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90 Years Strong

THE STRENGTH OF OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS is their commitment to growth of our community as well as how they contribute to the function of the board from their varied professional perspectives. In celebrating our bank's 90th anniversary, we felt it appropriate to link the personal strengths of our directors with the strengths of First National Bank in a special advertisement campaign. The following photos of our board of directors give an insight into the hobbies and/or personal philosophies of this group of folk who from years of practical experience know that our bank can do only as well as our community does. They either live here or work here so they have a vested interest in how our communities grow. It just makes sense to want to build and plan for a better way of life for our children and their children. That's why First National Bank of Oneida is com-mitted to leading the way for economic growth for our area.

W. H. Swain, Chairman of the Board

“Having run a lumber business for over 40 years, I've been on both sides of the desk. I know the difficulties businesses face with meeting weekly payrolls and struggling, oftentimes, just to stay in business. When people come to me to talk about their problems, I can relate because I have been there.”

William Paul Phillips, Director, and his son, Will

“Whether it be father/son or banker/customer, quality time spent one-on-one helps relationships flourish. At First National Bank we believe people bank with people, so we make every effort to give each of our customers our undivided attention. They deserve it.”

Ron Parkinson, Director

“Travel is a big part of my job at Hartco, but for scenic beauty, friendly people, and dependable, hard-working, there-when-you-need-them good friends, you can't beat the folk who bank at First National Bank of Oneida.”

Scott Thompson, Executive Vice President & Director

“Mountain biking requires skill, strength and perseverance.  The same can be said for banking and our bank has delivered in all these areas for 90 years.”

Dr. Frank Thomas, Vice Chairman of the Board

“As a founder of the Stearns Museum, I understand the importance of preserving and safeguarding items of historical significance. As Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of First National Bank, I understand the responsibility we have to safeguard the trust that has been built over the 90 years we've been in business.”

Michael Swain, President

“Coaching soccer helps me instill in our leaders of tomorrow the importance of teamwork, skill, strength and playing by the rules. At First National Bank strength, dependability and trust of our customers are what have kept us the winning team for the past 90 years.”

Paul McGraw, Director

“Priorities change and new ones are added as we progress through life. At my stage of life, one of my higher priorities is “it's pay back time” to my family and community for the good things they have provided me. The reputation of our bank has been 90 years in the making and I intend to do my part in keeping the trust of our customers at the top of our list of priorities.  The trust of our customers is the strength of bank.”

Bromma Pemberton, Director and Retired SVP

“Safeguarding the hard-earned dollars that belong to our valued customers by prudent investments is what has made us the lead bank in our area and kept us a vital part of our community for 90 years.”

Jamie Cotton, Director

“Despite all fhe technological advances we made with computers and so forth, some things never change and are “just like they used to be in the good ol’ days.” At Frist National Bank, we still try to treat our customers in the same friendly, courteous and respectful way that our first customers were treated at the bank back in 1904. “The customer comes first”; that is something that will never change.”

Danny Cross, Director

“As a board member I know that the same care and attention that results in my drug store customers trusting me, is provided the customers of First National Bank of Oneida. They can be assured of efficiency, accuracy and most importantly, confidentiality with regard to their accounts. Our customers can depend on us.”

Don C. Stansberry, Jr., Director Emeritus and grandchildren, Lisa and Frank

“Grandparents want the world of their grandchildren to be the best it can be - the best in educational and career opportunities - the best quality of community and personal life. A responsibility that First National Bank takes seriously is helping shape the economic growth of our area. This results in jobs that give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to have the good things we wish for them - right here at home.”




FNB Chronicle, Vol. 6, No. 1 – Fall 1994
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