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In Memory of
Ray Shoemaker
(Oct. 18, 1928 - Sept. 24, 2000)

RAY SHOEMAKER served on the Advisory Board of First National Bank of Oneida for more than 20 years and never missed a meeting. This indicates the dedication he dispatched to any commitment he undertook. Among other civic involvements, RAY proudly served on the board of Mountain Peoples Health Councils, Inc., in addition to being a faithful member and hard worker in his church.

RAY's activities in the First Baptist Church of Robbins included having been ordained a deacon on July 12, 1959. He went on to serve as Chairman of the Deacons, was a Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher, Choir Director, and worked hard on the construction of an addition to the church in the 1960s and '70s, as well as helping with the remodeling of the parsonage.

Those of us who were blessed to serve with Ray in business, civic and church capacities deeply miss his wise and insightful counsel.



  Ray Shoemaker
FNB Chronicle, Vol. 17, No. 2 Summer 2006
First National Bank
P.O. Box 4699
Oneida, TN 37841

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