District 19



EVERY NAME INDEX TO DISTRICT 19 (includes place names) flowerline2

Abstracted by Patsy (James) Paterson, Niceville, Fl., email= PPater6841@aol.com
(all remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor)

Quoting from chart, District 19, Population from 1870 U. S. Census
McCrackens, 922 population, 922 native, 608 white and 314 colored

Abbreviations used by map maker ...meanings unknown today:

B. S. Sh. (two locations, ?school)

B. E. B.

B. P. T.

Dr. J. H. D. 125 a. (probably Dr. J. H. Dickens)

Dr. J. H. D. (probably Dr. J. H. Dickens)

G. Mill (two locations, ?Grist Mill)

G. M. D. (maybe G. M. Dunn)

Rev. W. H.

S. H.

T. J. W.

W. R. J.

Abernathy, C. O.

Alexander, A. M. 1000a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Arbuckle, R.

Arnett, S.

"Bapt. Ch. & S.H."

Beasley, J. B.

Bivens, B. A.

B. R. Bivens Store & P. O.

Bowling, H.

Bowling, J. S.

Brandon, T.

Brashear, Jes. 55 a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Bridges, Dr. J. N. 90a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Brown, Mrs. M. E.

"Cedar Hill"

Champion, J.

Cox, S.

"Cripple Cr."

Daniel, J. N.

Davidson, J.

Dickens, Dr.

Dickens, Dr. J. H.

Dunn, G. M.

Dunn, Jas.

Dunn, John

Ealey, Mrs. E.

Fathra, E. F.

Freeman, L.

Hall, Dr. J.

Hall, F. D.

Hall, J. W.

Hall, Mrs. N. R.

Halls Est.

"Halls Hill-Milton Rd."

Harrod, ?N.

Hatton, A. P.

Holmes, W. F.

Hoover, E.

Hoover, Mrs.

Hoover, T.

Hoover, W. F.

Huddelson, W. R.

Hunt, C.

Ivie, C. D.

Jimmerson, A.

Jones, G. H.

Jones, W. A. 208a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

Kittrell, M. B.

McCrary, B.

McNight, J. D.

"Murfreesboro-Liberty Pike"

Nelson, S.

Parker, I.

Parker, D.

"Pilot Knob"

Puryear, P. M.

Ready, Hon. C.

"Readyville P. O."

Richardson, R.

Sanford, W.

"Science Hill Academy"

Smith, J. D.

Smith, W. H. 297a. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

"Stones River"

Talley, B. C. 564 a.

Talley, P. C.

Tilfred, Mrs.

Warren, A.

Wood, W. T. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

"Woodbury Rd"

Dr. W. E. Youree Store & P. O. (See Rutherford County Business Notices)

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