Population from the 1870 U. S. Census:
Dist 11. Barfield. 2063 Total. 2054 Native. 9 Foreign.
526 White. 1537 Colored.

Abstracted by Mari Byers

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(All remarks within parenthesis added by abstractor.)
(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)

The meaning of the abbreviations used by mapmaker in 1878 are unknown today:

“S. H.”

“W. Sh.” (near Salem Church)

“B. S.” 119 ¾ a.

“B. S. Sh.” (school) – 3 diffferent locations

E. B., Miss

J. W. B. (possibly J. W. Binford?)

M. L. F. 2 ¼ a. (probably M. L. Fletcher)

M. L. F. 70 a.

J. H.

M. C. J.

R. D. J. (probably R. D. Jamison)

T. J. 200 a. (?T. Jarrett)

L, Mrs

J. M. L. (?J. M. Leatherman)

M. L.(?M. Lillard)

T. M.

A. N. (? A. North)

J. R. 425 a (J. R. Ransom?)

M. R., Dr

C. R. (?C. R. Ransom)

T. B. S. 250 a. (T. B. Snell?)

W. W.

Alexander, C.

Alexander, H. C. (on southern line)

Alexander, J. (on southern line)

Alexander, Miss M. J. & B. F.

Alexander, W. J. (on southern line)

“Armstrong’s Branch”

Anderson, Mrs M. J.

Arnold, J. B.

Avaritt, Mrs I. or L.

Bass, H.

Bass, Mrs

Batey, E.

Bell, E. P.

Bell, Mrs

Bell, W.

Binford, J. W. 400 a.(near Maple Grove, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Brady, W. Est (estate)

Brannon, N. A.

Brooks, C. M.

Buford, W. W.

Butler, G.

Butler, Mrs N.

Butler, Mrs T. O.

Campbell, D. S. 118 a. (near Stone River Stock Farm, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Campbell, G. E. 108 a. (near Woodlawn, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Campbell, J. A. 132 a. (near Stone Rver Stock Farm, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Campbell, W. E. 108 a. (see Sunnyside, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Cannon, E.

Cantrell, Mrs

“Cem.” (cemetery, on Shelbyville Rd near A. Miller Est)

“Christian’s Creek”

Collier & Jones

“Cotton Gin” (in 6 different locations)

Cox, J.

Cox, T. W. (see Rutherford Co Business Notices)

Crockett, D. M.

Crockett, Mrs

Crockett, W.

DeJarnett, Mrs

“Eagleville Pike” (form part of western boundary)

“Edge Hill” (see J. W. Wade)

Featherston, W.

Fletcher, B. D.

Fletcher, M. L. 375 a. (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Hall, D. or Dr

Hallyburton, J. E.

Harding, G.

Harrison, W. C. Jr

Harrison, W. C. Jr 25 a.

Harrison, W. C. 440 a.

Henry, B. W.

Hillman (no other name)

Hooper, F.

Howland, L. B. (actually in dist 25)

Huff, Dr. D. C. (near southern line)

Jamison, E. D. Est (estate)

Jamison, R. D. 70 a. (near Linden, also see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Jarrett, T. 300 a. (near Pleasant Home, also see Thompson Jarrett, Rutherford County Business Notices)

Jenkins, Miss M. and Mrs J. M. Jenkins (on western line)

Johnson, M.

Johnson, W. (near southern line)

Jones – see Collier

Jordan, M. C.

Kimbro, C.

Kimbro Est (estate, hidden in the line which divided 11 from dist 14)

Kimbrod, Mrs A. (actually in dist 13)

King Est (estate, actually in dist 7)

King, M. D. (actually in dist 7)

Knight, Dr L. W.

Law, W. H.

Leatherman, D. 485 a.

Leatherman, J. M.

Lillard, M.

Lillard, T.

Lillard, W. Est (estate)

Lillard, W. (on western edge near dist 12 line)

“Linden” (see R. D. Jamison)

Lipscomb, W.

Lyter, Mrs (?Lytle or Liter)

McCullough, J.

Mankins, W. M. (near dist 18 and 25 intersections)

“Maple Grove” (see J. W. Binford)

“Marshall’s Knob”

“Mill” (no name) – 2 locations

Miller, A. Est (estate)

Miller, Mrs S.

Morton, W.M.

Murphy, A

“Nashville-Chattanooga & St Louis R. R.”.

Nelson, J. P. (actually in dist 25)

Norman, E.

Norman, Mrs M. J. (near dist 25 line)

North, A.

North, C. (on dist 12 and 7 intersections with dist 11)

“Panther Creek”

Patterson, A.

Patterson, Mrs.

“Pleasant Home” (see T. Jarrett)

“Post Oak” (see R. H. Ransom)

Prater, W.

Ransom, C. R.

Ransom, J. 675 a. (or 375?)

Ridentt, T. (near northern edge)

Rogers, S.

“Salem” (town)

“Salem Ch” (church)

“Salem – Murfreesboro Pike”

“Shelbyville Pike”

Sims, Mrs

Smith, B. A. 370 a.

Smith, E. M. 430 a. (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Smith, L.

Smith, L. A. 360 a. (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Smith, Mrs

Snell, T. B. 150 a. (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

Spain, Thomas 325 a.

“Stock Farm” (see Mrs S. A. Turner)

“Stone’s River Stock Farm” (see J. A. Campbell

“Stone’s River Stock Farm (see D. S. Campbell)

“Stock Farm” (see Mrs S. A. Turner)

“Stone’s River – West Fork”

Store (near Salem)

“Sunnyside” (see W. E. Campbell)

Thompson, S.

“Toll Ho.” (toll house) – 2

Todd, J. (near northern edge)

Turner, Mrs S. A. Stock Farm 150 a.

“Union Hill Academy” (near dist intersection of dist 18 and 26)

Wade, J. W. 600 a. (near Edge Hill)

“Walnut Grove Church” (in extreme southern edge of this dist)

“Webb Institute”

Webb, I. S.

Webb, Mrs

Wells, J.

Winston, Mrs

“Woodlawn” (see G. E. Campbell)

Yeagan, Dr. H.

Yeagan, E.

Young, R. H. (see Rutherford County Business Notices)

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