848 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages

Alexander, John H. and Nancy N. Barrett  Jul 26
Alsup, Elijah B. and Elizabeth Harshaw  Nov 7
Anderson, George W. and Julia Drake   Oct 26
Arnold, William  and Eleanor Elliott  Jan 4
Ashley, Alexander  and Mary Ann McCrary  Aug 24
Atkinson, James E. and Marinda J. Smith  Dec 20
Ballard, James  and Ann Weatherford  Jan 12
Barkley, Henry B. and Mary H. Pritchett  Apr 16
Barkely, Samuel J. and Sarah C. Bivins  Dec 14
Barlow, Benjamin D. and Elvina Z. Brown  Aug 24
Barton, Robert  and Catharine Thompson  Oct 1
Barton, Swinfield H. and Mary J. Barnes  Mar 18
Bates, John A.  and Melissa Vaughan  Oct 3
Batey, Robert W. and Melvina White  Nov 1
Baukum, Mark L.  and Louisa J. Little  Oct 14
Baxter, John D.  and Ann A. Lackey  Mar 23
Beasley, John E. and Elizabeth C. Hall  Sep 28
Becton, George W. and Jane H. Mitchell  Oct 17
Bell, George  and Margaret Anderson  Aug 22
Bennett, John W. and Nancy A. Lannom  May 22
Bennett, Monroe  and Margarett Renshaw  Sep 7
Bivins, B.R.  and Eliza T. Adams  Jun 22
Bivins, L.M.S.  and Elizabeth Thompson  Nov 16
Bradley, William L. and Emaline Dunn  Dec 12
Brashears, Gilbert and Sarah Crick   Mar 17
Brashears, James L. and Mary Ann Bishop  Mar 14
Briggs, Samuel M. and Poline M.S. Kelton  Feb 10
Brothers, George P. and Joanna Smith  Jan 20
Brown, Joseph H. and Martha N. Barnes  Jul 7
Bruce, Nehemiah  and Rebecca J. Duggin  Dec 16
Bulloch, Joseph J. and Elizabeth Summers  Oct 3
Burnett, Monroe  and Margaret Renshaw  Sep 6
Butler, Henry  and Delilah Jerland  Sep 12
Carney, William  and Eveline Sartin  Feb 26
Chandler, Robert B. and Nancy B. Freeman  Oct 16
Childress, Alfred and Martha E. Nichols  May 20
Childress, Edward  and Margaret Ann Nichols Jul 19
Compton, Elisha  and Susan H. McDaniel  Jan 11
Coursey, John B. and Martha Heath  Jan 27
Crockett, Samuel O. and Rebecca C. Harrison  Oct 18
Crowse, Henry C. and Eliza A. Dickson  Jan 13
Daniel, Walter W. and Martha A. Maddox  Aug 28
Daniel, William  and Caroline Moss  Oct 20
Davis, James A.  and Elizabeth Rucker  Aug 15
DeJarnett, James G. and Sara T. Alford  Mar 28
Dunn, William C. and Martha R. Smotherman Feb 5
Edwards, Hughs  and Elizabeth Puckett  Apr 16
Edwards, Sterling C. and Martha A. Hunt  Feb 29
Floyd, Thomas  and Lucinda Thomas  Jan 15
Foster, John H.  and Elizabeth M. Crocker May 5
Fox, John W.  and Rebecca Drake  Jan 12
Gardner, Robert W. and Mary W. Hoskins  Jul 4
Gates, Joseph A. and Malinda J. Taylor  Aug 14
Gilliam, James W. and Mary E. Bethshares  Sep 2
Goss, Thomas C.  and Mary N. Miller  Sep 11
Gregory, Andrew  and Temperance Ann Smith Apr 6
Gregory, Josephus and Emeline Gilmore  Oct 9
Gregory, Abraham and Jane Whites   Apr 6
Griffin, Isaiah P. and Catharine Rich  Jul 8
Haile, James   and Jane Lenear   Sep 14
Hart, John  and Elizabeth Batey  Jan 22
Hatchett, Preston and Mary M. Lawing  Sep 5
Hayes, Thomas P. and Mary E. Hutcherson  Mar 11
Heath, Wilson  and Sarah E. Rowlett  Oct 4
Hendrix, W.P.  and Mary l. Saunders  Jul 12
Herrod, Edward  and Sarah Webb   Sep 16
Hight, Robert A. and Martha Ann Jordan  Aug 5
Hill, William  and Susan H. Graves  Aug 2
Holden, Jerdan  and Martha R. Clanton  Jun 19
Howland, James L. and Martha Waller  Mar 15
Jacobs, Houston  and Elizabeth Brinkley  Feb 25
Jacobs, William  and Nancy Haley   Dec 26
James, Allen W.  and Elizabeth Sartan  Mar 11
Johnson, John B. and Martha Lackey  Aug 16
Johnson, John F. and Fanny M. Avent  Aug 30
Jones, Robert S. and Elizabeth Harris  Mar 29
Jones, Samuel   and Elizabeth Thurman  Mar 9
Jones, Wilson Y. and Julia DeJarnett  Sep 13
Kerby, James H.  and Laura A. Overall  Jan 27
Lackey, A.R.  and Mary Ann Robinson  Sep 28
Lacy, Ebenezer  and Elizabeth Jordan  Oct 3
Lamb, Willis  and Naoimia Covington  Oct 12
Lawrence, Joseph and Elizabeth A. Baird  Nov 25
Lenear, James R. and Elenor E. Griffin  May 5
Lewis, John W.  and Elizabeth Miller  Dec 11
Lewis, Leven  and Mariah Webber  Apr 22
Lewis, William A. and Sarah E. Spann  Aug 9
Love, Charles T. and Elizabeth B. Buchanan Sep 11
Lyon, Anderson M. and Mary Caffy   Dec 20
Mankin, William  and Elizabeth Howland  Jun 8
Mankin, Welcome H. and Louisa J. Lamb  Jan 27
Maxwell, James H. and Amanda Mathews  Jul 8
Miller, John R.  and Aribella Jarratt  Sep 25
Miller, Riley  and Mary Ann Roberson  Mar 24*
Miller, Robert C. and Mary A. Burks  Nov 28
Miller, Samuel G. and Sarah C. Gilmore  Sep 6
Mitchell, James  and Elizabeth Brent  Jan 21
Moore, Benjamin F. and Mary J. McFadden  Sep 7
Morris, Thomas W. and Julia Courtney  Oct 4
Morton, James W. and Ann E. Hicks  Jan 21
Mosley, Hartwell and Martha Singleton  Oct 16
Muerhead, William D. and Caroline R. Smith  Aug 30
Muirhead, John  and Mary Birdsong  Jan 13
Mullins, Joel  and Sarah E. Mullins  Feb 3
McBowen, William and Elizabeth A. Gooch  Nov 25
McCullough, Henry C. and Nancy A. Lewis  Jan 10
McDaniel, William A. and Sarah A. Lewis  Jan 5
McElroy, John C. and Nancy A. Neeley  Oct 25
McKay, Silas  and Harriet Indiana Smotherman Oct 2
Naylor, Calvin H. and Susan Black   Nov 14
Neely, David M.  and Elizabeth Crutchfield Nov 15
Nelson, George F. and Elizabeth L. Wade  Feb 16
North, Theodrick and Elizabeth E. Cock  Apr 20
Owen, David R.  and Frusanah Wray  Jan 24
Owen, James A.  and Lucy O. Tune  Oct 9
Parrish, Thomas L. and Sarah Jane McCoy  Jan 3
Pearson, William and Serenia Todd  Feb 24
Pendergrass, Charles and Bashiba Medley  Oct 4
Perry, Burrel B. and Nancy M. Leek  Dec 27
Phipher, James  and Mathenia H. Sneed  Dec 6
Pitts, William  and Amanda M. Sanders  Jan 15
Ransom, William A. and Sarah A. Gardner  Jun 20
Rawlings, German D. and Sarah M. Jones  May 25
Reeves, Thomas B. and Louisa E. Ford  Sep 5
Reynolds, Calvin and Ann Todd   Feb 9
Robinson, George W. and Mary E. Mankin  Aug 5
Rowland, John  and Anna Brown   Nov 1
Rucker, William  and Martha Lillard  Dec 21
Savage, Richard  and Margaret Lattimore   May 22
Seward, Warren B. and Martha S. Warren  Oct 19
Smith, James M.  and Delitha Peck  Mar 30
Smith, Simeon  and Amanda E. Blair  Jan 24
Smotherman, John and Leticia Grinage  Apr 20
Smotherman, John R. and Nigara A. Holden  Mar 29
Sullivan, John E. and Mary C.G. Martin  Apr 29
Summers, Davidson and Mary Ann Howland  Jul 25
Summers, U.T.  and Nancy A. Johnson  Oct 3
Summers, Uriah T. and Mahaley F. Bailey  Oct 27
Swink, William L. and Nancy A. Thompson  Jul 3
Taylor, Thomas L. and Nancy Sharber  Mar 6
Thompson, Albert C. and Mary J. Ford  Jul 3
Thompson, Nimrod  and Nancy W. Alford  Nov 1
Todd, Reuben  and K. Wilson   Aug 31
Traylor, E.P.  and Elizabeth McDaniel  Apr 22
Tucker, Joseph M. and Julia Mullins  Dec 20
Vaughan, James D. and Mary Ann S. Parker  Jun 29
Wadley, John W.  and Caroline Patterson  Dec 13
Walsh, Thomas  and Ann Elizabeth Sperry May 30
Wardlaw, James C. and Mary J. Holden  Sep 16
Warren, Peyton S. and Mary A. Howse  Dec 12
Weatherford, Charles M. and Mary A. Hoover  Jan 26
Webb, James F.  and Elizabeth C. Smith  Jan 11
Webb, John L.  and Susanah F. Harris  Jun 15
Welch, Larkin  and Nancy C. Richardson  Dec 23
Wheeler, Jesse M. and Purlina T. Woodson  Oct 25
White, James A.  and Lucy E. Elder  Apr 17
Williford, Jesse W. and Lee Ann Ford  Oct 5
Wilson, John B.  and Milly Deason  Sep 20
Wilson, William K. and Frances R. Sanders  Apr 26
Wright, James H. and Malinda Todd  May 24
Wright, John  and Martha J. Melton  Nov 2
Wright, William  and Harriett E. Sanders  May 25
Yeargan, Hilary H.L. and Elmira F. Jarratt  Jan 6
Yearwood, William P. and Martha Ann Rodgers  Jul 20
Young, Isaac B.  and Judy M. Jarratt  Feb 25
Youree, Francis H. and Elizabeth Lowe  Dec 19
Zumbro, Allen J. and Nancy Inhoof  Aug 1