1804 Rutherford County Record Book  "P"
Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell

Phillips & Jetton    Book 1- p34
Pettway, Hinchey     Book 1- p43
Peacock, Micajah     Book 1- p70
Price, John          Book 2- p16&17
Patten, Mathew       Book 2- p62
Pattit, Abram        Book 2- p172
Payne, Martha        Book 2- p253
Pace, Jarvis         Book 3- p59&60
Pace, Mary Ann       Book 3- p73   Book 6- p59
Parker, Daniel       Book 3- p82
Pace, John           Book 3- p105
Pybap, William       Book 3- p169
Powell, George W     Book 3- p185
Polland, Thomas P    Book 3- p189
Price, John          Book 3- p218
Pool, Alexander      Book 4- p3
Powell, David        Book 4- p19
Pace, James          Book 4- p112
Poe, Jonathan        Book 4- p126
Paul, Ard.           Book 4- p171
Pickins, Joseph      Book 4- p242    Book 5- p150, p170
Powel, David         Book 5- p15
Patrick, Jefre       Book 5- p50
Pullen, Thomas       Book 5- p172, p173
Payne, Martha        Book 5- p223
Parker, Daniel       Book 5- p227
Pybap, William       Book 5- p313    Book 6- p128, p234
Perkins, Mary        Book 5- p325
Perkins, Philimon & Mary   Book 5- p362
Peison, David        Book 6- p52
Pace, Britton (inventory)  Book 6- p100, p215, p235
______, Abraham      Book 6- p105, p106
Poindexter, Joseph (inventory) Book 6- p139, p164  Book 8- p7
Perkins, Joseph (inventory)    Book 6- p157
Price, Thomas        Book 6- p190
P_____, George (division of negroes)  Book 6- p227, p265, p281
Pybap, William       Book 6- p245, p291
Powell, William (years provisions)  Book 6- p260, p271, p276
Powell, Rebecca G (will)  Book 6- p306, p329
Puckett, Arthur (will)    Book 6- p308   Book 8- p11, p34
Powell, William (inventory)  Book 6- p319  Book 9- p56
P____, George, (settlement)  Book 7- p20

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" -Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell,
page 2
_______, Abraham    Book 7- p72    Book 9- p208
Perrin, Martha      Book 7- p151, p324(will)  Book 8- p172
Perry, Barwell (guardian)  Book 7- p186  Book 8- p18, p228
Powell, William E (guardian)  Book 7- p233
Powell, William (settlement)  Book 7- p243
Powell, Rebecca (settlement)  Book 7- p255
Parks, John          Book 8- p43, p95
Parker, William (guardian)   Book 8- p58   Book 9- p145
Poindexter, Joseph   Book 8- p99
Price, Francis (dec'd-will) Book 8- p146, p218
Patterson, James (will)     Book 8- p164, p206, p214
Patricks, James D (will)    Book 8- p326
Pybap, Nathaniel & Elizabeth     Book 8- p451
Parrish, Geo W (will)       Book 8- p14, p37
Patterson, Alexander (dec'd settlement) Book 9- p28
Pattilo, Harrison (dec'd)   Book 9- p42, p163, p176
Pybap, Eliz         Book 9- p47, p88
Parker, John (dec'd)        Book 9- p69
Parker, John (dec'd)        Book 9- p70
Perry, Burwell (guardian)   Book 9- p98, p187
Price, R.C. (admin)         Book 9- p167
Parker, Daniel (dec'd inventory) Book 9- p243
Poor House__________Report  Book 9- p287, p655  Book 10- p159
Pearcy, Thomas J (will)     Book 9- p288, p360  Book 10- p127
Parker, Joel                Book 9- p376  Book 10- p175
Prewett, James M (inventory)  Book 9- p409   Book 10- p260
Page, William D (intev)      Book 10- p8   Book 12- p49
Prewett, John (inventory) Book 10- p25
Prewett, Smith (dec'd)    Book 10- p78, p127, p294, p562
Perkins, Joseph  (dec'd)     Book 10- p174
Potts, Henry (dec'd)         Book 10- p183, p203&204  Book 11- p47
Patton, Samuel (letters admin)Book 10- p269, p349&350, p379, Book 12- p467,
Poor House __________    Book 10- p293, p570   Book 12- p56, p199, p363
Pybap, Stephen (letters ad.)  Book 10- p312, p546
Prewett, James M (dec'd guar set)  Book 10- p455, p515  Book 11- p10, Book
12- p232, p463
P_________, George W (dec'd letters ad)  Book 10- p491, p533, p575,  Book 12-
p268  Book 14- p312
Prewett, Smith (guardian set) Book 11, p163  Book 12- p22, p206, p459
Payne, Andrew B (dec'd)  Book 11- p284   Book 12- p37, p527
Palmer, Joseph B (___________) Book 12- p21, p194, p316, p538, Book 13- p 180
Payne, Elizabeth         Book 12- p25, p277-, p327
Pattilo, Samuel (dec'd)        Book 12- p31, p73
Parker, William (dec'd letters)  Book 12- p84, p152, p533, Book 13- p494, p623

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" - Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell
page 3

Pattilo, Littleton       Book 12- p106, p115
Puckett, Nathaniel (dec'd will)  Book 12- p177, p245, p315
Phillips, Bennett (dec'd will)   Book 12- p237, p276  Book 16- p667, Book 17-
Puckett, Lenard (dec'd)  Book 12- p256, p297
Poor House Cour__ Report Book 12- p527 Book 13- p189, p645  Book 14- p79
Pope, Hardy (guard.set) Book 12- p531  Book 13- p451  Book 14- p16, p273
Posey, Zachariah   Book 13- p37, p119  Book 14- p106
Parker, William    Book 13- p41  Book 14- p314
Prewett, James M   Book 13- p55, p441  Book 14- p6, p209, p492&93, Book 15-
Parker, John (dec'd)      Book 13- p65
Peek, Simmons (dec'd)     Book 13- p417, p467, p585  Book 14- p422 p426, p443
Pri______, James O.K.     Book 13- p464, p542   Book 14- p292
Parker, Wm (dec'd) Morgan G     Book 13- p669
Puckett, Nancy (dec'd)    Book 13- p687  Book 14- p69
Payne, Jacob        Book 14- p139(will), p169, p226   Book 16- p 124
Peek, Joseph (dec'd)      Book 14- p166, p225    Book 15- p180
Pierce, Isaac             Book 14- p198
Parker, William (legattes refunding_______)  Book 14- p199
Patterson, Samuel (dec'd) Book 14- p447, p464, p496, p502
Prewett, Smith (dec'd)  Book 14- p508   Book 15- p229, p371
Peek, Simmons (dec'd)  Book 14- p509  Book 15- p243, p555
Parrish, Geo (dec'd)   Book 15- p17 (letters)
Potts, Henry (dec'd)   Book 15- p27, p442  Book 16- p204, p575  Book 17- p164
Patterson, Samuel (dec'd) Book 15- p35, p491, p532   Book 16- p252
Pope, Hardy (dec'd)    Book 15- p63  Book 16- p129, p413  Book 17- p604
Pull_____, Geo         Book 15- p131
Prewett, James M (dec'd)Book 15- p316, p538, p540  Book 16- p124, p368
Parker, Joseph (dec'd)  Book 15- p414, p446, p466, p592  Book 16- p223
Pattenan, Isaac (dec'd) Book 15- p440, p478, p519   Book 16- p294
Peek, Jeffrey (dec'd)   Book 15- p453(will)
Peyton, John W (dec'd)  Book 15- p488
Potts, Daniel (dec'd)   Book 15- p489
Painter, John (dec'd)   Book 15- p569  Book 16- p35, p138, p587
Prewitt, Smith (dec'd)  Book 16- p10, p686
Peek, Simmons (dec'd)   Book 16- p110, p199, p213, p224, p566
Pitts, Wm. (dec'd)  Book 16- p203, p213(will), p283  Book 17- p34, p507
Parker, John (dec'd) Book 16- p241 (letters), p242, p311  Book 17- p243
Price, Robert C (dec'd) Book 16- p332(will), p378  Book 17- p246
Parker, Isaac (dec'd)   Book 16- p341, p378, p470  Book 17- p286, p300
Patterson, Lourice (dec'd)  Book 16- p404, p478
Pritchell, Samuel (dec'd)  Book 16- p434(will), p640  Book 17- p698
Peak, Simmons (dec'd)  Book 16- p438(will)

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" - Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell
page 4
Pinkard, Wm (dec'd)  Book 16- p546, p633, p644
Parker, Joseph (dec'd heirs exparte)  Book 16- p550
Parker, Doctor (dec'd)  Book 16- p643, p649, p695, p782  Book 17- p586
Phillips, Bennett (dec'd)  Book 16- p656- p689
Payne, Jacob (dec'd)   Book 16- p661   Book 17- p672
Puckett, Charles (dec'd)  Book 16- p796(will)  Book 17- p42, p157, p264
Peek, Simmons F (dec'd)  Book 17- p26
Painter, John (dec'd heirs expartes)  Book 17- p104
Phillips, Jas W (dec'd)   Book 17- p186 (will)
Peak, Simmons (dec'd)   Book 17- p196, p487
Patterson, Samuel (dec'd)  Book 17- p202
Posey, Wm S (dec'd)  Book 17- p210, p245, p366, p367, p789
Patterson, Jefferson W (dec'd)  Book 17- p320, p369
Parker, Isaac (dec'd)  Book 17- p 330
Pettillo, Samuel (dec'd)  Book 17- p429
Potts, Henry (dec'd)   Book 17- p486
Puckett, Charles (dec'd)  Book 17- p517
Prater, Philip (dec'd)  Book 17- p582, p717, p721
Payne, Jacob (dec'd)  Book 17- p672
Price, Robert C (dec'd)  Book 18- p25
Patterson, J.W (dec'd)  Book 18- p32   Book 20- p124, p371, p790
Peak, _________ (dec'd) Book 18- p50  Book 19- p288  Book 20- p109, p385
Book 22- p237
Potts, Henry (dec'd)    Book 18- p66, p384
Prewett, Smith (dec'd)  Book 18- p74, p166, p591  Book 19- p457
Puckett, Chas (dec'd)   Book 18- p86, p101, p173, p604  Book 19- p367 Book
20- p99, p545
Palmer,Ophelia M (dec'd) Book 18- p131
Patton, Joseph C (dec'd) Book 18- p192, p260, p327, p494  Book 19- p339,
p560, p581
Patterson, John (dec'd)Book 18- p217(will)-218, p367 Book 19- p524, p615 Book
20- p215   Book 22- p291
Posey, Wm. S (dec'd)   Book 18- p230, p233, p271
Peylin, Fanny (dec'd)  Book 18- p275
Peak, James M (dec'd)  Book 18- p326, p464  Book 19- p426  Book 20- p637,
p646  Book 22- p72
Pitts, William (dec'd) Book 18- p411  Book 20- p421
Pinkard, William (dec'd)  Book 18- p428  Book 19- p360  Book 21- p221 Book
22- p246
Powell, Charles (dec'd) Book 18- p436, p569
Painter, John (dec'd)   Book 18- p589  Book 19- p84  Book 20- p133 Book 22-
Patterson, Samuel (dec'd)  Book 18- p596  Book 19- p597  Book 20- p675, p764
Book 22- p89
Puckett,Lodrick & others free persons of color Book 18- p632 Book 22-   p135
Phillips, Joseph (dec'd)  Book 19- p78, p186
Patton, Joseph (dec'd admin& heirs exparte)  Book 19- p103
Prater, Philip (dec'd)    Book 19- p192, p290
Parker, Elizabeth (dec'd) Book 19- p292, p346
Parker, Joseph (dec'd)    Book 19- p292

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" - Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell,
page 5
Peyton, John M (dec'd)  Book 19- p319(will) p373, p416  Book 20- p460, p491,
p539   Book 22- p152
Prater, Elizabeth (dec'd)  Book 19- p384
Perry W. S. (trustee set)  Book 19-p411
Peak, J.W. (deed)  Book 19- p426   Book 23- p 259   Book 24- p117
Peak, Jeffrey      Book 19- p489, p571   Book 21- p322
Patterson, Isaac (dec'd)  Book 19- p616  Book 20- p790  Book 22- p77
Patton, Joseph (dec'd)    Book 19- p639  Book 20- p458  Book 21- p470
Powell, Rachel (dec'd)    Book 20- p83, p143
Powell, Thomas (dec'd)    Book 20- p83, p143   Book 21- p96
Payne, Jacob (dec'd)      Book 20- p85
Pinckard, Bailey (dec'd)  Book 20- p112, p208  Book 22- p294
Puckett, Elizabeth (dec'd) Book 20- p113, p197, p542
Puckett, Melly (dec'd)    Book 20- p234
Patterson, J.H. & others (exparte)  Book 20- p346
Puckett, Lodwick (dec'd)  Book 20- p414 (will), p419, p440, p441 Book 24- p10
Petty, Charles (dec'd)    Book 20- p416, p419, p456, p471, p581 Book 24- p29
Patterson, J.H. & J.W. & others (exparte)  Book 20- p503
Puckett, Chas (dec'd)  Book 20- p545
Pope, C.    Book 20- p685(letters), p718   Book 21- p354  Book 22- p83, p248,
p453   Book 23- p172, p418
Parker, Mary (dec'd)   Book 20- p745
Peak, Simmons (dec'd)  Book 21- p79
Pritchell, Samuel      Book 21- p82  Book 24- p76
Pruett, D.L (dec'd)    Book 21- p139   Book 22- p391
Parker, Mary (dec'd)   Book 21- p197, p249
Pearce, E.L. (dec'd)   Book 21- p275(will)  Book 23- p532
Parker, Levi F (dec'd) Book 21- p286, p318  Book 23- p529
Pryor, W.W. (dec'd)    Book 21- p352  Book 22- p231   Book 24- p68
Peyton, John W. (dec'd)  Book 21- p355, p405
Patterson, K.W. (dec'd) Book 21- p374, p375  Book 23- p105, p240,  p257, p417
Painter, John (dec'd)  Book 21- p444
Pierce, Harriet P (dec'd)  Book 21- p447   Book 24- p92
Puckett, Carwell  Book 21- p483, p603   Book 24- p112   Book 25- p511
Pitts, William    Book 21- p498, p603  Book 24- p103
Peyton, John W.   Book 21- p568
Patterson, Sarah (dec'd)  Book 21- p611  Book 23, p362  Book 24- p187
Posey, Z     Book 21- p635   Book 23- p139  Book 24- p311 Book 25- p57, p383
Page, Nancy M     Book 22- p120   Book 23- p53, p164
Perry, _______    Book 22- p123   Book 23- p571
Parker, John      Book 22- p138
Peyton, Jm. W. (dec'd)  Book 22- p176, p216, p399, p506  Book 23- p206, p353,
Patterson, Joseph W.    Book 22- p203   Book 24- p45
Puckett, Ludowick       Book 22- p250

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" - Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell
page 6
Phillips, Lockie E     Book 22- p272   Book 24- p52
Pinckard, William (dec'd)  Book 22- p297, p573
Patton, Joseph C (dec'd) Book 22- p386  Book 23- p212, p372  Book 24- p10
Parker, Isaac   Book 22- p410   Book 23- p281   Book 24- p540
Patterson, Samuel    Book 22- p458   Book 24- p26
Peyton, Joseph (dec'd)  Book 23- p80
Peylin, R. S. (dec'd)  Book 23- p80
_________ William (dec'd)  Book 23- p115
Patterson, John (dec'd)  Book 23- p120, p358, p361, p405  Book 24- p187
Petty, Charles, (dec'd)  Book 23- p128
Parker, Wm (dec'd will)  Book 23- p202, p226, p610   Book 24- p125
Patterson, John (dec'd)  Book 23- p211   Book 24- p48, p65, p363
Price, Mary, (dec'd)    Book 23- p246
Potts, George (dec'd)   Book 23- p420(will), p441, p623, Book 24- p201, p353
Peak, James M Jr. (dec'd)   Book 23- p576, p577   Book 24- p479
Pope, Chas (dec'd)      Book 23- p610, p637  Book 24- p11, p286 Book 26- p218
Patterson, K W (dec'd) Book 23- p619  Book 24- p361, p410  Book 25- p328
Peylin, John M (dec'd) Book 23- p620  Book 24- p60, p76, p321, p426, p592
Puckett, Elizabeth (dec'd)  Book 23- p625
Phelps, Joshua (dec'd)      Book 24- p85
Petty, Charles (dec'd)      Book 24- p260, p441  Book 25- p197, p438 Book 26-
Payne, Matilda      Book 24- p276
Parker, Samuel (dec'd)   Book 24- p290(will), p306  Book 25- p539 Book 27-
p106, p500  Book 28- p50
Posey, Ann (dec'd)  Book 24- p307, p403, p487   Book 25- p24, p450
Patten, J.C. (dec'd)   Book 24- p326, p439  Book 25- p173, p374 Book 26- p3,
Perry, ___ R.W. (dec'd) Book 24- p358, p487  Book 25- p25, p451
Philpot, Simeon (dec'd) Book 24- p384-385  Book 27- p276  Book 28- p287
Pinckard, Charles (dec'd)  Book 24- p387
Phelps, Phebe (dec'd)    Book 24- p505
Potts, George (dec'd)    Book 24- p416, p619  Book 25- p24, p101, p161, p345,
p347, p349
Pafford, Wiley (dec'd)    Book 24- p462, p519
Peak, Joseph (dec'd)   Book 24- p568   Book 26- p7
Peyton, Jms M      Book 25- p102, p207, p376, p600
Pointer, Martha A (dec'd)  Book 25- p117(will)
Pearcy Algerson (dec'd)   Book 25- p127(will), p247, p273  Book 26-p62
Parrish, Mary R (dec'd)  Book 25- p134(will), p265
Prewett R.H.      Book 25- p160   Book 27- p23, p329
Pope Alferd (dec'd)   Book 25- p224, p232  Book 26- p439  Book 27- p407 Book
25- p200
Puckett W.S.    Book 25- p249-250  Book 26- p63, p288  Book 27- p225 Book 28-
Potts, George (dec'd)     Book 25- p384, p531, p536  Book 26- p66, p69, p246,
________George W. (dec'd)  Book 26- p203, p265, p544
Parker, Hiram (dec'd)  Book 26- p235, p529  Book 27- p21, p204 Book 27- p258,

Rutherford County Record Book  "P" - Transcribed by Cynthia Mitchell
page 7
Potts, Ann (dec'd)      Book 26- p449   Book 27- p337
Potts, Geo (dec'd)      Book 26- p459   Book 27- p103
Posey, Levina (dec'd)   Book 26- p532 p546(will), p543
Praper, Thomas (dec'd)    Book 27- p56
Pinkard, E.E. (dec'd)     Book 27- p176
Patterson Mrs. Camilla J (dec'd)  Book 27- p236
Phelps, Martha (dec'd)    Book 27- p318(will), p359
Peyton, J.W.            Book 27- p322
P________, Hiram (dec'd)  Book 27- p587, p613   Book 28- p238
Prater, Polly (dec'd)     Book 28- p10
Pippin, J.B. (dec'd)      Book 28- p79
Peeble, Isham (dec'd)     Book 28- p84
Prater, Mary Ann (dec'd)  Book 28- p124
Peyton, Virginia (dec'd)  Book 28- p154
Phillips, Dorothy (dec'd) Book 28- p207 (will)
Painter, Jacob (dec'd)    Book 28- p326
Perkins, D.P. (guardian)  Book 28- p391
Pitts, Anderson (dec'd)   Book 28- p402, p403
Pitts, Matthew (dec'd)    Book 28- p420
Pate, H.H. (dec'd)        Book 28- p429
Pitts, W.P. (dec'd)       Book 28- p431
Pope Wm. (dec'd)          Book 28- p437
Patterson, James C (dec'd) Book 28- p439
Pitts, John (dec'd)       Book 28- p441
Patrick, Thos S. (dec'd)  Book 28- p452
Pemberton, J.D. (dec'd)   Book 28- p457
Parker, A.G. (dec'd)      Book 28- p492
Patterson, J.W. (dec'd)   Book 28- p497
Pemberton G.D. (dec'd)    Book 28- p506
Puckett, J.N. (dec'd)     Book 28- p534