District 25



EVERY NAME  INDEX TO  DISTRICT 25 (includes place names)

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Abstracted by Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx, email = salterr@aol.com
(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor)

Quoting from chart, District 25  Population, from 1870 U. S. census:

Millersburg, 1494 total, 1487 native, 8 foreign, 685 white, 809 colored

(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

Abbreviations used by map maker….meanings unknown today:

B. F.

Dr. K.

Dr. W. M. H.  132 a.

F. B.

F. W.

l. S

P. A. L.

Mrs J. M.

Mrs L. A.

R. H. W. (listed 2 different locations)

R. L. H.

B. S. Sh (listed 5 different locations)

B. S. Ho--- (couldn’t make out all of it)

S. H. (listed 2 different locations)

Adcock, J.

Adcock, J. E.

“Bapt. Ch.” (Baptist Church on dist 24 line)

Baugh, R. C.

Bell, L. or T. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Broils, F. (on dist 20 line)

Broils, T.

Broils, W.

Buchanan, T. E.

Cates, J. C.

Childress, Mrs A.

Clark, (1st name not clear-on dist 20 line)

Clark, B.

Cobb, S. J.

“Col. Ch.” (Colored Church)

“Cotton Gin”

Crockett, Mrs

Droomgoole, G.

Elder, W. K.  173 a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)


Erzzell, A. D. (?Frizzell)

Fields, J. P.

“Forest Home”

Fox, J. M.

Freeman (no first name listed)

Frizzell (see Erzell)

Funnells (no first name listed)

Garner, Mrs L. A.

Gibson, W. G. (also W. G. G.)

Gilmore, M. S. (on dist 20 line)

“Gin”  (cotton gin?)

Ho-----,  B. S.  (Hoover? – on dist 24 line)

Hoover, W. M

Howland (no first name)

Howland, Mrs. (listed twice)

Howland, L. B. (on dist 11 line)

Howland, R. L.   185 a.  (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Jacobs, D. P.

Jacobs, J. C. (faint, on dist 24 line)

Jameson, Mrs C.

Johnson, E. P.

Kelton, R.  ‘Heirs’

“Long Creek” (forms part of boundary between dist 20 and dist 25)

Lowe, A.  230 a. (on dist 24 line)

Lyon, P. A. (listed 2 different locations)

McC-----, T. (on dist 24 line)

McGill, Mrs James (on dist 24 line)

McMurray, G. (on dist 20 line)

McNeal, E. A.

Mento, W.

Miller, F. G.

Moore, B.

Nelson, J. T. or J. F. (on dist 20 line)

Newman, Mrs (on dist 24 line)

Newman, Mrs M.

Norman, L. H. (on dist 18 line)

Norman, P. W.

Pator, H. T. (Prater?)

“Peoples Nursery” (owned by W. K. Elder)

Pinchard, Mrs M.

Powers, R. F.

Prater, G.

Prator, M. (faint, on dist 24 line)

Prator, P. J.

Pruett, F.

Pruett, H.

Pruett, J. M.

Richardson, Mrs

Ridley, K.

Ridley, Mrs

Robinson, J. R.

Smith, R. P. (on dist 18 line)

“Stones River”

Wells, G. T.

White, B. M.

White, E.

White, F.

Williams, B.(on dist 20 line)

Wilson, J. (on dist 20 line)

“Winchester Pike” – from Murfreesboro, southeast thru dist 18, dist 24 ending at extreme SE corner of Rutherford County,  near Bedford and Coffee Counties

Wood, J.

Wood, L. (on dist 11 line)

Wood, R. H.

Wooten, Mrs E.

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