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District 9, is bordered on the north by DISTRICT 5, the east by DISTRICT 15 and 21, to the south by DISTRICT 13 and to the west by DISTRICTS 6 and 7.
District 9 Sulphur Springs. 2000 Total. 1995 Native. 5 Foreign.
 488 White. - 1512 Colored

Abstracted by Joyce Martin
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(All names in quotation marks are noted as Places or Landmarks.)
The meaning of the abbreviations used by mapmaker in 1878 are unknown today.

 “Ashbury Ch.”

“Baptist Ch.”

“Baptist Ch.”

“Brown’s Mill”

“BS Sh.”

“Cedar Lands”



“Cemetery Sta.”

“Col Ch.”

“Col’d Ch.” (Colored Church)

“Cotton Gin”

“Cotton Gin”

“Cotton Gin”

“D. I. T. C. H.”

“Florence Station”

“Methodist  Ch.”


“Murfreesboro-Lebanon Pike”

“Nashville-Chattanooga & St. Louis Rail Road Track”

“National Cem.”

“Sinking Cr.” (Branch of Stone River)

“Store & P. O.”

“Sulphaur Spr.”

“Wards Mill”

“West Fork of Stone River”

“Wilkerson Road Pike”

Adams, C. H.

Allen, J. H.

Allen, J. J.

Atkinson, W.

Black, D. T. C.

Black, Dr. T. C.

Black, S. P.

Black, T.

Black, T. C.

Black, W. T.

Burris, E.

Bush, Mrs. D.

Carney, L. H.

Coleman, Dr. P. C.

Coleman, N.

Coleman, W.

Coleman, W. F. T.

Collier, J.


Elliott, Mrs. S.

Ewen, J. W.

France, Capt. (Appears to have been the ‘Supt.” At Nat’l. Cem.)

Garrett, W.

Hartman, Dr. A.

Hill, W.

Hoard, Mrs.

Hoard, P.

Hunt, J.

Hunt, Mrs. J.

James, Mrs. A.



Johns, J. B.

Jones, J.


Kibble, Mrs. S.


Lenoir, Mrs.

Lillard, T.

Louis, J.

Manor, J. W.

Manson, J. E.

Many, D. D.

Marling, R.

Maybury, J.

McGregor, R.

Miles, C. M.

Miles, T. G.

Mitchell, S.

Mitchell, W.

Moore, J. A.


Murfee, J.


Odell, J. A.

Palmer, Gen. J.

Perkins, Mrs. F. E.

Putman, J.

Randolph, P.

Rayburn, S.

Ricketts, S.

Rooker, Mrs. M.

Ross, W.

Russell, B. L.

Sanders, J.


Simpson, Mrs.

Sims, L. S.

Stockard, J. E

Tompkins, R.

Vaughn, J. F.

Wade Est.

Wade, D. & Hunt, L.

Waile, T.

Watkins, Mrs. A.

Watkins, S.

Yanghan, J. W.

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