Holloway Cemetery
This cemetery sits 350 feet east of New Jefferson Church of Christ. 
There is a rock fence around the cemetery. 
"Rutherford County Cemeteries, Vol. 1, Northwest Third of County, 1975"

May, 2001 The Holloway Cemetery is being moved. 
The following are pictures taken by Bob Blackmer & Rose Birdwell in mid May, 2001. They are probably the last pictures that will be taken of this cemetery so they are special.
As of May 25, the fence surrounding the cemetery has been removed.  A real estate developer bought the land where Holloway Cemetery sits.  He is moving the graves to Mapleview Cemetery in Smyrna.  He has been in contact with the family.   As of May 27, two grave stones have been torn down.  
©Bob Blackmer & Rose Birdwell 2001

 "Rutherford County, Tenn. Cemeteries, Vol.1"  lists the following people buried in the Holloway Cemetery as of 1971:

Jonnie Barnes
Aged 18 years and 5 months
Died April 15, 1898

John M. Holloway
Feb. 11, 1829
Feb. 19, 1905

Cora Barnes
wife of
Jno. M. Holloway
April 3, 1846
April 29, 1895

Ben G. Farmer
Oct. 19, 1864
Mar. 19, 1906

"A new looking granite marker is down on face.???"

May 27, 2001
Pictures by Bob Blackmer

©Bob Blackmer 2001

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