E. Porter Bell, who last week passed his 96th milestone won the $5 Gold piece
offered the oldest veteran. F. M. Alexander of Winchester was presented with
a $5 gold piece for traveling the farest distance while the contest for the
youngest veteran ended in a tie and equal prizes.  W.D. Williams of Nashville
and Frank E. Rice of Smyrna were each 79 years old.  Mr. Rice at the age of
11 years ran away and served as drummer in an Alabama Regiment.  Cedar
drinking cups were presented each veteran.
   Albert Averitt 85, only negro soldier of Rutherford Coumty, who served
thoughout the war as body guard to Generla Joe B. Palmer was given a place
among the veterans and recieved a warm welcome.
   The roll showed the following here from the county this year:

J.P. Funk, 83
R.T. Lannom, 91
Frank Rice, 79
J. West Jacobs, 88
W.E. Smith, 86
Thomas C. Arnold, 84
E. Porter Bell, 96
Capt. Richard Beard, 87
W.R. Haynes, 90
W.F. Overall, 85
Dan S. Brown, 84
S.H. Mitchell, 86
W.C. Crockett, 83
W.G. Matthews, 85
Joseph Free, 84
Overalll L.J. Tolbert, 84
W.N. Byrn, 84
Davis B. Murray, 83
Russel Pattrick,
J. F. Bryant, 92
John W. Farris, 89
W.G. Chrisman, 84
H.C. Guthrie, 87
R.A. Neel, 84
Thomas L. Eaton, 93
M.T. Grizzard, 88
J.G. Cook, 84
Thomas Knott, 79
Gen H.R. Lee, 83
E.N. Patterson 84
W.H. Goodloe, 85
A.J. Carver, 87
Capt. H.C. Brinkley, 82
D.S.Green, 83
W.D. Williams, 79
J.R. Galbreath,
E.S. Bowers, 87
J.L. Barry, 83
Robert Avertt, 90
J.F. Knox, 83
T.C. Little, 85
J.M. Farless, 86
W.A. Bell, 86
J.G. Templeton, 85
W.V. Whitson, 84
W.R. Johnson, 91
B.R. Hoover, 86
J.R. Shelton, 85
B.L. Sagely, 84
F.M. Alexander, 84
A.J. Skidmore, 90
J.B. McFerrin, 90
W.W. Gray, 86

  Home Journal - Tuesday, Oct 6, 1929
55 Old Soldiers Here for Reunion
Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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