1847 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages

Albrignt, John  and Catharine Waller  Aug 16
Allen, Samuel J. and Susan Prince  Apr 19
Allen, Tilford R. and Mary Kerby   Dec 9
Allison, Daniel  and Elizabeth Green  Oct 2
Allman, Lemuel  and Charity A. Allen  Oct 18
Anderson, Henderson and Nancy J. McGill  Aug 18
Arnette, John  and Martha A. McEwing  Dec 8
Arnold, William  and Eleanor Elliott  Jan 30
Avritte, Francis M. and Louisa E. Bishop  Oct 24
Barlow, Cyrus Y. and Nancy C. McDaniel  Oct 6
Barlow, Kendall H. and Nancy D. Garner  Aug 12
Barrett, Randolph C. and Julia H. Evans  May 31
Bass, Isaac R.  and Elen E. Hager  Mar 20
Beasley, James P. and Sarah Burnes  Apr 5
Bellah, William E. and Sarah G. Thompson  Aug 31
Biles, Obediah  and Martha Keeble  Nov 5
Bishop, Abner  and Sarah Forehand  Sep 20
Blakemore, Pleasant M. and Fanny Cook   Jul 13
Blanton, Albert G. and Frances B. Yandell  Feb 16
Blithe, Moses  and Barbary Helton  Aug 3
Bowerman, Milton and Jane Kelton   Dec 8
Brewer, John  and Nancy M. Carter  Dec 29
Burns, Ivey P.  and Julia Ann Boatwright Jan 12
Butler, George C. and Mary I. Lyle  Dec 28
Carpenter, Charles and Lucinda Kennedy  Nov 11
Charlton, George W. and Mary H. Hannah  Mar 22
Chisenall, James and Susan Cox   Aug 14
Christopher, Thomas and Lucy Newsom   Nov 3
Claud, Frances N. and Amanda F. Smith  Mar 9
Clay, John A.  and Susan Roberts  Jan 20
Cody, William S. and America Davis  Mar 17
Cole, William T. and Mary I. Mathews  Feb 8
Coleman, Edwin  and Mary G. Wrather  Jun 21
Coleman, James E. and Mary Jane Allen  Jan 2
Cone, George W.  and Margaret Howland  Jun 29
Cooke, Richard D. and Elizabeth Davis  Apr 27
Coulter, Sherley and Mary E. Mullins  Dec 28
Crick, Perry  and Martha Trail  May 11
Crick, James  and Rebecca Mangrum  Jun 24
Crockett, Overton W. and Caroline Ransom  Aug 18
Crutchfield, John H. and Nancy C. Bell  Nov 4
Curl, Andrew J.  and Manervia Lorance  Dec 11
Curlee, John F.  and Julia R. Jarratt  Dec 2
Davidson, George W. and Lucy Moore   Apr 14
Dement, David  and Eliza E. Jordan  Aug 5
Dement, Joseph A. and Margaret J. Lackey  Mar 25
Douglass, Abram  and Nancy Maxwell  Aug 23
Douglass, James  and Elvira Stovall  Jun 12
Drumright, Alexander J. and Rhonda Ann McDowell  Feb 26
Eastwood, William and Nancy A. Johnson  Apr 20
Earthman, William W. and Elizabeth Bumpass  Oct 26
Edes, William  and Susan Woods   Nov 16
Escue, Hardin (col) and Eliza A. Holly  Nov 22
Espey, George  and Ann Wright   Apr 3
Floyd, Thomas A. and Lucinda Thomas  Dec 29*
Forbs, William  and Rebecca Williams  Aug 31
Fowler, John G.  and Amanda E. Crocker  Nov 22
Furgerson, George W. and Sarah J. January  Nov 7
Fuller, Thomas  and Margarett Ann Barnett Feb 25
Garner, Nathan G. and Emily A. Blair  Dec 20
Gates, Joseph  and Susan Eastwood  May 17
Goss, Charles B. and Margaret J. Smith  Dec 6
Graham, Dudley J. and Elizabeth Goodloe  Nov 30
Gray, Abraham C. and Usley M. Espey  Dec 27
Greer, Stephen  and Nancy Chestnut  Feb 26
Grimes, Richard  and Airey Acree   Dec 25
Gumm, William N. and Margarett Ward  Jan 3
Hager, Peter J.  and Sarah A. Rowlett  Dec 15
Hale, Wilson  and Caroline Northcott  Dec 6
Hall, Seth J.  and Martha E. Lewis  Jan 25*
Halston, Benjamin and Casarinda Cullum  Dec 11
Hamilton, Thomas and Ester C. Miller  Jan 5
Hart, William  and Mary E. Batey  Nov 17
Hawkins, Alvin  and Justina M. Ott  Aug 16
Hawkins, Elisha  and Eleanor Wilson  Feb 3
Henderson, Albert G. and Elizabeth M. Love  Aug 31
Heugley, John  and Malinda G. Brewer  May 17
Hill, William G. and Emaline Patterson  May 10
Holden, Joseph  and Rachel A. Douglass  Nov 8
Hollowell, James J. and Cynthia A. McLean  Jul 19
Hoover, Mathias W. and Martha Bailey  Nov 16
Hunt, Bennett S. and Sarah Arnett  Nov 15
Hunt, Thomas  and Asenath Jacobs  Oct 23
Hunter, David  and Rebecca Rowlett  Dec 21
Hutcherson, William and Nancy Hunt   Mar 31
Jackson, James  and Zilpha Bolton  Mar 10
Jackson, Newton C. and Matilda J. Jackson  Jun 24
Jackson, William H. and Elizabeth T. Edwards Nov 20
Jamison, Henry  and Leticher H. Jones  Oct 23
Jewell, William C. and Nancy Dunaway  Jan 13*
Johns, Joseph B. and Margarett J. Wade  Jan 12
Johnson, James M.  and Margarett Nichols  Oct 25
Johnson, James M. and Susan Price   Sep 29
Jolly, Thomas J. and Mary C. McCulloch  Jun 7
Jordan, Constantine and Nancy N. Morton  Mar 15
Jordan, Isaiah  and Frances Pyland  Mar 10*
Jordan, James B. and Angelina A. Anderson Mar 15
Jordan, Michael B. and Sarah R. Jones  Oct 25
Jordan, Stephen  and Margarette Blanch  Nov 27
Keeble, Horace P. and Cassndra C. Currin(as spelled) Jun 22
Kelton, Thomas C. and Sarah Dunn   Oct 14
Lewis, Abram  and Nancy Mosley  Nov 19
Lewis, Joseph  and Francis E. Dickie  Nov 8
Lorance, George W. and Rebecca E. Burchley  Dec 2
Love, Thomas B.  and Frances A. Bethshares Dec 23
Lynch, Andrew J. and Frances A. Edmonds  Nov 10
Lytle, John  and Jane H. King  Apr 7
Manire, Edmund H. and Elizabeth J. Sharber Mar 3
Martin, John  and Elizabeth Kelton  Oct 13
Mason, Henry  and Jane S. Haynes  Jun 25
Maxwell, William A. and Sophia Whitelock  Jul 19
Maxwell, William F. and Susan K. Butts  May 20
May, William W.  and Sarah J. Beesley  Aug 26
Miller, Felix G.  and Sarah Given   Oct 19
Miller, James C. and Elizabeth M. Arnold  Dec 15
Miller, Joseph  and Nancy W. Lewis  Dec 21
Milliken, George H. and Sonora T. Vaughan  Sep 27
Mitchell, Calvin G. and Sarah E.W. Gannaway  Jan 19
Mobbs, Jesse  and Martha Merritt  May 7
Morgan, William  and Izabella C. Means  Jul 19
Morrow, John H.  and Mary E. Moore  Oct 9
Morton, Arbam W.(as spelled) and Martha A. Allen Feb 20
McCabe, Joseph B. and Sarah M. Brown  Jun 5
McCaul, James J. and Matilda C. Kelton  Sep 2
McClure, James R. and Lucinda Ellis  Dec 21
McDaniel, John  and Elizabeth McElroy  Sep 13
McElroy, Newton A. and Susan Neely   Sep 13
McEntire, William and Nancy Ward   May 13*
McGill, James  and Amanda M.N. Lowe  Nov 25
Mac Gowan, Thomas M. and Martha Rodgers  Nov 20
Mac Gowan, William  and Rebecca J. Loyd  Feb 6
McKee, William P. and Elizabeth A. Fox  Nov 9
Neely, John D.  and Matilda Read  Nov 8
Newsom, Balam  and Ann Elizabeth McCray Dec 21
Norman, Logan H. and Amanda R. Parker  Dec 22
Northcott, Andrew J. and Nancy R. Arnold  Feb 6
Northcott, James M. and Eliza McKee   Nov 29
Ott, J.N.  and Mary A. Bishop  Dec 17
Owen, Thomas  and Prudence Hall  Dec 16
Pace, William C. and Mary E. McCracken  Feb 19
Partlow, James W. and Sarah J. Arnold  Jul 3
Peck, Josiah  and Nancy E. Burchett  May 27
Peck, William  and Sarah A. Wheeler  Dec 23
Pendergrass, Pleasant and Amanda J. Stovall  Oct 14
Petty, Charles  and Nancy P. Youree  Dec 21
Phillips, John M. and Margarett C. Pugh  Jan 9
Phillips, William R. and Elizabeth M. Conley  Oct 5
Prater, Monroe  and Caroline Knox  Aug 27
Raby, E.B.  and Elizabeth Wood  Nov 18
Read, Richard G. and Nancy C. Sanders  Feb 24
Rowton, Rylant G. and Elizabeth J. Lewis  Jun 8
Runnels, Pollard R. and Mary E. Maxwell  Dec 8
Sanders, Thomas L. and Margarett J. Ralph  Feb 9
Sanders, Whitfield and Elizabeth McCray  Feb 22
Segraves, William and Jane C. Brown  May 13
Shelton, John  and Elizabeth Bennett  Apr 27
Shofner, Hezekiah and Emily C. Pitt  Aug 29
Sinclair, Smith  and Sarah Ann Thorn  Oct 29
Sikes, Green M.  and Zilpha A. Jones  Feb 22
Smith, Jackson  and Martha Hunt   Apr 13
Smith, James  and Melvina Wilson  Mar 23
Smotherman, Alfred and Elizabeth Smotherman Aug 11
Snipes, John  and Fanny Webb   Dec 27
Staten, Elijah  and Frances Cavender  Jun 15
Stewart, James W. and Mary M. Sublett  Nov 30
Sullivan, William G. and Mary J. James  Oct 26
Summer, Jackson  and Penelope A. Smith (col) Jan 9
Tarpley, Cader D. and Holly A. Frost  Nov 9
Tarpley, James A. and Mary C. Mosley  Dec 27
Tatum, Jesse B.  and Margarett E. Welch  Oct 18
Taylor, Charles T. and Elizabeth K. Ransom  Aug 30
Taylor, Thomas S. and Sarah O. Smith  Jul 29
Templeton, Burgess and Elizabeth M. Kirk  May 13
Thompson, David S. and Samantha A. Holden  Jul 27
Trigg, Thomas B. and Susan N. Weakley  Jun 23
Vincent, Alexander A. and Rhoda A.E. Lynch  May 3
Vinson, Jackson  and Sarah Williamson  Dec 27
Wade, Dabner  and Caroline T. McKay  Aug 4
Wasson, Lasson M. and Martha E. Lillard  Dec 22
Webb, Benjamin  and Margarett N. Jacobs  Dec 13
Webb, W.S.  and Adelphia Wheeler  Mar 13
Webb, William  and Rebecca Wilson  Nov 29
Webber, Richard  and Deborah Green  Jul 26
West, Alfred  and Tabitha Tutor  Apr 16
West, Levi  and Susan C. Holden  Sep 22
Wheeler, John A. and Drucilla Peek  Apr 14
Wheeler, William T. and Malinda C. Yandell  Oct 23
Whitmore, William and Susan C. Crutchfield Jan 25
Williams, William J. and Ester Martin  Dec 16
Williamson, H.G. and Lucy Shacklett  Sep 6
Wilson, George B. and Margarett Haynes  Jun 1
Winston, Isaac   and Mahala E. Hunt  Jan 16
Witherspoon, Alexander B. and Jane Neely  Nov 22
Witherspoon, Benjamin F. and Matilda E. Elder  Dec 24
Wood, James  and Sarah McKay   May 29
Wood, Layfayette and Mary E. Beasley  Feb 26
Wrather, Wesley S. and Susan S. Wrather  Feb 24
Wray, William  and Parthenea Wilson  Jul 2
Yearwood, James  and Martha J. Hall  Jul 3
Yearwood, James  and Mary Johnson  Feb 23