1845 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages -Typed by Ed Waller

Adams, Reubin       and Elizabeth Bell      Jun 14
Allen, Richard H.   and Amanda M. Coleman       Aug 25
Alsup, Layfayett    and Elizabeth J. Lannum     Nov 4
Anderson, James     and Emily Beesley       Sep 13
Anderson, James     and Docie Campbell      Oct 14
Archer, Samuel      and Aberilla Collins(free of col)  Feb 1*
Baker, John L.      and Sarah C. Renshaw        Jul 3
Baley, Richard      and Mahaley Jacobs      May 27*
Ballard, Riley      and California A. Patterson Nov 19*
Baltimore, John     and Phebe Todd          Sep 11
Barnes, Simmons     and Mary J. Shaver      Jul 22
Bass, Thomas        and Nancy Avent         Jan 15*
Bell, George D.     and Nancy Trigg         Dec 13
Bell, John      and Mary Mathews        Feb 7*
Bennett, John       and Elizabeth Cook      Feb 19
Bivins, Silas A.    and Lucy W. Ganaway     Dec 15
Blackman, Lazrus    and Virginia A. Smith       Oct 6
Boner, Michael J.   and Martha A. Pugh      Sep 11*
Bostick, James A.   and Mary J. Elliott     Jan 15
Brinkley, Amos      and Simme Herrod        Apr 26
Brown, Edmund D.    and Mary E. Bowman      Jun 13
Brown, Francis S.   and Elizabeth A. Taylor     Aug 15*
Brown, Joseph       and Lamanda M.E. Martin     Mar 1
Brown, Phillip J.   and Ana E. Reeves       Jan 30
Bumpass, Robert     and Sarah Wood          Jul 30
Burchett, William T.    and Mary Johnson        Jan 2
Burk, James     and Sarah E. Foster     May 16
Burnes, William     and Jana Cotton         Dec 4*
Carnahan, Preston   and Sarah B. McCrary        Aug 21
Carter, Culin       and Ruthy Hailey        Sep 18*
Carter, Joseph      and Susan R. Carnahan       Jan 15*
Clark, Isaiah       and Elizabeth Johnson       Jan 3
Clark, Newton       and Elizabeth Morgan        Feb 21
Collier, James M.   and Eliza L. McFadden       Nov 6
Cox, William        and Permilia F. Sanders     May 30
Craig, William B.   and Mary J. Davis       Jul 1
Crawford, Joseph G. and Mary A. Sage        Feb 25*
Crichlow, James     and Jane Sims           Jul 5*
Crichlow, Thomas H. and Helen M. Wasson     Oct 15
Crocker, Isaac      and Elizabeth Jetton        Oct 9
Cross, George W.    and Mary E. Flemming        Mar 10*
Crutchfield, John   and Mary Eastwood       Nov 25
Curtis, William     and Lucy Cogburn        Dec 31
Dailey, Michael C.  and Martha Cotton       Aug 25*
Daniel, James E.    and Susanah Helton      Jan 14
Daulton, William    and Sarah M. Allen      Jul 3
Davis, Drury        and Lethsha Abbott      Aug 7*
Davis, Phillip      and Rebecca Smith       Jan 27
Davis, William      and Melinda Ward        Sep 19
Davidson, Lewis     and Zelpha Rogers       Aug 7*
Dean, John W.       and Adaline Wills       Oct 10
Dickey, William E.  and Lidia Phelps        Sep 11
Dickson, John D.    and Margaret McKissick      Aug 28
Dillon, John        and Elenor Knox         Apr 22*
Doughtry, William   and Nancy Howland       Dec 23*
Eakes, Daniel       and Mary M. Holt        Apr 3*
Farliss, Elisha     and Arcy A. Lyell       Oct 10
Flemming, George W. and Susan A. Cross      Apr 10
Flemming, William   and Elizabeth Joy       Oct 23
Fletcher, John W.   and Louisa E. Geanes        Apr 10
Fossett, James      and Catherine C. Bowman     Sep 18
Foster, Chestine    and Matilda Davidson        Dec 24
Foster, John        and Marandy D. Sanders      Sep 15
Freeman, Daniel M.  and Nancy E. Fulks      Sep 8
Freeman, William    and Matilda Mearhead        Jan 19*
Fretwell, Joshiah   and Sarah Ann Mosley        May 27*
Gooden, John D.     and Ladosha Thompson        Feb 3*
Goodloe, William H. and Sarah P. Hall       Dec 31
Green, Joseph A.    and Emily Smotherman        Dec 29
Green, Thomas J.    and Ardenia F. Todd     Feb 24
Greer, Henry        and Lucinda Bell        Dec 27*
Gregory, Alexander  and Frances May         Dec 15
Griffin, Andrew J.  and Louisa Ferriss      Jul 26
Hall, Jacob G.      and Eliza A. McDaniel       Jan 16
Hardy, Samuel M.    and Sarah A. Goss       Feb 10
Harris, Allen       and Mary Smith          Aug ..
Harris, John        and Harriet T. Moore        Jun 7*
Henry, Joel G.      and Mary Ann Sneed      Nov 16
Herndon, Samuel     and Martha Batey        Jul 19
Hoover, John P.     and Susan A. McKee      Jan 30
Howse, Charles A.   and Elizabeth Delbridge     Dec 9
Howse, George W.    and Mary E. Burris      Feb 12
Hume, Jesse W.      and Mary J. Weakley     Mar 10
Hutcherson, John L. and Ann W. Whitlow      Feb 13
Jacobs, John G.     and Margaret A. Mathews     Aug 21
Jackson, James L.   and Angeline Landrum        Aug 28
Jameson, Thomas     and Catharine Donnelly      Sep 9*
January, Robert W.  and Martha A. Watts     Aug 24
Jetton, P.D.        and Mary Stegar         Feb 28*
Johnson, James N.   and Martha Adcock       Mar 30
Johnson, William H. and Sarah Thompson      Jul 24
Jones, Bedford C.   and Louisa Fall Jones       Mar 20*
Jones, Gaston       and Frances C. Cothrin      Dec 23
Keeble, Walter      and Eliza Edmondson     Mar 12*
Keys, Erasmus S.    and Nancy D. Todd       Aug 19
King, John      and Elizabeth Ralph     Feb 19
King, Rufus     and Eliza Sanford       Oct 4
Kirk, John J.       and Nancy M. Brothers       Mar 10
Lamb, Benjamin      and Sophia Smotherman       Jul 24*
Lambert, William C. and Harriett H. Grimes      Dec 15
Lassiter, William M.    and Nancy G. Murphey        Feb 17
Lawhorn, Exum       and Frances Anglin      Nov 8*
Lawhorn, Thomas M.  and Nancy Greer         Sep 27*
Lawing, Robert      and Elenor Ward         Apr 20*
Lewis, Richard H.   and Chelnisa D. Dickie      Sep 24
Lillard, George W.  and Elmira Saunders     Nov 30
Luman, James J.     and Martha E. Campbell      Apr 22*
Marchant, Wilie     and Eny Taylor          Dec 19*
Mayfield, John C.   and Catharine Arnold        Sep 2
Miller, Isaac L.    and Sarah G. Hankins        Oct 16*
Miller, James       and Susan A. Nichols        Dec 18
Mitchell, Eli C.    and Sarah A. Lively     Dec 16
Morgan, Wesley      and Milly Summars       Jan 18
McDonald, James A.  and Martha McRoy        ... ..
McIntire, James     and Eveline Ward        Jan 10
McKee, Andrew       and Catharine Martin        Jul 7
McLaughlin, William H.  and Margaret K. Edkridge    Apr 19
McLean, Alney H.    and Martha J. Moore     Nov 25
Nixon, William      and Lucy Tombs          Apr 8
Omohundro, James Y. and Catharine Clark     Nov 10
Osment, Y.N.        and Nancy Wooten        May 10
Owen, John W.       and Frances H. Tune     Oct 8
Owen, William E.    and Martha Hoover       Oct 1
Patterson, Hillery  and Susan Webb          Nov 10
Pearce, William     and Mary Sexton         Jun 28
Pearson, Joseph     and Mary Newman         Aug 11
Pey, Thomas T.      and Nancy S. Kelton     Feb 19
Pigg, James     and Elizabeth Hamilton      Apr 11
Pinkard, William    and Caroline E. Howell      Jun 18*
Powers, William B.  and Nancy Davis         Jul 13
Prater, Aaron       and Mary Fulks          Mar 8*
Primm, John G.      and Mary E. Jackson     Jul 14
Prince, Alfred      and Elizabeth Tucker        May 15
Putnam, Simpson     and Emaline Webb        Jan 22
Ramsey, Samuel      and Mary A. Clark       Feb 4
Ransom, William A.  and Susan F. Johns      Feb 19
Rawlings, William   and Rebecca Tribble     Mar 5
Richardson, Robert B.   and Mary E. Avent       Nov 18
Ridley, James A.    and Elmire Russwurm     Dec 22
Rodgers, George B.  and Leann Miller        Jun 5
Rowan, Stokely D.   and Jane E. Grundy      Nov 25
Rucker, Robert B.   and Mary Harrison       Feb 25
Sartor, William     and Levy Ann Sanders        Jun 21
Sarver, Jacob A.    and Martha A. Jetton        Apr 10
Saunders, Jesse B.  and Mary Lillard        Jul 10
Seargint, Edward H.     and Eliza Read          Jan 9
Simpson, David M.   and Mary Ann S. Brooks      Mar 13
Smith, George S.    and Elizabeth R. Dunlap     Feb 1
Smith, James        and Luninda Summer (col)    Jul 10
Smith, Jonathan G.  and Jane E. Mayfield        Oct 22
Smith, Morgan       and Malinda Statham     Dec 26
Smith, William R.   and Sarah S. Tatum      Dec 25
Smotherman, Elbert  and Elmira Woodson      Mar 10
Smotherman, James F.    and Virginia Johnson        Sep 6
Smotherman, Jonathan P. and Rebecca S. May      Apr 16
Stewart, William    and Nancy Hill (col)        Mar 22
Summers, Benjamin   and Nancy Vandergriff       Apr 9
Taylor, Andrew J.   and Martha A. Webb      Sep 24
Taylor, Joseph M.   and Frances A. Holden       Apr 2
Taylor, Powell      and Caroline Smith      Feb 17
Tucker, Gideon      and Mary Tider          Mar 31
Tune, Travis H.     and Mary E. Mullins     Jun 25
Walden, Erastus S.  and Paralee Leek        Sep 6
Waller, Benjamin P. and Elizabeth Miller        Nov 4
Williams, Isaac H.  and Ailsy A. Crowder        Sep 27
Winston, Samuel     and Ezabella E. Rucker      Oct 18
Wood, John      and Rebecca Webb        Jun 28
Wood, Johnson       and Elizabeth Johnson       Nov 1
Wood, Robert H.     and Amanda M. Nash      Aug 25
Woodliff, William L.    and Elizabeth Trail     Jun 2