1846 Rutherford County Tennessee Marriages

Adcock,William Adcock,Williamand Puckett  Mar 25*
Allen, George W.  and Lucy J. Pearson  Dec 24*
Arnett, James  and Martha McCullough  Feb 19
Baker, William H.  and Mary E. Hester  Jun 5
Ball, William J. and Mary Crowse   Sep 5
Barnes, Simmons  and Mary J. Shaver  Aug 7
Barton, Bedford H. and Clementine Barnes  Dec 17
Batey, Henry H.  and Judy A. Jarratt  Oct 29
Bell, John L.  and Catharine Thomas  Jan 1
Bell, Zedick  and Elizabeth C. Mathews Sep 11
Belt, Dotson  and Nancy Daughtery  Oct 24
Bivins, Joseph  and Elizabeth Goode  Aug 16
Black, Lunsford T. and Martha A. Nelson  Apr 7
Bond, Asaph  and Mary A. Carnes  Feb 24*
Bowen, John W.  and Sarah J. Barkley  Oct 10
Bowling, James  and Rebecca C. Herrod  Nov 10
Bowling, Joseph H. and Elizabeth E. Shipp  Dec 9
Bradley, William M. and Martha J.R. Barkley  Dec 2*
Broiles, Mathias and Jemima Hoover  Jan 30
Bullard, John D. and Margaret Bruce  Jun 27
Cheatham, William A. and Mary A. Ready  Oct 20*
Clark, William A. and Margaret M. Lock  Dec 23
Cockreal, James  and Sarah A. Cheatham  Dec 21*
Coleman, James E. and Mary A.E. Nance  Jan 15
Coleman, William C. and Revecca H. Coleman  Aug 4
Collins, Thomas  and Micha McLaren  Oct 26
Dement, John B.  and Nancy J. Morrow  Jun 16
Dorsey, Alexander and Jane Fox   Jan 12
Douglas, James H. and Martha A. Kerby  Jan 21
Dunaway, Jacob  and Elizabeth Dunaway  Feb 2*
Edmonds, Henry L. and Sarah A. Stegall  Jan 26*
Edwards, Thomas M.  and Susan Henry   Dec 24*
Elliote, Joseph  and Harriett C. Daniel  Dec 17*
Espey, John W.A. and Susan Parker  Nov 26*
Evans, Riley   and Mica P. Barker  Feb 18*
Ewell, Jessee  and Rebecca Hurse  Feb 28
Farless, Martin  and Mary A. Daulton  Nov 4
Ford, Lewallen  and Louisia M. Carson  Feb 10*
Ford, Pleasant  and Elizabeth Warrne(as spelled) Apr 22*
Floyd, William S. and Elizabeth S. Woosley Apr 14
Freeman, James H. and Elizabeth Prater  Dec 2*
Freeman, Robert W. and Loudicy K. Neal  Nov 3
Gallaway, Lewis G. and Martha Ella Dickinson Sep 10
George, Robert S. and Mary E. Smith  Mar 14
Gowen, Kendrew  and Lyda Williams  Jul 13
Gregory, Henry  and Mary G. Mason  Apr 14
Grogan, James H. and Adelane Lane  May 25
Gum, John  and Cynthia C. McCracken Apr 3
Hall, W.C.  and Eliabeth Dill  May 23
Harris, James  and Eliza J. Gambill  Jun 15
Harrison, John H. and Julia F. Atkinson  Feb 11*
Hart, Samuel  and Edny M. Hedgepeth  Dec 23*
Hawley, Joseph  and Eliza Logan (col)  Mar 30
Hayes, Newett  and Nancy Gates   Nov 2
Haynes, Nicholas and Margaret J. Neal  Dec 20*
Height, James W. and Nancy E. Neely  Nov 20
Henderson, Harmon L. and Louisia C. Henderson Nov 16
Henry, William B. and Mary L. Kelton  Oct 22
Herrington, James and Nancy McKee   Jun 20
Hill, James  and Olevar A. Hutcherson Nov 23*
Hill, William H. and Minerva F. Vernon  Nov 2
Holden, James  and Jane Smotherman  Jan 6*
Hopkins, James C. and Nancy Adcock  Dec 3*
Howland, John  and Jane Waller   Apr 15*
Hunter, James H. and Sarah Morrow  Jul 1
Hutcherson, William S. and Rebecca Pearson  Sep 23*
Jaunary, William H. and Matilda Hardeman  Apr 11*(as spelled)
Johnson, Charles and Sally Summers  Jan 10
Johnson, Eakin  and Sarah Rushing  Mar 7*
Johnson, Joel  and Martha Newman  Oct 12
Johnson, Joshua  and Amanda C.C. Wright  Mar 7*
Jones, George  and Ann C. Smith (col)  Nov 17
Jones, William A. and Mary S. Conley  Jul 22
Kellough, William A. and Elizabeth P. Nash  Oct 29
Kelly, A.G.  and Pauline J. Ramsey  Aug 28
King, Robert  and Matilda Bell  Jan 24
Landrum, Azariah K. and Martha Tutor  Oct 1*
Lane, William T. and Catharine Chisenall  Jan 12
Lannom, John M.  and Mary B. Lannom  Dec 15*
Lannom, Joseph  and Jane Brewer   Jun 16
Lenoir, Isaac P. and Mary C. Hogge  Apr 7*
Logan, William C. and Martha Fields  Jun 6
Lowe, Robert W.  and Nancy N. Rawlings  Oct 1
Martin, Noah  and Charlotte P. Howse  May 30
Maxwell, Abner T. and Margarget C. Smotherman Aug 15 (as spelled)
Maxwell, James T. and Nancy Smotherman  Sep 3
Maxwell, John A. and Margaret J. Redding  Feb 2
Maxwell, William P. and Louisa Smotherman  May 4
Milton, James  and Mary Creek   Jun 10
Milton, Newton  and Louisia Milton  Sep 30
Morris, Robert  and Martha A. Boatwright Apr 1
Morrow, William T. and Eliza J. Moore  Mar 7
Morton, Jacob J. and Amanda G. Edwards  Jan 28
Mosley, Thomas G. and Mary Sikes   Dec 16*
McCullough, Henry and Eliza W. Bigham  Sep 1
McCullough, Phillip D. and Lucy Burrus   Nov 18
McEntire, William and Nancy Ward   May 13
McGill, Isaac  and Elizabeth A. McCrary Mar 9
McKee, Ambrose  and Mary Crook   Nov 3*
McKee, James H.  and Elizabeth Martin  Jan 20
McKnight, James D. and Virginia F. Smith  Nov 17
McKnight, William W. and Eliza Y. McFarland  Jan 23
McLin, James S.  and Sarah Earthman  Apr 22
Norman, Benjamin P. and Mary J. Gowan  Feb 2*
Owen, Thomas  and Prudence Hall  Dec 17
Parrish, William C. and Jane Allen   Apr 16
Pattrick, John G. and Elizabeth Sneed  Jan 6
Peel, George W.  and Mahulda W. Winston  Jan 8
Phelps, James  and Emeline Starkey  Nov 3
Phelps, Joshua  and Martha Jones  Jan 1
Phelps, Wilson H. and Mary W. Tune  Apr 6
Pinson, Joel  and Rebecca Wilkinson  Jun 22
Pitts, Anderson  and Martha M. Flemming  Oct 20
Posey, William Y.  and Martha M. Bumpass  Nov 12
Priestly, John T. and Eliza B. Williams  Nov 7
Read, Clement T. and Rebecca L. Jackson  Dec 26*
Read, William A. and Martha A. Major  Oct 13
Reed, George W.  and Ann E. Brooks  Sep 28
Rowan, William B. and Susan Watkins  Feb 25
Rowland, William and Elizabeth Brown  Jul 18
Rowlett, Edward A. and Rebecca Blankenship  Jan 14
Rowlett, Peter M. and Lovy Ann Cobler  Aug 25*
Rucker, Samuel J. and Mary E. Mitchell  Sep 29
Rushing, Bartley M. and Nancy M. Butler  Mar 14
Rushing, John C. and Nancy Daughtry  Aug 4
Sanders, Marshall H. and Sarah Jamison  Jul 28
Sanders, Richard B. and Mary K. Owen  Jan 22*
Sanders, Samuel R. and Sarah A. Thompson  Mar 31
Saunders, Jarratt and Lydia R. Spickard  Aug 20
Saunders, Thomas S. and Lucinda Hedgpeth  Nov 13
Sewell, William  and Mary Perryman  Mar 26*
Shelton, James H. and Mary A. Hoover  Feb 18
Shelton, Liffus  and Susannah M.L. Bowman Dec 11
Sherrell, Alexander N. and Parthenia N. Mason  Jan 12
Singleton, Chappell H. and Martha J. Dunn  Jul 16
Smith, Archibald N. and Sarah Farmer  Feb 20
Smith, John  and Elizabeth Newgent  May 13*
Smith, Malcomb  and Jane Moore   Jan 24
Smith, Robert  and Susan Finney  Feb 7
Smith, William  and Louvisa C. Aclin  Jan 22
Smith, William A.  and Lucy F. Rucker  Feb 11
Spence, William J. and Amy L. Smotherman  Sep 21
Summers, William  and Jane Patterson  Mar 8
Taylor, James  and Ellen Thomas  Feb 7
Taylor, James P. and Margaret Ransom  Aug 3*
Taylor, John  and Frances Jackson  Sep 3
Thompson, Young  and Elizabeth Woods  Mar 19
Tombs, Willie  and Mary A. Hodge  Sep 19
Traylor, Edmund P. and Sarah W.H. Neely  May 16
Traylor, Hilas  and Catharine O. Beesley Feb 19*
Tucker, Granville T. and Matilda Claxton  Jan 13
Tudor, John  and Sarah Thomas  Mar 3
Vardell, William and Lucinda E. Covington Nov 21
Vaughan, Ambrose W. and Sarah W. Elliott  Aug 17
Vaughan, James R. and Michey F. Brown  May 15
Vaughter, William B. and Amanda M. Goodman  Dec 30
Walker, James A. and Lucinda W. Sanders  Mar 7
Warren, John  and Jane R. Cox   May 23
Webber, Richard  and Mary J. Arnold  Jul 25
Western, James J. and Amanda Richardson  Oct 24
Wherry, Legrand  and Lucinda Dunn  Sep 30
Williams, Benjamin and Mary Smotherman  Sep 21
Williams, James R. and Persila Davis  Mar 4
Williams, Robert B. and Ann E. Mullins  May 15
Williams, William and Elizabeth Anderson  Jan 2
Winfrey, Allen  and Susan Webb   Sep 18*
Winsett, Abraham G. and Virginia Wood  Jun 29
Winsett, John T. and Tempy Heath   Nov 21
Winsett, Jonas J. and Mary A.C. Landrum  May 15
Winsett, Josiah F. and Evergreen A. Jackson Sep 30
Wood, John H.  and Nancy W. West  Apr 22
Wrather, Baker  and Levenia Green  Nov 24
Wrather, William B. and Mary A. Kellough  Nov 13
Wray, James E.  and Elizabeth E. Burns  Nov 6
Zumbro, George W. and Elvira E. Frost  Mar 2*

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