District 21



EVERY NAME  INDEX TO  DISTRICT 21 (includes place names)

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Abstracted by Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx, email = salterr@aol.com
(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor)
(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

Quoting from chart, District 21 Population, from 1870 U. S. census:
Bushnell’s Creek, 1317 total, 1310 Native, 7 foreign, 603 White, 714 Colored.

Abbreviations used by map maker….meanings unknown today:

B. S. Sh (two)

B. W.

H. K.

J. D.

J. W. Q.

S. H.

W. T.

Adams, E.

Allen, Rev

Arbuckle, C.

Baird, Mrs. M. A.

Baird, W. H.

Beard Bros.

Bedford, C.

Beecher, Jes. (?Jesse)

Betty, Wm.

Brashear, Jes   225 a. (on dist 22 line. Also See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Brown, B. (near dist 18/19 lines)

“Browns Mill Road” (most of it is adjoining dist 9)

Burton, J. W. (see Murfreesboro Business Notices)

“Bushmans Cr” (Creek)

Butler, A. (on dist 22 line)

Childress, J. W.  130a.   (see Murfreesboro Business Notices)

Collier, I. B.

“Cripple Creek Ch.” (Church – near dist 19 line)

Crutcher, G.

DeJarnett, J. G.

Drake, Mrs M. (on dist 15 line)

“East Fork”(see Stone’s River)

Eaton, Mrs.  (near dist 13 and 18 lines)

Farmer, J. (in 2 different locations)

“G. Mill” (grist mill – two of them in different locations)


Graham, J.

“Grange Hall” (right on dist 22 line)

Green, B. (cant be sure of initial – right on dist 22 line)

Grim, J.

Guffin (no other name)

Hall, R. R.

Hill, J.

“Iron Ore” (unknown what this is)

Jetton, J. (near district 15/22 junction)

Johnson, Mrs. A.

Jones, A. B.

Jordan, B.

Jordan, J.

Jordan, M.

Jordan, L.    128 a. (near dist 13 and 18 junction. Is this Leland Jordan-see Murfreesboro Business Notices)F

Kerby Est. (Kerby Estate)

Kerby, H.

Larance, J.

Lillard, Dr J.

McCullough, J.

“Mill” (near S. Rickett)

Mitchell, D.

Moton, J. E. (?Morton, near dist 18 line)

“Murfreesboro – Lebanon Pike” (forms most of the west boundary of dist 21, runs north/south)

“Murfreesboro – Liberty Pike” (from Murfreesboro northeast thru dist 21, tip of dist 22 and dist 19)

“Murfreesboro-Readyville Pike”(forms the south boundary of dist 21. Runs, east from Murfreesboro thru dist 21 and 19 to Readyville)

Neil, J. Est (Estate, on dist 15 line)

Overall, W. T.  (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Partee, R. G. (on dist 18 line)

Pitt, J.

Pitts, B.

Pitts, M.

Pitts, W. P.

“Pleasant View”    315 a. (near J. W. Quarles)

Quarles, J. W.  (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Quarles G. (on dist 22 line)

Ready, Hon. C.   190 a. (The Honorable C. Ready-see Murfreesboro Business Notices)

Reaves, B. C.

Rickett, S.

Rucker, Mrs. Dr (Dr. Mrs. Rucker)

Rucker, Mrs. S.

Sanders, J.

Sanders, J. B. (on dist 22 line)

Sanders, J. M. (on dist 22 line)

Sanders, J. M.

Sanford, Miss M.

“Shady Side” (near W. T. Overall)

Smith, C.

Smith, J. M. and E.   240 a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices, Jas. M. Smith)

Smith, R. (near dist 13 and near C. Smith)

Spence Est. (Spence Estate)

“Stones River – East Fork”

Thompson, M.

Todd, C. W.

“Toll Ho.” (four different locations)

Tompkins, Mrs B.

Wason, R. (on dist 18 line)

Eatkins, S. B.

Yearwood, Mrs (on dist 18 line)

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