1850 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages

Adams, Edward  and Elizabeth Hughes  Nov 23*
Adams, William   and Elizabeth Crouse  Dec 19*
Arnold, David L. and Margaret Bell  Aug 15*
Arnold, Robert  and Elizabeth Bell  Oct 8*
Bailey, George W. and Johanah Carrick  Dec 12*
Bailey, Thomas  and Mary Ann Simpson  Jan 23*
Baird, William D. and Amanda V. Jarratt  Oct 14*
Ballentine, Charles and Louisa Conley  Oct 31*
Barnwell, William E. and Martha A. Glimp  Sep 9*
Bayless, Thomas H. and Martha A.M. Smith  Sep 17*
Bone, James  and Jane Rankin   Oct 16*
Bowman, Henry  and Mary J. Johnson  Mar 7*
Bumpass, John  and Julia A. Averitt  Dec 10*
Burger, Samuel N. and Sarah A. Kelton  Oct 17*
Burk, Thomas M.L. and Clementine L. Petty  Jun 20*
Burkhart, Alexander and Ava Ann Revel  Nov 12*
Burkhart, James  and Margaret Ballard  Feb 5*
Burnett, Benjamin J. and Martha Vardell  Jan 8*
Campbell, Peter  and Mary Daniel   Nov 6*
Cheatham, A.J.  and Permelia Sanders
   (free man of color)    (free woman of color)  Nov 8
Coleman, James A. and Mary L. Blair  Jan 8*
Connelly, James B. and Ann Waits   Jul 4*
Coppage, William and Obedience Taylor  Sep 26*
Cotten, James  and Ann E. Dement  Jul 21*
Courts, George W. and Mary A.E. Gingary  Mar 17*
Covington, Joseph and Emily Fuller  Nov 23*
Covington, Joseph A. and Sarah Ann Furguss  Dec 31
Crick, William M. and Mary Crick   Nov 9
Crocker, Thomas B. and Elizabeth M. Thompson Sep 18*
Daughtry, Jesse  and Mary J. Jacobs  Jun 27*
Dickie, William L. and Mary Nivins   Jan 3*
Dodson, Paul W.  and Sarah M. Burton  Jul 23*
Drennon, Andrew J. and Sarah P. Smart  Sep 23*
Espey, Robert  and Mary C. Wade  Oct 10*
Felps, William C. and Cintha O. Sinkler  Nov 23*
Fleming, Jacob M. and Adaline Bulloch  Jul 18*
Ford, Abram  and Clementine Swink  Nov 10*
Foster, Elliott R. and Caladonia Neal  Oct 1*
Foster, Richard H. and Elizabeth Revel  Oct 31*
Freeman, Marshall and Sarah Foster  Oct 7*
Gardner, A.B.  and America R. Elam  Mary 7*
Gibson, George E. and Martha Ann Brown  Jun 10*
Gibson, John M.  and Mary C. McKee  Sep 26*
Gilliam, Anderson and Catharine Causey  Oct 2*
Gilmore, Peter  and Elenor Marlin  Nov 8*
Green, William T. and Narcissus A. Yeager  Nov 5*
Groom, Thomas  and Elizabeth Martin  May 5*
Gullett, Henry  and Susan Winfrey  Aug 3*
Harrison, Joseph and Mary J. McDowell  Dec 15*
Haynes, Isaac  and Tabitha Beesley  Aug 27*
Hazelwood, Benjamin F. and Margaret S. Tucker  Jul 17*
Hendrix, Nathan W. and Julia Ann Jones  Nov 5*
Hicks, William  and Sarah C. Rick  Jun 16*
Hill, Thomas M.  and Susan G.C. Wade  Oct 8*
Hoover, A.H.  and Lucy A. Rawlings  May 7*
Hoover, Henry J. and Adaline V. Rex  Sep 24*
Hoover, Martin  and Nancy Bingham   Feb 21*
Hopkins, William and Sabry L. Welch  Dec 25*
Howse, Leander J. and Ann Bivins   May 29*
Hutchison, James M. and Elizabeth R. Overall Sep 19*
Inglish, Elihu  and Elizabeth Cook  Aug 29*
Insell, Thomas S. and Mary Rolins   Nov 18*
Jackson, William J. and Judith Ann Primm  Apr 4*
Jacobs, Alfred  and Emeline Cates  Oct 10*
Jacobs, Alvin  and Melvinia Bowerman  May 29
Jacobs, Jeremiah and Rebecca Auberry  Aug 28*
Jacobs, William  and Ritta Auberry  Aug 10*
Jarratt, Thomas L. and Louiza Murphey  Oct 17*
Jetton, Robert B. and Joanna L. Rucker  Nov 6*
Jones, Sterling B. and Locky Prewett  Jan 1*
Kennedy, John  and Elizabeth S. Thurman Jul 26*
Knox, John W.  and Elizabeth Hoover  Sep 19*
Lamb, Jonathan  and Nancy Hendrix  Nov 7*
Lamb, William  and Tempeance (as spelled) Apr 4*
Lambert, Edmond  and Leathy Eaks   Jun 10*
Lannon, William D. and Milbry J. McGregor  Mar 26*
Lewis, James A.  and Susan Lane   Oct 17*
Luster, John  and Mary J.J.C. McCallister Oct 2*
Lytle, Franklin  and Sophia E. Burrus  Jan 31*
Marable, Silas S. and Mary E. Lewis  Feb 14*
Martin, James B. and Lucinda B. Holmes  Oct 31*
Martin, Joseph G. and Mary J. Wright  Aug 27*
Miller, Isaac  and Rebecca O. Elam  Nov 14*
Miller, James R. and Cassay N. Howland  Nov 14*
Mitchell, Robert and Mary J. Gilliam  Aug 1*
Mitchell, William and Priscilla Dennis  Oct 5*
Moore, Albert M. and Elizabeth Peck  Nov 7*
Morton, John B.  and Mary J. Cook  Jan 9*
Morton, Robert H. and Mary Nash   Oct 5*
Mosley, Chesley  and Martha Curl   Jan 29*
Mount, John T.W. and Narrissa Thomas  Dec 30*
Mullins, Franklin and Elizabeth B. Perry  Oct 29*
Mulloy, Arthur   and Mary Brown   Jul 30*
McCaslin, William and Miss Emmeline J. Herrell Oct 8*
McClanahan, Ezekiel and Louisa F. Leath  Feb 26*
McCrary, James F. and Sarah E.J. Donnell  Feb 7*
McKnight, William W. and Margaret J. Martin  Jan 1*
Neal, Phillip  and Ann Green   Dec 5*
Neely, John C.  and Adaline Rowlett  Mar 6*
Newman, Allen  and Isabella Youree  Jun 30*
Newman, William  and Serenia S. Clemons  Oct 31*
Norman, Henry  and Sarah O. White  Nov 12*
Northcott, John W. and Mary H. Read  Aug 22*
Northcott, William J. and Sarah J. Barker  May 14*
Osborn, Caleb  and Elizabeth V. Rankin  Jul 24*
Overall, P.N.  and Miss S.E. Cartwright Apr 4*
Phillips, James  and Sarah Rucker  Nov 6*
Porter, William  and Martha A. Pigg  Sep 26*
Porterfield, Leonidus F. and Eliza A. Brown  Jan 25*
Pulley, Richard  and Mary S. Rowlett  Nov 14*
Pulley, William R. and Mary A. Crary  Oct 17*
Rains, John  and Ticey J. Stephens  Aug 12*
Reed, Ezra  and Nancy Webb   Aug 8*
Revel, John  and Lucy E. Puckett  Nov 28*
Revis, Lewis W.  and Mary Ann Mathews  Apr 1*
Richardson, John G. and Elizabeth Allen  Sep 11*
Roberts, George W. and Elmira Covington  Aug 11*
Robinson, Uriah  and Jane Bonds   May 7*
Rodgers, James  and Elizabeth Saunders  Dec 22*
Rowlett, John  and Sarah Ann Cobler  Jan 13*
Sanders, Mankin S. and Tabitha Compton  Aug 29*
Sanders, Thomas W. and Margaret A. Smotherman Oct 17*
Shelton, Lifus  and Sarah Hoover  May 7*
Sims, William A. and Nancy T. Young  Aug 12*
Sled, Etheldred  and Elizabeth Burkhart  Oct 1*
Smotherman, John and Cyntha Ann Foster  Jul 4*
Smotherman, Joseph and Balinda Smotherman  Aug 22*
Sneed, Dabney  and United America Thompson Dec 5*
Sneed, James B.  and Martha Ward   Jan 7*
Spain, Stephen R. and Caroline M. Sanford  Mar 7*
Stewart, James W. and Sarah A. Sublett  Nov 28*
Stewart, Joseph H. and Lavinia E. Burton  Jun 4*
Summers, Milus  and Louisa Morgan  Jun 4*
Taylor, Vincent  and Tabitha Cary  Jun 17*
Thompson, Azariah and Mary Harris   Sep 5*
Tines, Charles M. and Elizabeth Stegar  Dec 23*
Toombs, Joel  and Mary V. Jackson  Nov 12*
Thraer, Reece  and Nancy C.E.C. Wooten  Dec 4*
Trailor, Isham  and Vicey Phelps  Oct 5*
Trigg, Samuel S. and Sarah Ann E. Hazelwood Oct 24*
Tucker, A.K.  and Tabitha Pope  Aug 11*
Tucker, George M. and Martha P. Swink  Jan 2*
Tucker, Silas  and Ellen M. Clark  Feb 8*
Tucker, Thomas C. and Martha E. Shanklin  Dec 31*
Underwood, Miles and Elizabeth Lovin  Sep 26*
Uselton, Christopher and Harriett E. Taylor  Oct 22*
Vaughan, James  and Mary L. Elliot   Jan 3*
Vaughan, Peter T. and Mary A. Robinson  Nov 28*
Wall, Alexander A. and Elizabeth C. Harrison Oct 3*
Ward, James I.  and Mary J. Leath  Jun 18*
Watkins, Abasalom and Roxanna Hancock  May 23*
Watson, Pleasant A. and Elizabeth L. Williamson Oct 16*
Weatherford, Stephen D. and Sarah Hooper  Apr 15*
Webb, Thomas  and Caroline Morris  Jun 24*
Welch, W.L.  and Amanda Shumake  Nov 11*
White, William B. and Martha C. Peebles  Jun 5*
Whitson, William and Maria E. Philips  Nov 6*
Williams, Nicholas H. and Sarah Stegar  Mar 7*
Wilson, William N. and Nancy G. Read  Feb 12*
Winsett, David G. and Catharine Ryon(as spelled)  May 23*
Woodfin, Jasper N. and Sarah Ann M. Yakes  Jan 16*
Wrather, John B. and Mary E.U. Lannom  Jul --*
Wright, Henry C. and Susan C. Fletcher  Sep 17*