District 20



EVERY NAME  INDEX TO  DISTRICT 20 (includes place names).


Abstracted by Joyce (Woodruff) Terrana, Burleson, Tx, email = salterr@aol.com
(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor)

Quoting from chart, Dist 20 Population, from 1870 U. S. census:
Fosterville. Total 1427. Native 1424. Foreign 3. White 768. Colored 659

(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

Abbreviations used by map maker….meanings unknown today:

A.J. B. (4 different places)

B.S. Est (2 different places)

B.S. Sh.



H. C.

Dr B. N. W. 133 a.

Dr B. N. W. 35 a.

J. C.

J. W.

M. L. F. 50 a.

S. H. (three)

S. S. (twice)

W. M. W. 200 a.

W. M. W.  141 a.

W. M. W. 175 a.

Adcock, Mrs.

Bingham, J. B. (on Bedford County line)

Brigham, Mrs  (on dist 25 line, near Bedford County line)

Brandon, A. J.  (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Brandon, W

Brothers, Mrs.

Brothers, R..

Brothers, T.

Brown, A.

“Christian’s Creek” (some of it in this dist)

“Christiana” (near dist 11 line)

Clark, J. A.(?)      (on dist 25 line)

Clark, T.

Clark, T. (on dist 14 line)

Clark, W. (two different locations)

Clemens, R. P. (on dist 25 line)

“Col. Church” (Colored Church)

Cotes, N.

Dickinson, T. W.

Doak, Mrs M. A.

“Dry Fork,” (part of Stones River)

Edwards, G. N.

Edwards, J. M.  313 a.   (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Edwards, T.

Espy, S.  (on dist 25 line)

“Forest Retreat”  162 a.

“Fosterville P. O.”

Frazier, B.

Frazier, R.  (2 different locations)

Gilmore, D.

Gilmore, F.

Gilmore, G.

Gilmore, H.

Gilmore, M. S. (on dist 25 line)

Gilmore, W. (on dist 14 line)

Gordon, C. D.  72 a. (on dist 24 line)

Gregory, J.

Harris, Mrs  (on dist 25 line)

Horton, G. W.

Howland, Mrs.

Jenkins, M.  250 a.

Johns, P. V.

Jones, Mrs L.

Jones, Mrs M.

Jordan & Fletcher  38 a.

“Jordan’s Valley P. O.”  (near Christiana and near dist 11 line)

Johnson, P.

Kelly, E.

“Lee’s Knob”

“Liberty Church”

“Long Creek”  (separates dist 20 from dist 25)

Lynch, M. S. (2 different locations)

McCade, J.

McElroy, S. L.

Miller, F.

Miller, F. N.

Miller, J. P.  (near dist 11/25)

Miller, Mrs A

Miller S. G. (on Bedford Co Line)

Miller, T. J.

Miller, T. W.  (near dist 11/25)

Murphy, B.

“Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis Railroad”

Naylor, H. O. (on Bedford Co Line)

Neely, H.

Neely, J. J.

Newman, Mrs C.

Oakley, S. P. (?P.)

Oden, J. A. Est.

Oden, T.

Odle, T.

“Palestine Church”

Pearson, H. 223 a.   (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Powell, J.

Powell, M.

Putnam, J.

Roberts, W.

Ross, Mrs

Rouse (Rousa?),  R.

“Shelbyville Pike”

Smith, B. Est

Smith, J. K. P.

Terry, H.

Thomas, B.

Toll Ho.

Turner, E.

“Union Church”

Wabb (?Webb), M. W.  (on Bedford Co Line)

Watkins, J.

Webb, Mrs L.

Welchem, S.

White, Dr. B. N. (listed two different locations in this dist, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Wilson, R.

Woodfin, M.

Woodruff, J. M.

Works, Dr. W. G. (on Bedfford Co line)

Works, Dr. W. G.

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