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Fox & Geese


An old-time favorite for two or more players, Fox & Geese requires a peg board as show at left, and seventeen (17) pegs or golf tees of one color. The pegs represent the geese, and a single peg of a different color for the lone fox. The pegs are set up for play as shown in the diagram, the fox being the center peg.

The fox may move along any line in any direction, one hold at a time. He can lake" or remove the geese by jumping over one into an empty hold, as in checkers. The geese, on the other hand, manipulated by any number of players in succession, may only move forward or sideways, never diagonally, and they cannot jump or lake" the fox. Their strategy is to pen the fox up by sheer weight of numbers so that he cannot move, thus winning the game.

Should the geese demonstrate overwhelming skill, their numbers may be lessened to add difficulty to the game.

[EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE – My husband’s version of fox and geese uses the same game board, but two foxes and only two people can play atone time. Instead of pegs, he uses dried white corn kernels for the geese and red or different colored kernels for the geese.]

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