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On our 85th, we salute those who have already celebrated their 85th birthdays

First National Bank of Oneida salutes our friends who have already celebrated their 85th birthdays. These fine folk have experienced first-hand most of the feature stories that you will read in this historical publication. We will be drawing from their recollections and memories for most of our story material for future editions. To not record for future generations the experiences of these folk would be a terrible waste. So we look forward to sharing with you some very interesting future feature stories. Seniors 85 years and older list compiled by Scott County Office on Aging.

Milford Acres
Dorothy Alexander
Julia Adkins
Victoria Allen
Laura Abbott
Maude Bales
Artie Bowery
Lotena Brown
Cora Byrd
Delus Byrd
Dewey Byrd
Lizzie Burchfield
Bess Burchfield
Sallie Burk
Nara Bowling
Carley Boyatt
Sarah Brannom
Ella Bell
Pearl Butler
Della Bruce
Frank Chambers
Fernia Chitwood
Nella Chambers
Dora Chesser
Bannom Chitwood
Ethel Chitwood
Mollie Chitwood
Arnold Colditz
Rudy Colditz
Donna Conatser
Amanda Cross
Mary Cotton
Perry Crowley
Roxie Collins
Lula Cecil
Zona Cecil
Christine Clowers
Mossie DeBord
Ollie Davis
Ronnie Day
Pearlie Douglas
Ollie Dunkleburg
Frona Douglas
Etta Denney
Maude Davis
Eva England
Artie Ellis
Dorothy Foster
Nola Foster
Pherbia Freytag
Bertie Graham
Mamie Grindstaff
Ada Goad
Henry Garrett
Effie Garrett
John George
Sylvania Harness
Goldie Harris
Stella Hull
Lucy Hyder
Dora Harness
Etta Hawkins
Elbert Hammon
Ida Honeycutt
Elbert Hamby
Ernest Huff
Eddie Jeff
Margaret Jeffers
Ann Jeffers
May Jeffers
Della Jeffers
Edmond Jennings
Lyda Jeffers
Ida Keeton
Virgil Lowe
Arlie Lay
Mayme Lay
Lucinda Litton
Clifford Lawson
Ollie Lay
Ezra Marcum
Bill Matthews
Zollie McCoy
Ellen Miller
Roscoe Morrow
Verda McDonald
Mary McBroom
Margaret Martin
Ova Morris
Laura Mullins
Edith Neely
Ernest Newport
Ella Norman
Bertha Owens
Ennom Owens
Mewanna Pemberton
Audra Phillips
A. Y. Phillips
General Calvin Phillips
Zora Phillips
Maggie Perkins
Elvin Phillips
Daisy Reed
Leonard Reed
Ida Belle Reed
Clara Rose
Bessie Rosenbaum
Virgil Ross
Leabert Robbins
Evert Russell
Daisy Red
G. K. SeaboIt
Arlin Sexton
Wilda Sexton
Naomi Shoopman
Helen Slaven
Nora Slaven
Golmen Smith
Wilda Speck
Robert Stephens
Ethel Strunk
Ora Slaven
Manilla Stephens
Jennie Stroud
Grace Smithers - 101
Dorothy Smithers
Ira Stonecipher
Roy Stonecipher
Everett Stephens
Lena Shepard
Ezra Stephens
Hazel Strunk
Ruby Smith
Lula Thompson
Lucinda Taylor
Viva Terry
Tolbert Thomas
George Thompkins
Ethel Thompson
O. E. Todd
Rachel Thomas
Asbel Taylor
Amy Trammell
Charles Trammell
Ella Underwood
Rachel Vann
Lottie Watson
Kizzie Williams
Carl Wilson
Ida Wright
Robert Williams
Oz West
James Waddle
Dottie Watson
Frank Walker
Luther Yancey

FNB Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 1 Summer 1989
First National Bank
P.O. Box 4699
Oneida, TN 37841

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