Initial stock holders of “The Murfreesboro and Liberty Turnpike Company” 1851

Many thanks to Don Detwiler

            The undersigned citizens of the State of Tennessee have agreed and hereby constitute themselves into a company by the name and style of “The Murfreesboro and Liberty Turnpike company” for the purpose of building a McAdamized turnpike road from Murfreesboro in Rutherford County, Tennessee, passing Hall’s Hill. the Boiling Spring, McKnight’s Gap and Luck’s shop and continuing to a point on the Lebanon & Sparta turnpike road from two to three miles from Liberty in DeKalb County, Tennessee.  The amount of capital stock of said company to be forty thousand dollars to be divided into sixteen hundred shares of twenty-five dollars each share.


Enoch H. Jones, Rutherford County                  60 shares                      $1500

John W. Hall, Rutherford County                      60 shares                      $1500

Gideon B. Hall, Rutherford County                   20 shares                      $500

John S. Wright, Rutherford County                   20 shares                      $500

Benjamin Johnson, Rutherford County   40 shares                      $1000

Isaac N. Wright, Rutherford County                  20 shares                      $500

Jacob T. Wright, Rutherford County                 10 shares                      $250

John D. Alexander, Rutherford County  20 shares                      $500

James T. McKnight, Rutherford County            10 shares                      $250

Joseph Trimble, Rutherford County                   10 shares                      $250

Donalson Barker, Rutherford County                10 shares                      $250

Ephraim Smith, Rutherford County                    60 shares                      $1500

Andrew M. Alexander, Rutherford County        80 shares                      $2000

Jarratt Cock, Rutherford County                       20 shares                      $500

Joseph Davis, Rutherford County                      4 shares                        $100

David F. Lassey, Rutherford County                 6 shares                        $150

Alexander McKnight, Cannon County   20 shares                      $500

John P. Ham, Cannon County                           20 shares                      $500

W. W. McKnight, Cannon County                    8 shares                        $200

S. H. McKnight, Cannon County                      4 shares                        $100

Joseph Dement, Cannon County                       4 shares                        $100

Henry Goodloe, Cannon County                       20 shares                      $500

James McKnight, Cannon County                     20 shares                      $500

J. C. Elrod, Cannon County                              8 shares                        $200

J. L. McKnight, Cannon County                       4 shares                        $100

George Lawrence, Cannon County                   4 shares                        $100

Andrew McKnight, Cannon County                  4 shares                        $100


            This road to be graded and (word) thirty feed in width and graveled with broken limestone or river gravel and to be graded to within two and a half degrees of a level with the plane of the horizon.

            In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands, this 5th day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred fifty one.


                                                                        E. H. Jones

                                                                        E. F. Smith

                                                                        G. B. Hall

A.M. Alexander

Alexander McKnight

Isaac N. Wright

John S. Wright