1849 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages

Alexander, Henry V. and Mary S.E. Webb  Aug 14
Alexander, James H. and Sarah Ann Coleman  Oct 4
Alexander, P.M.M. and Mary E. Kimbrough  Nov 14
Alford, John W.  and Mary E. Bone  Dec 31*
Armstrong, James P. and Cilista N. Black  Apr 10
Ashley, Arthur  and Catharine Pruett  Nov 5
Baird, James P.  and Sarah A. Ward  Sep 11*
Ballard, Riley  and Elizabeth Baukum  Dec 31
Banning, Thomas  and Nancy Walkup  Mar 27
Barker, James B. and Sarah A. James  Sep 8
Barksdale, William H. and Mary H. Baskett  Jul 31
Barnes, Bennett  and Mary Mosley   Mar 6
Barratt, Jeremiah and Martha Wood   Aug 13
Bates, Thomas F. and Louisa H. Brook  Oct 30
Batey, James M.  and Mary E. Howse  May 3
Batten, John D.  and Sarah H. Burks  Sep 15*
Baucum, Willis  and Emeline Wray  Feb 10
Beavers, Josiah P. and Eliza Whitsett  Sep 11
Bevel, James  and Rebecca King  Mar 14
Bond, John  and America Avarey  Aug 7
Bowen, Elijah R. and Emily M. Kelton  Mar 7
Bowman, David B.F. and Rebecca H. Brown  Feb 26
Brogain, Parson M. and Mary Garner   Feb 15
Brookshier, G.G. and Sally F. Bacon  Jun 26
Brothers, Thomas and Martha J. Thomas  Jan 10
Brown, William H. and Martha A. Pierce  Sep 25*
Brown, William L. and Cynthia P. Overall  Feb 21
Bryant, David O. and Sarah Melton  Feb 2
Burk, Nathaniel H. and Martha E. Moore  Dec 11
Burnett, Thomas  and Lucinda Renshaw  Feb 13
Caldwell, John  and Sarah J. Taylor  Apr 12
Carlton, Benajah and Clary Morris  Dec 4
Clark, Peyton  and Rebecca Ballard  Mar 31
Clopton, B.N.  and Mary E. McLin  Dec 25
Coleman, John  and Mary Alexander  Sep 29*
Coleman, Joshua  and Nancy Coleman  Jan 31
Coleman, Samuel C. and Mary L. Dickie  Dec 4
Coleman, Sutton  and Elmira S. McCray  Oct 10
Collins, Thomas  and Susannah Watson  May 21
Corder, Jackson  and Frances J. Covington Jan 11
Cornatz or, Thomas R.(as printed) and Margaret S. Bowman Dec 14*
Crowder, George G. and Sarah E. Boyd  Jan 9
Crutchfield, Thomas N. and Sarah Noe   Dec 10
Davis, William E. and Sarah L. Lawrence  Aug 22
Dickie, William L. and Mary Nivins   Dec 28
Dickins, Ja. H.(as printed) and Margaret M. McKnight  Jan 22
Dove, John  and Jane Sackett  May 12
Duffer, Edmund  and Elmira Hancock  Dec 11*
Edwards, George W. and Rebecca A. Bulloch  Feb 21
Elliott, Richard B. and Abigil Taliferro  Oct 4
Ferrell, Stephen and Rebecca H. Jolly  Feb 17
Fleming, Peter E. and Lavinia Shipp  Dec 5
Floyd, Benjamin W. and Mary C. Dyer  Nov 5
Frazier, Isaac  and Amanda Kimbro  Jul 19
Freas, Jacob W.  and Beatins Thompson  Dec 17*
Furgerson, Jordan and Margaret E. Anderson Jan 1
Garner, John H.  and Martha E. Blair  Dec 3
Garner, Larner B. and Rebecca Hoover  Sep 26
Geirs, Jean Joseph and Mary L. Gooch  May 2
Grigg, Lewis M.  and Mary Beaty   Sep 27
Guest, John M.  and Eliza R. Dennison  May 4
Hall, Gideon B.  and Narcissa R. Abernathy Mar 17
Hall, Henry  and Sarah Crockett  Mar 8
Hall, James C.  and Elizabeth L. Harrell Jun 15
Harriford, Jacob H. and Josephine Brown  Dec 20
Harrison, William L. and Pamela A. Ellis  Jun 5
Haynes, Nicholas S. and Sarah A. Goodman  Oct 22
Heath, Thomas J. and Mary A. Winsett  Sep 11
Hendricks, David B. and Jennetta Taylor  Aug 6
Hendrix, William W. and Margaret J. Reed  Oct 3
Henry, Mathews  and Elizabeth D. Smith  Jan 16
Hill, D.F.  and Isabella J. Graham  Dec 18
Hogan, Thomas  and Narcissa Ward  Jan 16
Holden, C.W.  and Rachel Holden  Dec 19
Holden, James M. and Elizabeth C. Leathers Oct 24
Hopkins, Samuel  and Mary J. Ferris  Sep 7
Howse, John C.  and Martha Finney  Nov 19
Hunt, Andrew J.  and Mary M. Kerby  Sep 8
Jarman, George W. and Isabella W. Fletcher Jul 18
Jarman, Robert H. and Christina J. Jones  Oct 15
Jarratt, Benjamin F. and Elizabeth A. Posey  Aug 9
Johnson, George E. and Judith M. Lawrence  Jan 22
Johnson, William A. and Elizabeth A. Waller  May 25
Jones, James E.  and Cecelia S. Overall  May 10
Jones, Richard C. and Mary Cock   Dec 18*
Joy, Robert C.  and Mariah Wilson  Jun 16
Keebie, Walter  and Frances M. Rucker  May 17
Kirk, John J.  and Nancy Parker  Jul 31
Koonce, Lemuel G. and Rebecca M. Tucker  Dec 22
Landers, Nathaniel W. and Mary E. Hester  Jan 17
Lawrence, George W. and Martha A. Howse  May 31
Lewis, Benjamin  and Sarah Ann Haynes  Feb 6
Loftin, William L.   and Margaret H. Wray  Oct 1
Loven, Edmond  and Mary Ann E. Maxwell  Dec 10*
Lowe, Calvin C.  and Elizabeth M. Kelton  Jan 27
Lowery, Alvin  and Frances Owen  Nov 17
Lyon, John B.  and Rebecca M. Fleming  Jul 9
Maney, David D.  and Mary E. Bell  Oct 10
Mangrum, Jesse W. and Louisa Prince  Jan 24
Manor, David M.  and Susan E. Ezzell  Mar 21
Martin, Lewis H. and Eliza B. Leath  Jan 27
Mason, William N. and Martha J. Hoover  Sep 20*
Mathews, John  and Nancy K. Beavers  Jun 2
Miller, Robert  and Sarah A. Nichols  Jan 31
Moody, Daniel  and Martha A. Benson  Dec 5
Morris, Jackson  and Jane E. Kerby  Sep 18
Mosley, Albert  and Mary Smith   Jun 18
Murry, Lemuel G. and Rebecca Hays  Jan 29
McCandless, James T.C. and Susan A. Lovell  Jul 28
McCoy, Andrew A. and Martha L. Webb  Aug 6
McCracken, Joseph T. and Druziller E. Wheeler Feb 22
McCrary, Robert  and Jane Fleming  Nov 28
McCullough, James D. and Elizabeth M. Loftin  Aug 18
McGill, David  and Isabellah Neisbett  Oct 11
McGinnis, Andrew and Sophia A.M. Ward  Jan 12
McHenry, John  and Mary A. Reeves  Dec 4
McKee, William  and Jane Martin   Nov 16
McKnight, Enos  and Rosanna McCombs  Dec 11*
McKnight, William J. and Martha J. Covington  Nov 8
Newman, John A.  and Martha Foster  Aug 20
Newman, William M. and Rebecca Summers  May 30
Nichols, James A. and Marvann Dove  Jul 17
Norvell, Abram  and Emily Harrell  Jan 22
O'Bryant, David  and Sarah Melton  Feb 26*
Overall, Robert A. and Amanda D. Hutcherson Dec 6
Parker, John A.  and Margaret S. Alexander Aug 18
Patterson, Isaac and Susan E. Winston  Jun 22
Patterson, L.B.  and Louisa Burks  Feb 10
Patterson, Thomas H. and Ellen B. McCullough  Dec 26
Patterson, William K. and Samuel J. Ridley  Nov 27
Peek, James M.  and Martha W. DeJarnett  Jan 23
Perkins, Peter A. and Sarah Ann McCullough Oct 16
Piercy, Robert R. and Nancy J. Harshaw  Jan 29
Pinkston, William B. and Mary Ann Jerland  Apr 16
Pitts, Benjamin E. and Mary McGinnis  Apr 7
Prater, Austin  and Martha F. Woodfin  Dec 24
Prewitt, Larry E. and Harriet J. Brothers  Dec 8
Prince, _____  and Rebecca Ann Barber  Oct 1
Raney, John E.  and Gibernia E. Vernon  Jan 29
Ray, John C.  and Aeriadne T. Pritchett May 1
Reeves, John A.  and Susan C. McCullough  Jan 18
Roberts, Henry  and Susan J. Stovall  Mar 23
Roberts, William J. and Elmira F. Baldridge  Jan 10
Robinson, Calvin and Hannah Langstaff  Oct 23
Robinson, Samuel and Elizabeth Brown  Jul 18
Sanders, Stephen C. and Nancy E. Caraway  Oct 13
Sanford, Willis  and Elizabeth Helton  Sep 11
Sellers, Wesley M. and Mary E. McAdoo  Oct 3
Skeen D.H.  and Rose J. Dillard  Jun 13
Smith, Hardy  and Rebecca Mosley  Mar 27
Smith, John H.  and Harriett Johnson  Sep 18*
Smith, John J.  and Mary Hall   Apr 25
Smith, Robert  and Cueley Smith  Jul 19
Smith Taswell S. and America E. Kerby   May 1
Smotherman, William and Nancy Pope   Feb 7
Spencer, William R. and Rebecca J. Lee  Apr 28
Summerhill, A.H. and Catherine Parrish  Jul 25
Swiney, Calvin  and Elizabeth C. Parrish  Nov 20
Tassey, Alexander and Elizabeth Gumm  Oct 20
Taylor, James  and Dimeda Caldwell  Jun 14
Taylor, Daniel W. and Mary J. Shanklin  Mar 13
Thompson, Joseph M. and Sarah Helton  Mar 3
Thompson, Thomas B. and Anna Clay   Jun 15
Todd, Walker  and Juliann Painter  Apr 12
Todd, Walker  and Mary Ann Summers  Sep 27*
Toliver, William and Mahala Brinkley  Dec 22
Trail, Wiley  and Sarah Lamb   Sep 26
Vaught, James  and Mary S. Blackwood  Feb 26
Wade, Robert  and Esther S. Peak  Feb 13
Walker, James  and Louisa Martin  Dec 24
Walls, Thomas  and Mary Grogan   Jun 7
Ward, Harrison  and Elizabeth A. Merritt Mar 5
Warren, William  and Susan C. Glenn  May 28
Washington, Francis W. and Sarah C. Crockett  Oct 18
Watts, William E. and Mary Read   Mar 19
Webb, Francis M. and Mary S. Fowler  Jun 21
Williams, Addison H. and Martha G. Blaze  Oct 30
Wilson, James E. and Margaret E. Deasont  Apr 21
Wilson, William M. and Elizabeth Crouse  Dec 19*
Woods, John Jr.  and Lucinda A. Richardson Nov 28
Woods, Stephen H. and Elizabeth L. Lyon  Feb 21
Word, John C.  and Caroline M. Wade  Jan 16
Wright, Thomas C. and Sarah Wade   Jan 17
Yardley, Thomas  and Martha Evans  Mar 24