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Presbyterian Church benefits local education by establishment of Mossop Memorial School

The Presbyterian Board of Missions established the Mossop Memorial School in 1909. This boarding school for girls was named in honor of Dr. HENRY BUTLER’s wife, whose maiden name was MOSSOP.  Dr. and Mrs. BUTLER were influential in the establishment and management of the school

The school was located on the site of the present Huntsville Presbyterian Church

Dr. and Mrs. BUTLER had living quarters in the left side of the building. Presbyterian Church benefits local education by establishment of Mossop Memorial School The school’s dormitory, which could house 40 students, was in the middle section and classrooms made up the large, frame, two story structure which faced east and the county courthouse.

Figure -1: THE MOSSOP MEMORIAL SCHOOL was begun in 1909 after the Huntsville Academy closed. It was a boarding school for girls, operated by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Butler of Harriman, Tennessee. The school was associated with the Presbyterian Church and operated in Huntsville until the late 1920s, at which time it was closed and many of the students transferred to the Mossop School in Harriman.

The students were girls from less fortunate families who worked for their tuition. All the domestic work was performed by the girls, even the canning of fruits and vegetables for meals.

The pupils were strictly disciplined and were never allowed to be out without a chaperone. A favorite pass-time for local boys was to watch as the girls Were lined up and chaperoned from the dormitory to the Academy for classes.

Four Mossop girls married local men: UNA V. DAWSON married CRIT PHILLIPS; LEONA WHITE married SYLVESTER CHAMBERS; WALTER SHERMAN, editor of the Cumberland Chronicle, married ELLA (LODEN); and ROBBIE LEE LINGO married JOHN MURPHY of Pine Knot, Ky.

In 1915, Dr. BUTLER retired from the ministry and a short time later the school was moved to Harriman, Tennessee.

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