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Albert Gore, Sr. Research


  District 7 Schools-w/ hoh and children-1941 Rutherford County Genealogy Bulletin Board

Rutherford County

Guest Book

  Marsha's Web Stuff   Home Journal Deaths 1929

Rutherford County Mailing List

Evergreen Cemetery

Information-at Linebaugh Library

  USGenWeb Archives for Rutherford County

1803 Petition 

To make Rutherford a county

with signers

Tennessee Confedarate Home 

RutherfordCounty applications

1839 Railroad Map

showing Rutherford County

By Kevin Kelly

  Smyrna Seminary School 1921-22

Old Rutherford County Churches

Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society

Old Rutherford County Letters

  Smyrna School 1923

Captain Leather's Chair and Riverboat

By Ted D. Jones

Cemeteries moved to make way for Priest Lake

Historical Markers

  Civil War Diary-Kate S. Carney of Murfreesboro

The Thankful Taylor Story

Middle Tennessee

Genealogical Society

Stolen Graves Back Home
  Old Court Notes-1813

  State of Tennessee

  Rutherford County Archives

1795 Map of Tennessee

  19th Century Medical Terms

Linebaugh Library-Murfreesboro and Smyrna

and here!

  The Old Town Well-Murfreesboro Square

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