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Reflections Of The Past: 1929-1950

(From A Booklet Published in 1976)

(EDITOR’S NOTE — This is a continuation of excerpts from a small but informative publication compiled by the late CARMEL BURKE of Oneida during the local celebration of America’s Bicentennial in 1976. BURKE was an avid historian who was particularly fond of local historical events. His booklet listed notable local, state and national historical events, from the earliest days to the present. The first installment of these excerpts was published in the Winter, 1990 issue of FNB Chronicle).

1929 — Tornado hits parts of Scott County

1929 — The stock market crash

1929-39 — Great Depression years.

1930 — Television invented in USA

1930 — Mr. T. COLEMAN DuPont purchased land and gave it to Kentucky for the development of Cumberland Falls, Ky.

1930 — Jet aircraft engine invented in England

1930 — Population of Scott County was ??,080 [14,080?]

1930 — Population of Tennessee was 2,616,556

1931 — Passenger train "Ponce DeLeon" wrecked at Helenwood and many people were killed

1933 — The Goodyear Blimp landed on the C. CROSS farm in Oneida

1933 — Tornado does damage at Huntsville

1933 — Commander HENRY BARTON CECIL of Scott County was killed when his U.S. Navy Blimp, Akron, crashed in New Jersey

1933 — TVA created

1933 — New Deal program started

1934 — MAYNARD KING shot and killed in downtown Oneida

1934 — Congress established the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

1935 — Explosion destroys much of Helenwood. A house caught fire and spread to the Masonic Hall where dynamite was stored

1936 — President ROOSEVELT came through Oneida on a train

1936 — C. W. WRIGHT ran for Governor of Tennessee

1916 — Norris Dam was completed

1937 — C. CROSS dies in Oneida

1938 — Pickett State Park dedicated. It was built with CCC labor

1939 — HENRY SMITH died in Oneida

1930s — Tennessee Highways 52 and 63 and U.S. 27 were improved for the growing use of automobile and truck traffic

1939 — Germany invades Poland

1940 — Scott County had 15,966 people

1940 — Tennessee had 2,915,841

1940 — World War II starts in Europe

1940 — HOWARD BAKER, Sr. ran for Governor of Tennessee

1941 — Flood in Oneida

1941 — Plane crash at Glenmary kills GEORGE WEBB and a Mr. TOWE of Knoxville

1941 — Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, dedicated at Jacksonville, Florida, and named for Commander HENRY BARTON CECIL when Japan bombs Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th. Scott County men and women served around the world

1942 — Oneida High School burned

1942 — Dr. M. E. and MILFORD THOMPSON built the first medical clinic in Oneida

1942 — The United States purchased land in Anderson and Roane counties for Oak Ridge. Many thousand Scott County people worked at the "Ridge"

1944 — Allied troops invade France to start the defeat of HITLER. It was D-Day for our troops

1944 — WALTER (Smoky) LOWE earned his title as a much decorated soldier of World War II for his fighting in Europe

1945 — President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT died during a visit to Warm Springs, Georgia. HARRY TRUMAN became the 33rd President. A Scott County soldier helped escort the body back to Washington, D.C.

1945 — USA drops atomic bombs on two Japanese cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

1945 — World War II ends. VE Day in Europe (May). VJ Day in Japan (September)

1945 — United Nations founded at San Francisco, California

1945 — Oneida Elementary School burned

1946 — Tennessee Highways 52 and 63 were paved for the first time

1946 — The start of an industrial boom in the south

1946 — Stone courthouse burned at Huntsville

1946 — Mr. CHARLES TIBBALS purchased the Pearson Hardwood Flooring Mill in Oneida

1947 — The transistor was invented by the Bell Telephone Lab (USA)

1947 — Brick Courthouse at Huntsville was built

1948 — ROY ACUFF ran for Governor of Tennessee and visited Scott County. He drew 3000 people at a Huntsville rally

1948 — Eighteen inch snow fell in Scott County

1949 — The American Legion Building was dedicated in Oneida during the Scott County Centennial

1949 — The W. M. Ritter Lumber Company Mill burned at New River

1950 — First TV reception in Scott County (from Nashville, Louisville .,and Cincinnati).

1950 — Big snow fell just before the Kentucky-Tennessee football game

1950 — Scott County had 17,362 people. This was the largest count ever.

1950 — Tennessee had 3,291,718

1950 — The Lions Club was organized in Oneida

1950 — HOWARD BAKER, Sr. was elected to the House of Representatives of the USA

1950 — Freight train (Cabbage) wrecked at Bear Creek

1950-53 — Korean War. Again many Scott County people served.

1951 — The Town of Oneida purchased the private Water and Sewer System

1952 — Another big snow fell before the Kentucky-Tennessee football game

1953 — First polio vaccine by SALK (USA)

1953 — First of three TV stations built in Knoxville operations between Oneida and


1954 — The Scott County Chamber of Commerce was organized

1954 — Hovercraft (Airboat) invented in England

1954 — The Supreme Court ruled against segregation

1955 — Land purchased in Oneida for the 53-acre Industrial Park

1955 — The temperature reached 108°

1955 — The Hickory Mill was built at the Tea Room area of Helenwood

1955 — Southern Labor Union organized in Scott County primarily for coal miners

1956 — The Scott County Hospital opened with 42 beds

1956 — Bad ice storm hits Scott County

1956 — Boss Manufacturing Company locates factory in Oneida

1957 — The Highland Telephone Cooperative was organized in Scott and Morgan counties to replace the antique Continental Telephone System. The new phone coverage was later extended to McCreary County, Kentucky

1957 — New U.S. 27 Highway north from Oneida to Kentucky was started. The State also started a new highway to Paint Rock and on to Capital Hill

1957 — Russia launched the first satellite

1957 — Airstrip constructed through the Industrial Park in Oneida

1957-75 — Vietnam War. Soldier from Livingston, Tennessee was the first American military casualty of the war

1958 — Citizens Gas Utility District was created and purchased the private natural gas company that served between Sunbright and Oneida

1958 — First National Bank of Oneida was robbed

1958 — USA launches its first satellite

1958 — The Laser Beam was developed by Towns (USA)

1958 — Extremely cold winter (-9°)

1959 — Mine explosion at Brimstone killed nine miners

1959 — Passenger train, The Crescent, wreck at Glenmary. People were killed 1959 — Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states

1960 — Population of Scott County was 15,413

1960 — Population of Tennessee was 3,567,089

1960 — The Scott County Airport was built between Oneida and Helenwood

1960 — Ice storm hits Scott County

1961 — New water and sewer plant was constructed in Oneida

1961 — First American in space, Alan Shepard, made a 15-minute flight

1962 — Cuban Missile Crisis

1962 — Supreme Court ruled against prayer and Bible reading in public schools

1963 — Coldest winter in Scott County history (-30°)

1963 — President JOHN F. KENNEDY assassinated by LEE HARVEY OSWALD in Dallas, Texas. LYNDON B. JOHNSON became President

1963 — WBNT radio station started its broadcasts in Oneida

1963 — Tape Cassette invented in the Netherlands

1963 — Freight train (whiskey) wrecks in Oneida

1963 — Southern Railway constructs new high railroad bridge across New River

1964 — Congressman HOWARD BAKER, Sr. died

1964 — Mrs. HOWARD (IRENE) BAKER becomes Congresswoman

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