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Beginning in 1920s: First Baptist Extension of Madden Family Home

JOHN CHARLES (Charlie) (1887-1977) and MAUD JEFFERS MADDEN (1892-1952), along with their daughters JULIE and CHARLINE, moved from Helenwood to Robbins in 1916.

They purchased the brick house next door to the First Baptist Church from BERT PURSER. CHARLIE worked as a railroad telegrapher at the "RO" tower and they soon became active in the church. Their third daughter, KATHLEEN, was born in 1918.

Madden Family (1928) Maude, Charline, Kathleen, John Charles, and Julie. This photo was taken at the softball field where the Robbins Community Center is now located.

In the Robbins community, the church was an extension of the home for most families and it was certainly true for the MADDEN family. One church member related that at the close of the church service one Sunday all members went home - or at least they thought that they had. When CHARLES and MAUD arrived home, they discovered that KATHLEEN was not there. She had fallen asleep on the church pew and Maud and CHARLIE had thought that the other one had taken her home! But all was well since they only had to walk next door to get their little one and see that she was safely home!

The church minutes state that "JOHN CHARLES MADDEN joined by letter the 4th Sunday in August 1921, and had been a member by enrollment-since 1919." It also states that "MAUD MADDEN was baptized May 21, 1921." From a child until her marriage to CHARLIE, MAUD had attended the First Presbyterian Church in Huntsville.

Both CHARLIE and MAUD were active in the church choir, with CHARLIE serving as the song leader for approximately 50 years. He also taught a Sunday School class and was a trustee from 1948 to 1959. MAUD was known throughout the community for providing help to the poor.

Their three daughters were: JULIA, who married CLARENCE McINTYRE; CHARLINE, who married HAROLD CARSON; and KATHLEEN, who married A.V. ELLIS.

Their three granddaughters were: JANE and MAY MAUDE McINTYRE and MARY ELLA ELLIS.

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