Stores around Jefferson
Notes By Everett Waller
Date unknown
Ben WADE store was built about 1870 on the Jefferson Pike, in the northeast corner of the
McCULLOUGH and Peyton SMITH lawn.  After WADE sold out to SAIN, George
ROBERTSON ran the store until it blew down about 1908.

WADE moved up to the Jefferson Public Square.  This store was in the corner of his yard, there on
the square.  After WADE’s death, George ROBERTSON and R.O. (Bob) DAVIS ran the store for
several years.  DAVIS went out then and ROBERTSON and R.L. (Bob) MARTIN ran the store
for some years.  After the death of ROBERTSON, MARTIN ran it until about 1924.  R.O. DAVIS
later built a flour mill in Smyrna and made the famous Sara Davis flour.

George ROBERTSON was appointed Postmaster on November 25th, 1902, while in the store,
following Sallie Waller FINNEY and Bettie Waller WRIGHT, who were Postmistresses during the
President Grover Cleveland  and William McKinley’s administrations.

During the same time, Mack CLARK, a brother to Riley and Green CLARK, Murfreesboro,
Tennessee ran a store on the southside of the Pike, in the corner of Ephriam WALLER’s lot (this
was Everett’s grandfather).

John LENOIR ran a store on the southeast corner of the Public Square.  All of the stores were
around the Public Square there at Jefferson.  Jefferson was the County Seat from 1804 until 1811.

In 1912, (Robert ) Sidney and Claiborne WALLER built a store on the southside of the old square.
Joe King became a partner with them.  It was known as Waller Bros. and King.  Waller Bros. later
bought out King and was Waller Bros. until 1918.  Claiborne sold out to R.S. (Robert Sidney)
WALLER.  He (Robert Sidney) ran it until about 1930 and sold it to Sam HALL.

About 1908 or (19)10, Esq. Jim MARTIN built a storehouse just above where Florence Road
comes into Jefferson Pike.  He ran it a while and later Mr. PHIPPS ran it for several years.  Then
Mr. Peyton SMITH came it (from) 1921 until 1940.

H.D. MULLIN’s store was east of the square, over the hill for many years.  The Blacksmith’s shop
was in front of the store.

In 1947, Everett WALLER built a store and service station at the corner of Florence Road and
Jefferson Pike and it was operated by his brother, Ernest H. (Bud) WALLER.  He was here for five
years.  It was then operated by Roy Waller KING and (his) wife Marie for 25 years.  They lived
across the pike in a house he built on the Jim MARTIN lot.  The store was torn down about 1976.