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District 16 Population from the 1870 U. S. Census
Milton. 720 total. 720 Native. 0 Foreign. 568 White. 152 Colored.

Abstracted by Carolyn Smotherman
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(All remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor.)
(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

The meaning of the abbreviations used by mapmaker in 1878, unknown today:

examples only:


B. S. Sh

C. W. Est.

Alexander, Mrs. L.

Arnold, F.

Barnett, G.

Blackford, J. T.

Booth, A? or A. Baugh, (name almost obscured in heavy black line-southern border could be in dist 22-but definitely on line. Just south of A. Overall)

“Bradley’s Creek”

“Bradley’s Creek Ch”

Byrn, R. G.

Byrn, W. B

"Cave Creek" (forms most of western boundary, hidden under black line)

Cratoch, Mrs. M.

Crouse, Mrs.

Crouse, Mrs. D.

D., D. (near D. Dement)

D., F.

D., J.

Dement, D.

Dement, J.

Dill, J..

Dillion, C.

Dillon, E.

Dillion, W.

Donnell, R. S.       (See Rutherford Co. Business Notices)

Elrod, Mrs.


Far, W.

Ferguson, Mrs. S. J.

Gainsville Pike 810

Goodloe, R. M

Gratoch, Mrs. M. (see Cratoch above)

Granor, M.

Green, H.

Greene, S..

H., S.

"Halls Hill - Milton Pike" (runs Northwards, intersects other Pike)

Harris, G. W.


Hogwood, H.

Hood, J. C.

“Hopewell Ch.”

Jarman, J. M.

Jarman, K. F. (?)

Jarman, M. F.

Jarman, R. H. near Wilson Co line

Jennings, C.


“Lascassas - Milton - Liberty Pike ” (runs east/west)

M, Miss (sic)

Martin, H. C.

Mathews, J.

McA, A. P. (this property is in dist 16)

McAdoo, A. P. (part of name in this dist but property actually in dist 15)

McCollough, Dr. A. P.

Mill, G. (Grist Mill?)

Miller, Mrs. L

“Milton Rd 477(?)”

“Milton P. O.”

McNight, Dr A. E. (probably McKnight-near Cannon Co border)

McNight, D. (near Cannon Co border)

Nowlen, R.

Overall, A.

Owen, L.

Peck, Mr.

Roads, W. S.

J. P. (right under W. S. Roads)

Smith, J. P. (See Rutherford Co. Business Notices)

Spain, J. Q.

Smith, Mrs. L. A.

Smith, O (?) N. (Est?)

“Sunny Side” (near J. P. Smith)

“Toll House” (on Liberty Pike)

Vaught, J.

Vaught, T. 101a

Vault, R. D. (on dist 17 line, nearly illegible)

Vault, W.

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