District 14




District 14 Population from the 1870 U. S. Census

Middleton. 1045 total. 1045 Native. 0 Foreign. 976 white. 36 Colored
Abstracted by Sue Boyer
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(All remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor.)
(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

The meaning of the abbreviations used by mapmaker in 1878 are unknown today:

Dr. R. C. B.  40 a. (probably refers to Dr R. C. Bogle)

Dr R. C. B.   11 ½ a.       "

Dr R. C. B. "

C. G. Mc 12 a. (may refer to C. G. McLean)

K. T.

J. M. or J. W.

R. H. Q.  212 a.

L. B. J.

S. S. & G. M.

Sh. (probably school) 4 different locations

C. Est (near Elm Grove)

M. G.

  Alexander, W. J. (on line, could be in dist 11)

"Baptist Ch." (Church, near Middleton)

Barnes, R. H.

Batton, S

Bogle, Dr. R. C. 160 a.  (see abbreviations above, also see Rutherford Co Business Notices)

S. Brown

W. N. Bryant

Buford, W. W. (on line, may be in 11)

Butts, S. A. (on Bedford Co line)

Campbell, T. A. or I. A.  (see J. A. Campbell, Rutherford Co Business Notices)

Ch. (Church?, near A. W. Gordon)

Col. Sh (Colored School?)

A. Comer

Cooper, J. (on Bedford Co lne - actually appears to be in Bedford Co)

T. P. Cooper Est.

C. Creer

Crocker Est.

Dunn, J. A.

B. Davis

Mrs. Davis

Dr. J. B. Davis

"Dry Fork" (branches off  Stone's River)

C. Elliott

M. Edwards

"Elm Grove"

"Forest Home" (near W. E. Pearson)

W. Gilmore (on dist 20 line)

A. W. Gordon

C. N. Harris (on Bedford Co line)

E. G. Harris 447 a.

Harris, B. (on Bedford Co line -almost in Bedford Co)

Haskins, C. F.

G. W. Holden

J. Holden

M. Holden

Mrs. Holden

Holden, R.

R. T. Hollowell

H. L. Horton

W. H. Jackson

Jacobs, C. (on dist 20 line)

Jarrett Est.

D. Jenkins

Kimbro Estate (name nearly obscured by black line, could be in dist 11)

Lamb Heirs

C. Lamb (near Bedford Co line)

J. Lamb

L. C. Lamb

G. Lane

W. C. Lane

W. H. Lane

A. W. Leatherage

"Lebanon Ch." (near D. and J. Smotherman)

"Lebanon Church" (near Tannery)

Mrs. Mallard

"Masonic Hall" (near Middleton)

A. M. McElroy

McKee, J. W. & G. M.  (on Bedford Co line)

McLean, C. G. 440 a. (see abbreviations above-also Rutherford Co Business Notices)

McLane, B. A. (on Bedford Co line)

McLean, A. H. (Bedford Co line and near 'Store')

McLean, W.? W.  (near Bedford Co line)

Dr. J. M. McLean

"Middleton (town)"

W. Modrall

W. E. Modrall

W. Morgan (near Elm Grove, also see Rutherford Co Business Notices)

"Mt. Zion Ch." (Church)

Nance, D. or I. - (almost completely obscured by line, could be in dist 10 or 14)

L. J. Nelson

North, M. (on Bedford Co line - actually appears to be in Bedford Co)

Mrs. Oden

"Panther Creek"

W. F. Pearson 115 a. (see Rutherford Co Business Notices)

"Pike" name unknown (runs north and connects to Pikes leading to Salem)

Ranson, I or T. (on Bedford Co line)

J. B. Reed

J. W. Sage

Smotherman, T. (near dist 10 line and Bedford Co line)

Smotherman, B. (initial nearly obscured by line)

Smotherman, J. (initial nearly obscured by line)

Smotherman, H. (name written in dist 10 but property in dist 14)

Smotherman, J. F.

Smotherman, B. estate (initial nearly obscured by line)

Smotherman, S.

Spence, B.

Spencer, B. B.

J. Spencer

Stern, J. F. (name written in dist 10, property appears to be right on dist 14 line)

"Jim Town Store"

J. Stovall

P. H. Sudbury

W. Sudbury

Tacker, R.


Town (see Jim Town Store)

Tucker, F. (two, both near Bedford Co line)

Tucker, R.

H. C. Turner

J. P. Underwood.

"Wagon Sh"(Wagon school?)

Mrs. Watkins

B. Williams

J. A. Williams

J. B. Williams

J. G. Williams

N. Williams

Williams, C. R.

W. Williams

J. Winsett

H. Woods

York, G.

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