Both men have gone on to be with the Lord and left behind a legacy of being good fathers and husbands, faithful church members, and leaders of the community.

Reason and Frankie Voiles were the parents of Robert Voiles and Joyce Voiles Reed, and grandparents of Craig Reed, Jennifer Sexton, Jerry and Debby (Voiles) Wulfeck.

Clifford and Julia Potter were the parents of Kenneth and Willis Potter, and grandparents of Kenneth E. Potter, Jr., Michael Frank Potter and Jessica Ann Potter.


FNB Chronicle, Vol. 5, No. 4 Summer 1994
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