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Dr. Frank: A 30-Year Member Of The Board

Dr. FRANK CULLUM THOMAS is the son of Dr. MITCHELL THOMAS and ELLA BOSHEARS THOMAS. ELLA’s sister, ETTA, was the mother of Dr. MILFORD THOMPSON, who was not only Dr. FRANK’s first cousin but also his best friend and frequent companion. SCOTT THOMPSON, Executive Vice President of First National Bank of Oneida, is the son of Dr. Milford.

Dr. MITCHELL THOMAS graduated from Vanderbilt University- and practiced dental surgery in Stearns, Kentucky about the time McCreary County was formed. Dr. FRANK was born in Stearns, attended the University of Tennessee and received his Doctor of Dentistry degree from Northwestern University.

After two years in the U.S. Navy, Dr. FRANK established his dental practice in Stearns in 1947 and, except for another two-year stint with the Navy during the Korean Conflict, he practiced dentistry until 1958.

Dr. FRANK joined The Steams Company in 1958 as Vice President and after three years was promoted to President, an office he held until 1986. He is still associated with The Steams Company as Vice Chairman and Consultant. He and his wife, MARY VEACH THOMAS, reside in Somerset, Kentucky. Their children are PATRICK THOMAS, KATHLYN THOMAS and CAROLYN LITTLEJOHN.

Last year Dr. FRANK celebrated his 30th anniversary as a member of the Board of Directors of First National Bank of Oneida. The board minutes of 1962 show that Dr. FRANK came on the Board in July serving in an advisory capacity until he could be duly elected at the stockholders’ meeting in January, 1963. Dr. FRANK’s advice and counsel are invaluable to the Board and he is fondly and highly regarded by his fellow board members and bank staff members, even though he has a talent for banter and is quick to inject humorous, witty comments to conversations. His dry sense of humor has on occasion been mistaken for criticism.

Dr. FRANK is quite adept at expressing himself verbally and in writing. When the bank needs a skillfully worded memoriam, it’s most often Dr. FRANK who provides the text. He has even been asked to write his own, for the archives!

An article Dr. FRANK wrote for Senator HOWARD BAKER’s and JOHN NETHERTON’s book Big South Fork Country, is reprinted inside this issue and he has contributed columns in previous issues of the FNB Chronicle, as well.

Congratulations, Dr. FRANK, Vice Chairman of the Board, on 30 years service to First National Bank of Oneida. We appreciate you!

— W. H. SWAIN, Chairman of the Board

FNB Chronicle, Vol. 5, No. 2 – Winter 1994
First National Bank
P.O. Box 4699
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