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Church Memories

When I sat down to write about my church memories, I found that it was very difficult to sort through 20+ years of memories. The first memory that I remembered centered around Old Timer's Day. Years ago, this was a big celebration within the church. Not only did two or three people dress up; everybody dressed up. One year in particular, I remember there being a "donkey-drawn carriage." Five or six of us at a time would pile on, each of us in our old time attire, and go for a short ride down Sims Rd. At this same celebration, we would have old time games, such as "clicking wheel" and "hopscotch." The Lord's sweet Spirit could always be felt during celebrations such as this.


This is but one example of nine pages of memories by members of the First Baptist Church of Robbins which were published in their 1906-2006 Centennial booklet.

FNB Chronicle, Vol. 17, No. 2 Summer 2006
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