District 24



EVERY NAME  INDEX TO  DISTRICT 24 (includes place names)

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Abstracted by Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx, email = salterr@aol.com

(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor) (All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

Quoting from chart.  District 24 Population, from 1870 U. S. census: Big Spring, total 1160, native 1159, 1 foreign, 952 white, 208 colored.

Abbreviations used by map maker....meanings unknown today

B. S. Sh (school?)

D. P. J.

D. S.

Dr. W. H.

J. S.

J. A.

Miss J. M. Store and P. O.

"M. E. Church" (?Methodist church)

M. H.

Mrs M. J.

S. H.

T. N.

W. S. L.    140 a.

W. D. M.

W. T. 

Almon  (see Ford)

Ballock,  Mrs A.

"Baptist Church"  (no name, near Carlocksville)

"Big Creek"

Bowman, F. (probably David Benjamin Franklin Bowman, or 'D. B. F.' or 'Frank'), son of David Bowman and wife Celina Caffey).

Broils, M.

Brooks, J.

Brown, E. T. (Edmund Tarleton Brown Sr b Apr 1823 Tn d Feb 1904 Fannin Co Tx, the son of John and Charlotte Brown of Georgia). E. T. married twice, to Bowman cousins,  had about 13 children by both wives.)

Brown J. E. (John Ely Brown b Oct 1832 d by 1911 m Rhodie E. Eads, listed 1870 as 'miller',  moved to Davidson Co by 1900.  He was brother of E. T. Brown Sr)

"Carlocksville P. O."

"Cedar Grove Church"

Chadwick, B.

Daniel, T.  (part of deceased Thurston Daniel's property, widow Hettie Daniel living here)

Dill, Dr. J. M.

Downing, Mrs E.

Downing, W.

Eaton, H.

Edwards, T.

Elliott, S. P.

Ford and Almon

Fox, J.

Fox, M.

Fox, S.

Fox, W.

G. Mill (perhaps Grist Mill-numerous in the county)

Garner, L.

Garner, L. G.

Gibson, J.

Gibson, Jas. (on district line near Coffee Co)

Gibson, T.

Gibson, W. F.

Green, N.

Grigg, A. P.   197 a. (also See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Guest, J. D.

Gum, J.

Hamilton, J. (on district line near Bedford and Coffee Counties)

"Hoover's Gap Academy"

"Hoover's Br (branch?)"

"Hoover's Lands"

Hoover, E. B. K.

Hoover, J. C.

Hoover, J. L.

Hoover, J. M.

Hoover, M.

Hoover, W. M. Dr.    11 a.  (also See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Howlen, R.

Jacks, G.

Jacobs, A. (extreme SE tip of this district)

Jacob, J. C. (on dist 25 line)

James, N.

Kelton, J. H..

Kelton, J. T.

Kelton, S.

Kelton, S. T.

Lowe, A.   230 a.   (on dist 25 line)

Lowe, C. C.

Lowe, J.

Lowe, W.

Lowe, W. S.

Lyon, Mrs

McGill, Mrs James (on dist 25 line)

McKee, Wm.

Mankin and Co (ondist 25 line)

Mankins, Mrs A.

Mankins, Mrs E.

Mankins, E. (or R.)

Mankins, W. D.

Mankins, W. H.

Mason, (first name not legible)

"Masonic Hall"

Manson, W.

Marlan, T. C.

Marlan, W.

Newman, J. T.

Newman, Jas.

Newman, Mrs (on dist 25 line)

Ott, Mrs J.

Patnter, J. (Painter?)

Prator, D.

Pearson, D.

Rawlins, J. M.

Reynolds, A.

Shelton, T. (or J.)        (on dist 25 line)

Summers, D.

Tompkins, G.

Walnut Grove

Weaks, Mrs

"Winchester Pike" (from Murfreesboro crossing thru dist 18, dist 25 and dist 24.

Wooten, F. G.

Young, Ben

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