p. 360 Ordered that Clerk of this Court is directed to subpoena Joshau Barton, Alexander McEwen and Thomas Berry to produce certain papers relative to a suit in this court depending William Ingram vs Isiah Renshaw, on behalf of deft.
William Kelton vs Thos Whites adm.  Order suit renewed in name of admrs of sd Wm Killan, and that scire facias issue agt heirs of sd deft.  Heirs of said Thomas decd are all minors, therefore ordered that Robert Jetton be appd guardian to defend sd suit.\

p. 361 John Bradley vs Quin Morton  Plf granted commision to take the depositions of Jesse Wilson, John Rogers, Isaac Rogers at the house of John Rogers in Madison County, Mississippi Territory.
Court orders Abner Johns, Francis Young and John Thompson be judges of the ensuing elections to be held at Black Fox Camp to elect representatives and a senator to our next General Assembly, and that Williams Barfield, Thomas B. Smith and Joshua Haskell be appd clerks of sd elections.
John Wallace, Thomas Hubbard Senr. and Samual Bowman be appd judges of the election at Jefferson and that John Spence, Samual C. Rucker and Thomas Brevard be appd Clerks at sd election.
Court adjourned until Court in Course.
-E.B. McCoy J.P., J. Johns J.P., Fredk Barfield-
p. 1 (new page numbers start here) Court of Pleas and Quarter Session held at Court House in Murfreesbrough on 4th October 1813.  Present the worshipfull Ezekiel B. McCoy, Daniel Bowman, James S. Jetton, Frederick Barfield, J. Jetton, Esqs. Justices Mathew McClanahan Sheriff makes return he summoned the Gentlmen in the writ except Joseph Morton, Ben Kean, John Laurance, John McEwen and Robert Rogers.
Elizabeth Kelton admr and James Kelton admr of William Kelton decd return inventory of estate of William Kelton decd.
Will of James Brookshire proven by Stephen Chelton and Frederick Bradley.

p. 2 Will of Edward Epps proven by John B. Prewitt.
Michael Kinnard and and Sally Thompson admrs of John Thompson decd returned inventory of sd estate.
Deed Sally Thompson wife of John Thompson decd to Joseph Everitt of Wayne County, NC, 140 acres in Wayne County ackd by sd Sally Thompson
Grand jurors Thomas Rucker, foreman, John Lawrence, David Clark, Samual Boatright, Thomas Beavers, Samual McMurry, Anderson Searcy, William Wheeler, John Coventon, Isaac Nance, John Lawrence, William Williford.

p. 3 John Sandford sworn to attend the grand jury.
James Devoure and David Hall deliver Robert Stother to open Court.  It appearing that he married Hannah, he is discarged from process agt. him; judge agt. him; ane cent and costs.
Thomas Owen delivered by James Gore, Robert Prater, John Prater and Samual S. Owen to custody to the sheriff.
E.B. McCoy vs Thos Owen.  Samual Owen and Robert Prater, special bail, surrender sd Thomas Owen who is prayed in custody of the sheriff.

p.4 Robert May vs John Bradley Referred to arbitration of Frederick Barfield and Robert Warnick, Esqr.
Deed William Nash to Elisha Saunders 100 acres ackd
Bill sale Theodorick Carter to James C. Smith proven in part at July term by Robert Smith now proven in full by George Morris.
Petition of Anthony Kinnard to be allowed to build a grist and saw mill on his own land acres west fork of Stones River.

p.5 Bill sale William McFerrin Sr to James Berry 200 acres proven by Thomas Berry.  James Laughlin the other witness hath departed this life.
Steer and heifer appraised to 54 heretofore taken up by Wm D Beard were proven away by Thomas Bay.  Wm Beard released from payment of appraised payment value of sd estrays.

p. 6
William Henderson, William Mayfield, John Hoover,  Adam Cron ister and Mathew Broyles report they have, as ordered marked a road from Murfreesborough to intersect a road leading Hoover's Gap. 
Order Benjamin Yearly appd overseer of road from Murfreesborough to Black Fox Camp Spring; all hands within a mie on each side of sd road to work on same.
Order: James Neely to oversee road from Black Fox Camp Spring to cross road from James Norman's to Ready's Mill.
William Mayfield apptd overseer of sd road from cross road to Big Creek. 

p. 7 John Hoover to oversee from sd Cedar Creek to intersect road through Hoover's Gap and last three mentioned oversees to divide hands equally in Capt. Uselton's military company. 
Charles Dement vs Edmund Dickins.  Cavaet.  Deft not to be found is not a resident of this state.  Facts to be published in Knoxville papers by Clerk.
Will of James Espey decd proven by Zachariah Posey and Isaac H. Overall.

p. 8 Nathanial Overall, Wm Espey and Hanry Balotte qualified as executors.  Perishable property to be sold.
Deed John Craig to mary Weare 80 acres ackd.

Old Court Records from Rutherford County-1813
(These are only partial notes.)
Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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