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     Since our inception, Confederate Circle in Evergreen Cemetery has been the focal point for all memorial activities for Murfreesboro Camp #1355.  We knew that the mass grave contained the remains of soldiers killed in the Battle of Murfreesboro and surrounding skirmishes, but little else was known.  Recently, though, new information has surfaced that adds a new dimension to our pantheon of heroes.
An old cemetery record was discovered in the public library that details the history of the Old Confederate Cemetery and the subsequent removal of the dead to Evergreen Cemetery.  The records indicate that the Old       Cemetery was located one and one-half miles south of Murfreesboro (across from Samsonite Luggage Plant where the telephone sub-station is presently located.)  Over two thousand bodies were removed from the Old      Cemetery to Confederate Circle according to the December 7, 1867 edition of the Murfreesboro Monitor.  On January 28, 1882, the Nashville Banner published a list of men whose names appeared on wooden markers in       Confederate Circle.  Since time has long since erased those markers, FIRST CALL is publishing the list of known buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  Hopefully, this will not only be a memorial to these men, but may assist some compatriot in his search for his Confederate ancestor.
W. M. Adkins, 60th N. Carolina
J. W. Allen, 25th Tennessee
Ed Anderson, 1st Tennessee
R. E. Andruman
Calvin Ardis, 26th Alabama
F. W. Arnold, 2nd Tennessee
William Arnold,2nd Tennessee
W.F. Ballard, 5th Tennessee
W.F. Barton, Co. C,41st Alabama
J.W. Batchelor, Co. b,5th Georgia
__ Bayley, 25th Alabama
J. Beard
J.B. Beasley,24th Mississippi
James Bellah, Co. K,9th Texas Cavalry
O.L. Bennett, 1st Tennessee
James Bevil, 44th Tennessee
B.K. Blackwood, Co. D, 5th Mississippi
Lt.J.Bradshaw, 47th Tennessee
J.T. Brandon, Texas
H. Brannan, Co. I, 11th Texas
Thomas Brown, 2nd Tennessee
J. Brown, 41st Alabama
A.J. Call , 44th Tennessee
W.T. Calvert
Capt. T.C. Cambell, 51st Tennessee
J.A. Cargill, 30th Arkansas
P.C. Carter, Co. A, 25th Alabama
W.J. Carter
J.C. Cathey, 9th Alabama
F.L, Cayce, Franklin, Tennessee
J.H. Clark, Co. B, 17th S. Carolina
Capt. Galbraith, 7th Tennessee Cavalry
Lt. W. C. Gibson, Co. C, 25th Ala.
John Gill, 44th Tennessee
William Gladdin, Co. F. 3rd Ga. Bn.
J. P. Glascow, 18th Tennessee
Martin Green, Sweat's Battery
R. W. Grott, 19th S. Carolina
Lt. Grubbs, Yazoo City, Miss.
J. J. H.
T. Haggie, 4th Arkansas
W. Halcom, 11th Texas
Lt. D. M. Hale, 8th Tennessee
Lt. A. A. Hardin, Stafford's Battery
A. J. Harden, 26th Tennessee
W. Harper, Co. K, 11th Alabama
Capt. Harper
H. Hoskins, Pulaski Battery
T. Hownhil, 11th Tennessee
T. Hussey, 33rd Alabama
William Jackson
W. Jammerson, S. Carolina
John Jarratt, Co. A, 60th N. Carolina
G. Jenkins, prisoner
R. Johns, 14th Mississippi
W. M. Johnson, 11th Texas
S. F. Johnson, 26th Tennessee
Lunsford Jordon, Kentucky
Dr. Kelzer, 45th Mississippi
J. M. Kissack, 19th Tennessee
L. D. Lee, 19th S. Carolina
N. C. Lesneur, Co. C, Caswell, Georgia
O. Lewis, 3rd Florida
W. T. Ligon, 41st Mississippi
Col. Lithgood, 19th S. Carolina
J. F. Lorance, 4th Kentucky
J. L. Lyon, Co. G, 41th Alabama
J. M., 60th, N. Carolina
J. L. Marberry, 1st Tennessee
M. Marshall, Co. E, 24th Alabama
A. H. Marshall, 44th Tennessee
E. H. Marshall, Co. E, 1st Arkansas
Lt. Col. Mason, Arkansas
W. S. Middlebrooks, Co. E, 3d GA. Bn.
E. Miller, 34th Alabama
W. R. Miller, Co. E, 5th Arkansas
L. F. Morhanan, Alabama
Lt. Jno. W. Moseley, 2nd Tennessee
J. W. Mc., 41st Alabama
B. C. McCannon, 60th N. Carolina
R. Clayton, 6th Kentucky Inf.
W. B. Cook, Co. D, 41st Alabama
J. Cook, Co. A 1st Arkansas
E. L. Corins, 41st Mississippi
Moses Croacker, (Croaker) 28th AL
Henry Crofford, 6th Texas Cavalry
John Crouse, 18th Tennessee
J.Y. Crowell
G.W. Cummings
J.W. Cummings, 25th Tennessee
A.J. Cummins, Co. G, 30th Mississippi
James Currey, 2nd Tennessee
A.D.,32nd Alabama
J.T. D., Co. C, 41st Alabama
LT. H. Davis, 8th Tennessee
T.H. Davis, 9th alabama
W.T. Dennis
P. Donkin, 7th Tennessee Cavalry
T. B. Drake 60th N. Carolina
J.L. Edwards, Co. I, 10th Mississippi
R.H. Elliot, 31st Mississippi
A. Ellison, 19th Tennessee
C.A. Elkin,11th Texas
J.T. Fain, 11th Texas
Charles Felts, 2nd Tennessee
J. Finsely, 8th Tennessee
Henry Fisher
M.Fostie, 60th N. Carolina
J.C. Freshingcott, Co. B.
J.P.G., 60th N.Carolina
W.V.G., Co. C, 41st Alabama
Lt. J. L. McCollum, Co. A, 6th Ark
John McGee, 12th Tennessee
M. McGuire, 10th Tennessee
Adjt. J. R. McKerty, 8th Arkansas
J. T. McNab, 11th Tennessee
J. H. McNew, 29th Tennessee
M. Neal, 25th Alabama
Capt. E. R. Nelson
J. P. Nelson
M. O., 23rd Alabama
------ O'Brien, 8th Arkansas
J. P. Oxendine, 25th Tennessee
W. P. 60th N. Carolina
------- Pace, Mississippi
J. Parker
James Parman, 44th Tennessee
J. Patterson, 11th Tennessee
------ Peacock, 23rd Alabama
J. A. Pettigrew, 20th Tennessee
R. P. Phillips, 8th Tennessee
J. T. Pitman, Co. D, 32nd Alabama
------ Quinn, Cobb's Battery
K. E. Raisneur, Co. H, 25th Alabama
J. A. Ransom, 20th Tennessee
------ Ransom, Co. C, 41st Alabama
T. M. Rawlings, 16th Tennessee
W. C. Rominer, Co G, 9th Texas Inf.
C. W. Roper, Co I, 25th Alabama
Lt. H. S. Scofield, Co C, 25 AL
J. Shipper, 8th Tennessee
W. C. Small, 1st Tennessee
S. Smith, 32nd Alabama
R. W. Smith, Co K, 6th Arkansas
W. W. Smith, 4th Florida
Capt. W. Stacey, 47th Tennessee
W. M. Talley, Floyd's Division
G. L. Taylor, Wheeler's Scouts
C. C. Teel, Co H, 38th Alabama
A. J. Thrasher, Co F, 22nd Alabama
W. T. Walker, Co H, 11th Texas
W. Warmack, 29th Tennessee
R. J. Warren, Co E, 4th Arkansas
D. Wayne, Cobb's Battery
J. M. Wayt, Co B, 28th Alabama
Sgt. Webb
Col. W. M. Wharton, 154th Tennessee
------- Whorley, Alabama
P. A. Williams, 19th Tennessee
Captain Williams
Jane Colmenares
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Confederate Circle Heroes
Evergreen Cemetery
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Many thanks to Evergreen Cemetery and Stones River National Battlefield for this information