District 23



EVERY NAME  INDEX TO  DISTRICT 23 (includes place names)

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Abstracted by Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx, email = salterr@aol.com
(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor)

Quoting from chart, District 23 Population, from 1870 U. S. census:
Yourie’s (probably same as Yourees), total 1178, native 1177, 1 foreign, 956 white, 222 colored

(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)
Abbreviations used by map maker….meanings unknown today:

A. L.

A. W.

B. S. Sh (listed 6 different places)

Col. S. H. (?Colored school)

H. W. M. (listed twice)

J. N. C.   94 a.

Mrs R.

N. J. L.

R. H.

S. H. (listed 3 places)

S. M.

W. H. S.  53 a.

W. W.

W. T.

______anson (first name unknown-on dist 24 line)

______wten, L.  or   ________wlen, L. (on dist 24 line)

Abernathy, C. O. (on dist 19 line)

Alexander, A. M.   164 a.

Anderson, G.

Armstrong, J.

Ashley, A.

Becton, B.

Benson, G. W. Heirs

Bowman, B. (Benjamin E. Bowman b 1804 Md, son of Daniel Bowman-Rev War pensioner, This tract lay at exact intersection of districts 18, 19, 21 and 23…probably in dist 18)

Bowman, B. (same Benjamin E. Bowman, this 2nd  tract in middle of this district)

Bow---, Mrs (very likely this is Celina Caffey Bowman, widow of David Bowman, on edge of Rutherford  and Cannon County lines. She was sister-in-law of Benjamin E. Bowman)

“Brady Pike” (see Murfreesboro Brady Pike)

Bruer, J.

“Carding Fact.” (Carding factory)

Carnahan, C.

Carnahan, Mrs

Carnahan, W.

Carter, R. (listed at 2 different locations)

Carter, W. (on Cannon Co line)

Cathey, J.

Cathey, F.

Cathey, T.

“Christian Church”

Coffee, T. (?Caffee or Coffy)

Coffy, B.

Coffy, J. N. 49 a. (J. N. listed in 2 different locations)

Craig, F. D.

“Cripple Creek – West Fork”

“Cripple Creek – East Fork”

Crory, Mrs J. M.

Curlee, D.

Donnell, Mrs P.

Donnell, N.

“Donnell’s Chapel P. O.”

Donnell’s Chapel

Dunn, T. F. (listed at 2 different locations)

Earthman, (1st name not legible, on dist 18 line)

Gilley, J.

Gilley, P.

Good, B.

Good, R. M.

Gunn, W.

Hall, J.

Harney, A. T.

Harriat, Y.

Harrell, K.  (on dist 19 line)

Hickingbotham, J.

Hoover, A.

“Hope Church” (could be New Hope, on dist 24 line)

Jacobs, (1st name not legible, on dist 24 line)

Jacobs, W.

Jernigan, J.

Jones, M.

Kelton, G.

Loffyn, J. Y.

Lyon, (1st name not legible, on Cannon Co line)

Lyon, A.

Lyon, N.

Lyon, N. J.

McCrary, A.

McCrary, Mrs

McCrory (see Crory)

McElroy, Mrs

McElroy, W.

McFarling, R. ‘Estate’

McKnight, F. A.

McNobb, C.

Manahon, G.

Mankins (3 families on dist 24 line, probably in dist 24)

Mill, S. A.  (listed 2 different locations)

Mill, S.

Mills, G. (person or perhaps an abbreviation for grist mill?)

Murray, H. W.   400 a.  (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Murray, W. H.   135  a.

Murry, D.

“Murfreesboro – Brady Pike”  (from Murfreesboro, southeast, crossing dist 18, dist 23,

       ending at town of Bradyville just across the Cannon County line)

Nesbitt, A.

“New Hope” (see Hope Church)

Ott, Mrs M. A.

Patrick, W.

Presb. Ch (Presbyterian Church)

Parre (?), B.  (on Cannon Co line)

Reed, H.

Reed, J.

Reed, L.

Reed, W.

Ring, L. (Lafayette Ring?)

Ring, B. A. (Bartlett Ring – or ‘Big Bart’?)   (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

‘Ring, B. A. Store and P. O.’ (at Donnell’s Chapel)

Saddler, P.

Shelton, S. (on Cannon C line)

Shipp, J. (very faint, on dist 24 line, near Earthman family)

Smith, J.

‘Sparks, J. and Co’ (on dist 19 line)

Speens, Dr. E. A.

“Tennessee Ridge” (forms part of boundary between Rutherford County and Cannon Co)

Todd, R.

Todd, W.

Travis, J. (on dist 18 line)

Travis, R.

Travis, W.

Walkup, J.

Wilson, J. W.

Wilson, W. W.

Witherspoon, Mrs

Youree, D. L.

Youree, E.

Youree, F. H.

Youree, J.

Youree, Mrs D.

Youree, S.

Youree, W. H.

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