(from large inset, top/right on 1878 map)

Alphabetized by: Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx.
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Franklin Pike enters Murfreesboro from west, becomes Main St, (then becomes Woodbury Pike)

Liberty Pike enters Murfreesboro from the Northeast, becomes High St.

Manchester Pike and Bradyville Pike: on the far south end of Academy St, it becomes a merged Manchester Pike and Bradyville Pike, but only for a short distance until the two Pikes separate, each going southeast out of Murfreesboro.

Lebanon – Murfreesboro Pike enters Murfreesboro from north, becomes Depot St.

Nashville-Murfreesboro Pike enters Murfreesboro from northwest, passing thru town, it becomes College St

Salem Pike (Murfreesboro – Salem) exits Murfreesboro on southwest side of town, going southwest.

Shelbyville Pike - exits Murfreesboro heading due south (in town, it is called Church St)

Woodbury Pike-exits Murfreesboro (from Main St), heading due east.

See ‘inset’ called REFERENCES near SW edge of Murfreesboro.


These were owners of small businesses/shops/stores near Courthouse Square. Due to small size, map maker unable to write each name on top of these so used numbering system of 1-65.


Abbreviations used by map maker, now inside parenthesis


In cases where there are only initials, I have placed these within parenthesis, then listed alphabetically using the last initial such as: (J. G. P.) is in the P. section. Most likely stands for J. G. Primm, a large property owner in town.


Locations within town of Murfreesboro:


Following each name is some sort of place/street name to assist in finding locations on the map.

Example: Beard, R. - Vine/Academy = Property located at corner of Vine/Academy Streets)


Quotation marks = store, business name/owner, cemetery, church, jail, landmark, etc

(J. A.) – located at corner of Manchester Pike/unnamed St

(J. A.) - Church St

(J. A) – Church St

(J. A.) – twice at Academy/Sevier St

(A., Mrs) – Sevier/Spring St

"A. O. H. P. S." – Castle/Depot St (also see Sehorn)

"A. O. H. P. Sehorn – east Main between Maney Av and High St

"A. O. H. P. Sehorn" – References #57. South side of Square

Allen, J. H. – Spring/Vine

Arnold, R. Spring St

Avant, J. – off Manchester Pike

"Avent, J. M". – References #26 & 27. Church St, north of Square near College St

(D. B.) – Vine/Academy

(Mrs B.) – Academy St

(Dr. B.) – Front St

(Dr B.) – Walnut/College

(B. S. Sh.) School or school house? – Spring St (near H. B. Smith)

(B. S. Sh.) School? – Depot/Lytle

(B. S. Sh.) School? – College St

(W. B.) – High St near W. Boston

(W. B.) – College St

"Bank" – see First National Bank

"Bank" – see M. F. Jordan

"Bank" – see Stone’s River Bank

"Bank" (no name) – References #12 & 13. Depot St, NW of Square near College

"Baptist Church" – Main St

"Baptist Church" – Lytle/Church

Barkley, H. G. – Walnut/College

"Barton & Ridley" – References #39. Church St, NE side of Square

Baugh, Mrs M. A. – Main/Maney Av

Beard, H. – Maney Av

Beard, R. – Vine/Academy

Beasley Est (estate) – Walnut St

"Bedford, Mrs" – References #20. North side of Square.

Betty, Mrs. – Main/Academy

"Bock, A." – References # 34. Church St, NE of Square

Booth and Garret – Main/Walnut

Bosson, W. – large tract, High/Burton St

Boston, W. – High St (see W. B. above)

Bowman, J. T. – corner Church and unnamed St

Bowman Est – Spring St (near J. T. Bowman)

Brick Yard – High St

Bowman, B. E.– occupies half of block, buildings face Castle, bounded Depot/Church. A livery or wagon yard. (Benjamin E. Bowman born 1804, now elderly, probably his twin sons running this for him. B. E. had other tracts of land in 1880, one in dist 18 (intersection of 19/21/23) and likely some in Cannon Co. By 1893 B. E. had died and his daughter sold a house/lot bounded by Castle and Church streets and 2 other new streets, formerly known as ‘Bowman Wagon Yard’.

"Brown, D. S." – References #35. Church St, NE side of Square

Brown, J. Estate – Church/State

Brown, J. A. – Castle/High

Buchanan, Mrs – Maney Av

Bumpass, Mrs S. – Spring St

Burgdorf, (I. H. or L. H.) – Church St

Burk, A. – Shelbyville Pike

"Burt, W. C." – References #32. Church St, NE side of Square

Burroughs, F. R. – Academy St

"Butler & Wheeler Flouring Mill" – far west end of State St, near Saw Mill

Butler, Colonel W. R. – Hilliard/Shelbyville Pike (William R. served 18th Tn Infantry-Civil War)

Butler, I. H. – Academy/Castle

Butler, W. R. – Hilliard/Front St

Byrne, Dr J. F. – Main St

Byrne, Dr J. F. – Depot St, near Lebanon Pike

(B. C.) - Front/Lytle

(J. A. C.) – near the Tannery (perhaps J. A. Collier)

(C. & J.) – Vine/unnamed st

(C & J.) – Vine/unnamed st

(J. G. C.) – College St

(M. C.) far west part of map near RR and Mrs Lytle

Campbell, Mrs – Vine/High St

"Cannon, J. L." – References #45. East Main St, east side of Square

Cannon, J. L. – Lytle/High

"Car. Shop" probably carriage shop – Depot St

"Carp. Sh" (Carpenter Shop or School?) – College/Church

Canthon, J. – Academy, near Cemetery

"Cedar works" – see Red Cedar Works

"Cemetery" (no name) – Vine St

"Cemetery" – see Evergreen

"Cemetery" (no name) – long tract on Vine

Charrs, N. – SE part of town

Childress, J. W. – Academy/Lytle

Childreth, D. – State/Spring St

Christy, Mrs Ed – Church/College

"Church" – see Christian Church

"Church" – see Methodist Ch.

"Church" – see Baptist Church

"Church" – see Christ. Ch.

"Church" – see Colored Church

"Church" – see another Colored Ch.

"Church" – see Colored Baptist Church

"Church" – see Cumberland Presb. Church

"Church" – see Presbyterian Church

"Christ.Ch" probably Christian Church – east Main/Academy

"Christian Church – east Main

"Christy, Mrs" – References # 24. North side of Square, across from Courthouse.

Claiborne, Mrs – Maney Ave

Clark, J. N. – Main St

Clayburn, W. – State St

Clayton, Dr – SE part of town

Clayton, Dr - Academy

Clayton, J. – Depot St

"Clayton, J. H." – References #3. West Main between Walnut/Depot

"Clayton, J. H." – References #6. West side of Square, Depot St, across from Courthouse

"Clayton, Mrs" – References #47. East Main St, east side of Square

Cochran, Mrs – Depot/College

Collier – College

Collier – see Jones & Collier

"Collier and Osborne" – References #10. Depot St, across from Ct House, west side of Square.

"Collier, J. A. & N. C." – References #9. Depot St, across from Ct House, west side of Square

Collier, John A. – Front St

"Colored Bapt Church" – Sevier/Spring

"Colored Church" – High/College

"Colored Ch" – State St

"Cooper Sh" (School?) – Walnut St

Cosby, Mrs S. – Academy St

"Cotton Gin" (see C. O. Thomas)

"County Female Institute" – unnamed St/Depot

"County Jail" – west Main St

"Courthouse" (see public Square)

Covington, E. J. – Vine/Walnut

Crockett, H. B. – Academy St

"Cumberland Presbyterian Church" – Spring, near Main St

Curran, S. – Front St

"Currin, Misses A. and A." – References #53. Church St, east side of Square.

Currin, Mrs A. B. & A. – Vine/Spring

Currin, H. – Castle St

D.) – southeast part of town-unnamed St

"Darrough, Mrs" – References #42. East Main, east of Square.

Darrogh, Mrs L. – strip between College/Lytle

Davis, H. – High/Lytle

"Depot" – see RR Depot

Dickinson, Mrs – Depot St, or Lebanon Pike

Dodd, Mrs – Walnut St

"Doughty, E. L. & Co" – far south end Front St, near RR and river.

Dowdy, - Spring St

Dromgoold, J. E - Spring St, near Burton .

Drumgoole – Vine/Academy

"Droomgoole, G. C." – References #1 – W. Main between Walnut/Depot

Drumright, J. – Spring St

Drumwright, W. – Maney/Burton

Duffer, J. – south end Academy, near Manchester Pike

Duffer, J. E. – Spring St

Duffer, W. C. – whole block, Depot St, or Lebanon Pike

"Duffer, W. G." – References #4 – west side of Square, Main/Depot

(Mrs E.) – Maney Av, far north

(W. Y. E.) – far west end Castle St, (probably W. Y. Elliott)

(W. Y. E.) – Front/College Streets (W. Y. Elliott?)

(W. Y. E.) – Lebanon Pike near Depot St (W. Y. Elliott?)

Eagleton, R. – College/High

Eaton, Mrs – whole block between Spring/Academy

Eaton, Mrs – Woodbury Pike

Elliott – See Jordan and Elliott

Elliott, Mrs – extreme SE part of map, on edge

Elliott, Mrs. A. – east Main

Elliott, W. Y. – whole block bounded by Lebanon/Spring + 1 unnamed St

"Evergreen Cemetery" – northeast part of town, between High/Liberty Pike

Ewing, E. H. – Maney Ave

Ewing, J. W. – large tract, Burton/High/Liberty Pike

"First National Bank" – Main St

"First National Bank" – Maney Av

Fisher, L. – Maney Av

Flaker, Mrs M. – (west) State St

"Flour Mill" – see Butler & Wheeler

Fly, Mrs S. A. – Academy

Fowler, T. B. – east Main/Academy

Fowler, T. B. – east Main

Fowler, T. B. – Academy/Lytle

Fulgham, Mrs S. – Maney Av

(J. G.) – Spring St

(G., Mrs) – unnamed St, SE part of map

(G., Mrs ) – 2 unnamed streets

(G., Mrs) – four different ones, all on Front St

Ganningway, T. – Spring St

Garrett, Mrs – Front/Lytle/Walnut

"Gas Company" – Depot/State

Gentry, R. – Maney Av

Goodrich, Mrs T. C. – Academy/Burton

Greene, W. corner 2 unnamed streets, SE part of town

Greer, W. – Manchester Pike

Grisham, C. and E. Scroggs – Manchester Pike

Grisham, C. – Manchester Pike

(A. H., Mrs) – Sevier St

(C. B. H.) – Depot/Sevier St (possibly C. B. Huggins?)

(C. B. H.) – Front St

(C. B. H.) – Depot/Vine

(C. B. H.) Lytle St

(C. B. H.) – 2 corners at Depot/Sevier

(C. B. H.) – Lytle/Walnut

(F. H.) – Spring, far north side

(J. H., Mrs) – College St

(H., Mrs) – Sevier/Academy

(J. C. H.) – Spring/unnamed St

(L. H.) – State St

(W. H. H.) – Church/Lytle

Haines, J. M. – College, near Depot

Hall, Mrs – Maxey St

Hall, B. – Spring St

Hall, J. – Castle St

Hall, J. W. – Church St

Hamilton, J. – Academy, near 2 Pikes

Hancock – not far from E. D. Hancock

Hancock – 2 unnamed streets

"Hancock, E. D." – References #43. East Main, east of Square

Hancock, E. D. – Woodbury Pike

Hancock, Mrs – Front/College

Haney, J. – High St

Harrison, Mrs – Maney Av

"Haynes, I. J. C." – References #49. Main/Church, east side of Square

Haynes, J. C. – Main near Maney

Henderson, G. T. – Lytle/Church

Henderson, J. V. (or J. F.) - near Vineyard – Shelbyville Pike

"Henderson, R. H." – References #29. Church St, north of Square near College.

Henry, W. C. – Liberty Pike near High St

Hey, B. – College (off Front St)

Hightower, Mrs A. D. – Academy

Hildreth, J. F. – Vine St

Hill, C. J. – Academy St

Hirsh, H. – Church St

Hodge – see Smith and Hodge

Hodge, S. – Lebanon Pike

Hodge, S. H. – Main/unnamed St

Hollowell, T. H. – Maney Av

"Hotel" – see Willard Hotel

"Huggins, C. B." – References #7 & 8. Westside of Square. Depot St across from Courthouse

Huggins, C. B. – High/Lytle

(I. & A.) southeast part of town – unnamed St

I.O. O. F. – east Main, near Square

Ives, W. J. – Vine/unnamed St

Ivie, W. – Maney/Castle

Ivy, W. – Lebanon Pike

(J. J.) – Manchester Pike

(E. L. J.) – Lytle/unnamed St, near E. L. Jordan (possibly E. L. Jordan)

(L. J.) – College, near Front and Nashville Pike

(Mrs N. J.) – High St

P. J. Estate – Walnut, across from Soule Female College

Jackson, H. C. – Shelbyville Pike

"Jail" (see County Jail + workshop)

James, J. ‘Livery’ – Church/Sevier

January, Mrs M. – Depot St near Lytle St

Jarrett, E. (southeast part of town)

Jetton, A. – Shelbyville Pike

Jetton, S. – Spring St

Johnson, J. R. – Church St (near Bowmans)

"Jones & Collier" – Walnut/College

Jones, J. – Main/Spring

Jones, Miss M. E. – Lytle St

"Jones W."– References #55. Church St, east side of Square.

Jones, W. R. – Maxey/Lytle St

Jones, W. R. Lytle St

"Jordan and Crockett" – Academy St

"Jordan and Elliott" – References #5, west side of Square, Depot St, across from Courthouse

"Jones & Rankins" – References # 11, Depot St, NW of Square

Jordan, E. L. – Lytle St

"Jordan, E. L." – References #16, 17, 18, 19. On north side of Courthouse, near Depot.

Jordan, H. – far south Front St

Jordan, M. – extreme SE part of map - edge

Jordan, M. F. – Main/High

"Jordan, M. F. & L." – References #14 & 15. Can not find corresponding 14,15 on map (gap in numbering system)

"Jordan, M. F. & Co – Savings Bank" – Walnut/Castle

Jordan, M. P. – Maney/Main

Jordan, W. F. – Burton/Academy

(J. M. K.) – Vine/Church

Keble, J. (Keeble?) – Spring St

Keeble, H. P. – large tract, Shelbyville Pike

Keeble, Miss S. – Spring/College

Kerr, H. R. – SW part, near River and R. R.

Kerr, J. R. – near Mrs Lytle – far west part of map

Kerr, Mrs M. A. & R. Rucker, ‘Flagola’ . – Vine St

(L. Est) – small, on west Main

(W. L. Estate) – Depot between Dr J. F. Spence and J. C. Spence

Lane, W. T. – Spring/Burton

"Lansberger, A." – References #56.

Lansberger, E. – Spring

Lawing, J. J.(?Lawling) – College St near ‘Carp. Sh.’

Lawling, J. J. – Church/Castle

Lawrence, Mrs – SE part of town

Ledbetter, W. – Shelbyville Pike (last property on south side of town)

Leiper, J. A. – Main St

Leiper, W. F. – Shelbyville Pike

Leiper, W. F. – State/Walnut

LeMay, S. F. (or Le.May)Vine/Front

Levi, H. – Spring St

Lewis, J. – Sevier/Academy

"Limekiln" – see J. G. Primm

"Livery" see J. James

"Livery" see B. E. Bowman

"Livery" – see F. P. Roe

Lunsberger, S. – Spring St (see Lansberger)

Lynch – State/Front

Lytle’s Creek – west edge of town

Lytle Estate – large, between Franklin Rd and Nashville Pike

Lytle Estate – small, see L. Est.

Lytle, Mrs – west Main near Franklin Rd

(Mc., S. G.) – College

(McD) – Castle St

McConnekin, Mrs – College

McFadden – High St

McFadden, Mrs C. A. - strip between Main/College

McFadden, J. C. – Depot St

"McFadden, J. S." – References #50. Church St, east side of Square

McFarland, B. and McFarland M. – on unnamed st between High/Maney

McLain, C. – extreme SE part of map on edge

(M., Miss) – extreme SE part of town, on edge

(G. D. M.) – Maney/unnamed St

(D. M. ) – Church St

(J. M.) – between Adademy/Maney, far north

(J. A. M.) – Church St

(J. A. M.) – Church St

(J. A. M.) Church/unnamed St

(P. M., Mrs) – Vine St

(R. L. M. & Bros) – Castle St (perhaps R. L. Martin?)

"Male Free School" – Academy St

Malone – extreme SE part of map, on edge

Malone, L. – Spring St, near Bowman Estate, and Pritchett Estate

Maney, D. – unnamed St, near Miss Claiborne

Maney, L. M. – large tract, end of north Maney, then even further north

"Martin, Miss M." – References #44. East Main St, east side of Square.

"Martin, Miss M." – References #28. Church St, north of Square near College.

Martin, R. L. – Vine St

"Masonic Temple" – east Main near the Square

May (see S. F. Le.May)

"Methodist Pars." (Parsonage?) – Depot/Lytle

"M. E. Ch." (Methodist Church?) – College/Church Sts

Mill, S. S. – Church/Sevier St

Miller, A. – unnamed St (NE part of town)

Miller, D. – Academy St

"Miller Est."(estate) – References #54. Church St, east side of Square.

Miller Est (estate) – Vine, near Walnut St

Miller Est (estate) - College/Academy

"Miller, Miss M. S." – References #33. Church St, NE side of Square

Miller, J. D. – Walnut St

Miller, Mrs H. – College, near Maney

"Mills" – see Butler

"Mills" – see Saw Mill

"Mills" – see Wilson & Co

Mitchell, W.- SE part of town

Mooney, W. W. – Church St

Moore, J. A. – west Main

Moore, M. & W. Moore – unnamed st, SE part of town

Moseby, F. C. – Spring/E. Main

Mosby, E. C. – Maney/Vine/Main

Mosby, F. C. - west Main

Mosby, J. C. Maney/Burton St

"Murfree Spring Branch" – cuts thru SW part of town

"Murfree’s Spring" (Rocks?) – near Academy and separation of 2 Pikes (Manchester/Shelbyville)

"Murfreesboro Female Institute" – Maney/Burton

Murfree, Dr. J. B. – Vine/High

Murfree, J. – on unnamed st between Maney/High

Murfree, Mrs M. – almost entire block bounded Castle/Maney/High and unnamed st

Murfree, R. – Maney Av

Murphy, J. B. – Vine/High

"Nashville – Chattanooga & St. Louis Rail Road" – crosses only SW edge of town

Neal, D. – corner 2 unnamed st’s, SE part of town

Nelson, J. C. – Academy

Newgent, D. D. – Lytle St

(J. O. O.) – Front/Lytle (possibly J. O. Oslin?)

Oaff, J. – extreme SE part of map, on edge

Oneill, P. – Church/Sevier

Osborn – see Collier & Osborne

Osborn, H. – Main/unnamed St

Osborn, J. – College St

Oslin, J. O. – Depot St

Palmer, J. P. – east Main St

"Palmer, J. B." – References #31. Church St, NE side of Square.

Palmer, J. B. – Vine St (This is probably Civil War, ‘Col’ Joseph Benjamin Palmer of the 18th Tn Infantry-Co H,, promoted to General, Nov 1864, wounded 3 times, refused to leave field-died 1890)

"Palmer & Richardson" - References #25, north side of Square near Church St

Parish, Mrs – Vine/Maney Av

Parish, Mrs G. – large lot on Lytle, near High St

Parish, Mrs G. – Lytle St

Parker, J. W. - between Front/Walnut

Patterson, Dr. J. – far south Front St

Pendleton, J. M. – large tract, Liberty Pike

(S. P. Estate) - Walnut/unnamed St

(P., Mrs) – Depot/Vine

(P., Mrs) – High St

(P., Mrs) – Depot/Vine

(P., Mrs) – unnamed St near High(J. G. P.) – Walnut St

(J. P.) – far west, near RR & Mrs Lytle

(J. G. P.) – Front/State St (probably J. G. Primm)

(J. B. P.) – east Main/unnamed St

(J. G. P.) – Hilliard/Depot/Church

(J. C. P.) - Academy near W. A. Ransom

(J. G. P.) – Main/unnamed St

(J. G. P.) – near B. E. Bowman

(J. G. P.) - Castle/High

(J. G. P.) - State/ChurchCastle Streets

(J. G. P.) – Vine/unnamed St

(J. G. P.) – unnamed st betw Maney/High

(J. G. P.) – Castle St

(J. G. P.) – Manchester Pike

(J. G. P.) – Castle St

(J. G. P.) - Walnut/Sevier

Presb. Ch. (Presbyterian Church) – College/Spring

Primm, J. G. – State (near Church)

Primm, J. G. – Academy St

Primm, J. G. – Depot/Castle/State

Primm, J. G. - which includes ‘limekiln’ – whole block bounded Spring/State/Academy/Castle

Primm, J. G. – Castle/Maney Av

Primm, J. G. – large block bounded Castle/Shelbyville Pike

Primm, J. G. – large block on Hilliard, goes thru to Shelbyville Pike

Pritchett Est (estate) – Church St

"Public Square" – Depot/Church and Main Streets

Quarls, J. – Walnut St

(E. R.) – Depot St

(E. R.) – Front St

(E. R.) - Church St, near the other E. R. on Depot St

(G. R.) - west State St

(G. R. R.) – Lebanon Pike, far north part of town

(G. W. R.) – Front/State St (possibly G. W. Ransom?)

(W. R.) – Sevier St

(W. A. R.) – near Academy and Manchester Pike (possibly W. A. Ransom?)

"Railroad" – see Nashville

"R. R." - Castle

"R. R. Co", Rail Road Company – Hilliard/Front

"R. R. Depot" – near Hilliard/Front

Rankins – see Jones & Rankins

"Ransom, J. A. & Bros" – far west end Castle St

"Ransom, Mrs" – References #48. East Main St, east side of Square

Ransom, Dr M. – Lytle/Front St

Ransome, Dr M. - Academy/unnamed St

Ransom, Dr M. – Lytle/Walnut

Ranson, G. W. – between Spring/Academy

Ransom, Mrs P. M. - Vine

Ransom, R. M. – Spring St, near Lytle

Ransom, W. A. – Castle/Maney Av

Ransom, W. A. – large tract, unnamed st, SE part of town

Ransom, W. A. – large lot between Spring/Maney Av

Ransom, W. A. – Main/High

Rapps, W. – Church St

Rather, J. – Lytle/Spring

Read, C. – Academy/State

Read, Mrs – Church St

Ready, Hon. C. – east Main, near Square

Reaves, A. – Sevier/Spring

"Red Cedar Works" – Front St

Reed – extreme SE part of map, on edge

Reed, J. D. – Depot St

Reed, Mrs W. A. – large lot near Lytle/Maney Av

Reeves, Mrs – Vine St

Reeves, Mrs M. – Spring/Main

REFERENCES = see inset depicting shops too small to write each name on map, instead used number system.

Renshaw – SE pt of town

"Renshaw, J. A." – References #2. West Main between Walnut/Depot

Renshaw, J. J. – Vine/Walnut

Richardson – see Palmer & Richardson

"Richardson, J.D." – References said #66, but actually #65 on map. Vine St (between DepotChurch, not far from Square)

Richardson, J. D. – Main/Academy

"Richardson, J. D." – References #22 – North side of Square, across from Courthouse

Ridley, B. L. – Academy/Vine

Ridley, B. L. – Vine St (not corner)

Ridley, J. - Vine St

Ridley, J. – Vine St

Riser, C. – Church/State

Roberts, L. M. – Church St

Robinson, T. H. – small strip bet Main/College

Rock & Walter – Church/Vine

"Roe, F. P. Livery" (hard to see) – Walnut/Main

"Rosenfield, E." – References #36. Church St, NE side of Square

Rosenfield, E. – corner of Church/unnamed St about 4 blocks north of Square

"Rosenthall Bros." – west Main

Rowlette, W. – Church St

Rucker – see Mrs M. A. Kerr

(T. S.) – High St

(Mrs M. S.) – Lytle/Maney Av

(J. S.) – Sevier/Front St

(J. S.) - Front, near Sevier St

(R. S.) unnamed St, north pt of town

"Sand Spring" – off Murfree’s Spring

Satterwhite, J. – Front St

"Saw Mill" (west end) Sevier St

"School" – see Carp. Sh.

"School" – (no name) Burton/Academy

"School" – see Male Free School

"School" – see Cooper Sh.

"School" – see Solomon

"School" – see several titled "B. S. Sh."

"School" – see County Female Institute

"School" – see Soule Female College

"School" – Murfreesboro Female Institute (Scobey, Prin)

"School" – see Union University (with tomb)

Scobey, James E. – Maney/Burton. Principal of Murfreesboro Female Inst

Scroggs – see Grisham, C.

Sehorn – See A. O. H. P. and A. O. H. P. S.

Sewett, A. - unnamed St

Sewett, T. – unnamed St

Shearin, J. W. – Lebanon Pike

Smith – see Washington & Smith)

Smith, B. – High St

Smith and Hodge – Spring St

Smith, Mrs – Main St

Smith, Mrs – Sevier/Walnut St

"Smith, T." – References #51. Church St, east side of Square

Smith, T. – Liberty Pike

Solomon, S. and B. S. Sh (school?) – Manchester Pike near intersection Bradyville Pike

"Soule Female Institute" – Depot St

Spence, J. C. – Depot St

Spence, Miss – west Main St

Spence, Miss & Mrs Willard – References #59. South side of Square

Spence, Miss & Mrs Willard – Church/Vine near Square

"Square" – see Public Square

"Stones River Bank" – References #23. North side of Square, across from Courthouse

Street, W. M. – Depot/unnamed St

Sullivan, Mrs – Vine, near Front St

(H. T.) - Front St

(J. T.) – State/Front St

"Talley & Company, Warehouse" – whole block, Walnut/Castle/Hilliard/Depot Streets

"Tannery" - (west end) Sevier St (near J. A. C.)

Teal, C. – unnamed st, SE part of town

Thomas, C. O. "Cotton Gin" – Sevier/Front

Thomas, W. – State/Academy/Sevier

Thompkins, R. T. – Vine/Spring

Thompson, J. – Maney St

Thompson, J. – off of High St

Todd, J. – Lytle/Spring

"Union University" – block bounded by Woodbury Pike and unnamed St (with tomb)

‘Vineyard’ – unknown if this is name or grape vineyard, see J. V. Henderson

(J. W.) – intersection of Manchester/Bradyville Pikes

(J. W.) - Vine St

(J. W.) – Front/Castle St

(W., Mrs) – State St

(W., Mrs.) – Spring/State St

(W., Mrs.) – Spring/Castle

"Wagon Yard" – see B. E. Bowman

Walter – see Rock and Walter

Walter, G. – Spring St

"Washington & Smith" – References #21. North side of Square across from Courthouse

Watts, Mrs – Castle St

"Wendel, Dr. J. E." – References # 30. Church St, NE side of Square.

"Wendel, Dr. J. E." – References #46. East Main St, east side of Square

Wendel, Dr R. S. – NW corner of Spring/College

"Wendel, W." – References #52. Church St, east side of Square

Wendel, W. – SW corner of Spring /College

Wheeler – see Butler & Wheeler

Willard – see Miss Spence

Willard – see Miss Spence

"Willard Hotel" – References #60. South side of Square near Depot St

Williams, G. – Manchester Pike

Williams, H. H. – Maney/College

"Wilson & Co. Exchange Mills" – State St

Winrow Est (estate?) – Walnut/Castle

Winston, Mrs – Church St

"Wood" – see Red Cedar Works

Woods – extreme SE part of map, on edge

"Work Shop" – Main/Walnut, next door to County Jail.

Wright, H. C. – Vine St

Young, J. – High/unnamed st