The Heirs of Rebecca Alexander
Mrs. Rebecca L. Alexander died on or about November 1, 1882 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, intestate. She was survived by her husband, Andrew M. Alexander,  72 years old in 1887.  They were married in 1837.

(Note: according to the 1870 U. S. Census of Rutherford County, Rebecca was born about 1812 and Andrew was born about 1815.  They were quite wealthy.  Alexander had $26,000 in real estate and Rebecca had $25,000)

Mrs. Rebecca Alexander was the only child of Jacob and Mary Wright.  Jacob Wright died intestate about 1860.  His wife, Mary, died after him. Mary Wright,  was only child of May McElhatton,  the daughter of _____ Thompson, a soldier in the Revolution.  _______ Thompson was killed at Battle of Guilford Court House and left two daughters, May, who married ________ McElhatton, and the other married _______ Wright, the father of Jacob Wright.  The McElhatton line ended with the death of Rebecca Alexander.
Numerous people submitted claims to the Chancery Court of Rutherford County that they were related to the Wright family and should receive a portion of the estate. After considering the claims the Court ruled that Mrs. Alexander had the following first cousins at her death:

The Chancery Court ruled that Mrs. Alexander had the following first cousins at her death:
1.    Marvel M. Dill
2.    Amanda Mosby
3.    Harriet Hutchinson
4.    Jesse Brashear
5.    Theodocia Bivins
6.    Theodocia B. Nance
7.    Cynthia Orr
8.    Mary Douglas
9.    Isaac N. Wright
10.    Mary T. Rucker
11.    Amanda Johnson
12.    Thompson J. Wright
13.    Narcissa R. Hall
14.    Araminta Johnson
15.    Alfred Miller, dead, left following children
a.    Charles Miller, Texas
b.    Laura Betty/Belty
c.    Alfred Miller
d.    Dave Miller
e.    N. C. Miller
f.    Isaac A. Miller
g.    Carrie Miller
a.    Electra Miller
b.    Horace Miller
16.    Austin Miller, dead, left the following children
a.    Charles Miller
b.    Austin Miller
c.    Mary Miller, who married one Bond
17.    Thomas Dill, dead, left the following children
a.    Joseph Dill
b.    Mary Dill
c.    Valentine Dill
d.    Z. T. Dill
e.    James Dill, dead, leaving following children:
A.    Maggie
B.    Nancy
C.    Thomas
D.    Joseph
f.    Joseph Dill
g.    Amanda Dill
18.    Mrs. Elizabeth McElroy, dead, left following children
a.    Mary Hunter, widow, Mississippi
b.    Samuel McElroy, dead, no knowledge of children
c.    Tennessee McElroy, Texas
d.    Elizabeth McElroy, Mississippi
e.    Robert McElroy, Mississippi
19.    Isaac Dill, dead, left the following children
a.    Joseph Dill, Missouri
b.    Isaac Dill, Rutherford County
c.    Mary Thomas, dead, left following children in Gibson County, Tennessee
A.    Elizabeth Thomas, married one Hall, their whereabouts were unknown
B.    Narcissa Thomas, married one Boyd, their whereabouts were unknown
C.    Sarah Thomas, married Henry McHenry, Rutherford County
d.    J. M. Dill   
e.    W. C. Dill
f.    A. Dill
20.    Newton C. Dill, dead, left following children:
a.    Elizabeth, married one Bemis.  She and all her children except Thomas Bemis, Texas, were dead.
b.    Thomas Dill died in Texas, left children, names unknown
c.    Mrs. Catharine Booker, widow, Hamilton County, Tennessee
21.    Noah Dill, dead, left following children:
a.    Daughter who married one Delbridge.  She died but names of children are unknown.
22.    Hannah Petty, dead, left two children:
a.    Daughter who married Lewis Jetton, Gibson County, Tennessee
b.    Harriet McDowell, wife of James McDowell, Lincoln County, Tennessee
23.    Mary N. Cole, dead, left following children:
a.    Tolbert F. Cole
b.    Parson. H. Cole
c.    C. N. Cole
All of above lived in Kansas
d.    W. P. Cole, Kentucky
e.    John H. Cole, dead, left eight children, names unknown
f.    Thomas Cole, dead, left two children, names unknown
24.    Mary Jones, dead, left following children
a.    Polima T., wife of W. T. McKnight.  She died and left one child, Andy McKnight
b.    Ann Eliza, wife of Matt Fugitt.  She died and left two children:
A.    Daughter who married one Brents/Bents of Woodbury, Tennessee
B.    Willie Fugitt, Woodbury
c.    Artinissa, daughter, who married Matt Fugitt, and lived at Woodbury
d.    Ada, married one Maupin, residence unknown
e.    Daughter who married one Barton and lived in Texas, died without children
f.    Cora Jones, Woodbury
25.    Rebecca Jetton, dead, left following children:
a.    J. F. Jetton
b.    C. F. Jetton
Both lived in Cannon County
c.    Albert Jetton, Rutherford County
d.    John H. Jetton, dead, left following children:
A.    L. M. Jetton
B.    W. G. Jetton
C.    M. R. Jetton
D.    J. R. Jetton
The last three were minors
e.    Granville Jetton, dead, left following children:
A.    Mrs. M. R. Goodloe
B.    Mrs. A. Goodloe
C.    W. G. Jetton
f.    L. White Jetton, dead, left following children:
A.    Mrs. J. M. McGuffee, Cannon County
g.    Mrs. Sarah McKnight, dead, left following children:
A.    Edgar McKnight
B.    Ellea McKnight
C.    Anna McKnight
26.    Martin Dill, dead, left following children:
a.    John Dill
b.    Martin Dill,
Both of Carroll County
c.    Mrs. Sallie Christenberry
d.    Mrs. Began Stewart
27.    Nancy Fletcher, died in Kentucky, names of children unknown
28.    Newton Goodloe, dead, names of children unknown
29.    Robert Goodloe, died in Alabama. Names and residences of children unknown.
30.    Sam Goodloe, died in Texas.  Names and residences of children unknown.
31.    Alfred Goodloe, died in Texas.  Names and residences of children unknown.
32.    Mrs. Ann Schlater, died in Louisiana,  Names and residences of children unknown.
33.    Mrs. Rebecca Jarratt, dead, left following children and grandchildren:
a.    Mrs. Mary Smith, wife of John H. Smith, Cannon County
b.    Julie R. Curlee, widow, Coffee County
c.    Isaac L. Jarratt, dead, left following six children
A.    Clemmie Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell
B.    Docia Jarrett
C.    Mack Jarratt
D.    Ida Jarratt
E.    Julia R. Jarratt
F.    Lee Jarratt
Last four were minors
d.    Docia Jones, dead, left one daughter, Fannie, wife of C. O. Abernathy
e.    Amanda Baird, dead, left one daughter, Amanda, wife of M. F. Leatherman
f.    Jesse A. Jarratt
34.    Samuel Stotter, half-brother of Alfred Miller, dead.  Names and residences of children if any unknown

This was all of the paternal first cousins.  The judge also found no proof of maternal collateral relatives.  He noted that Richard C. Alford, O. D. Alford, Thomas H. Alford, Malinda Ewing, wife of William Ewing and M. Kim, wife of John Kim  claimed to be descendants of Jane Alford, formerly Jane McElhatton, daughter of John McElhatton, full brother of William McElhatton, father of Mary Wright..  This made Mary Wright and Jane Alford cousins-germanus

Following are family groups derived from the many claims submitted to the court.

Mary Dill, Rebecca Goodloe and Elizabeth Brashear were sisters of Jacob Wright and Thompson Wright was Jacob’s brother.

Children of Mary Dill, deceased, formerly Mary Wright
1.    Marvel M. Dill
2.    Amanda Mosby
3.    Harriet Hutchinson
4.    Isaac Dill, deceased
a.    Joseph Dill, died Sept. 23, 1886
5.    Mary N. Cole, deceased
Children: ‘
a.    William P. Cole, deceased
b.    Clayton M. Cole
c.    John H. Cole, deceased
i.    Joseph Cole
ii.    America Cole
iii.    John Cole
iv.    Frank Cole
v.    Robert Cole
vi.    Obediah Cole
vii.    Mary Cole
viii.    Unidentified Cole
d.    Thomas N. Cole
i.    Clora Cole
e.    Tolbert F. Cole
f.    Parson H. Cole
6.    Newton C. Dill died in Rutherford County, Tennessee, after 1850
a.    Mrs. Catherine L. Booker
b.    Thomas Dill, deceased
i.    George Dill
ii.    Emma Dill
c.    Elizabeth Bennis, deceased
i.    Thomas Bennis
7.    Marlin Dill died intestate in Carroll county, Tennessee, about 1873
a.    John B. Dill
b.    Sallie Christinberry, wife of J. J. Christinberry
c.    Bogan Stewart, wife of Ben Stewart
d.    Bell Bowker, wife of J. W. Bowker

Children of Elizabeth Brashear, deceased, formerly Elizabeth Wright
1.    Jesse Brashear
2.    Theodocia Bivins
3.    Elizabeth Hughes died April 20, 1880.
        a. Archelous M. Hughes
b .John L. Bass, son of May Bass, deceased
c. Everett Hughes, Henry Hughes and Jesse Hughes died unmarried
4.    Mrs. Mary Jones, deceased, wife of Elihu Jones
a. Ada Maupin, wife of W. C. Maupin
b. Artie Fugitt, wife of M. L. Fugitt
c. Cora Jones
d. Anna Liza Fugitt, deceased
i.    Lemma Bunts, wife of J. J. Bunts
ii.    H. U. Fugitt
e. Polemna McKnight, deceased
i. Andrew McKnight
5.    Wright Brashear, died in Texas in 1859.
a.Annexa Miller
b.Henry Brashear
c.    Sallie Jones
d.    John Brashear, died November 1886, intestate, in Texas.
Widow: Kate Brashear
i.    Sallie E. McShane
ii.    Wright Brashear
iii.    Sam H. Brashear
iv.    Fannie Brashear

Children of Rebecca Goodloe, deceased, formerly Rebecca Wright
1.    Theodocia B. Nance
2.    Cynthia Orr
3.    Mary Douglas
4.    Samuel Goodloe, died February 17, 1859, Johnson County, Texas
a. John H. Goodloe
b. Julia A. Shofer
5.    Nancy P. Fletcher, died Hickman County, Kentucky, December 3, 1877. Wife of Richmond L. Fletcher
a.    Lou Fletcher Roberts
b.    Mary Agnes Fletcher
c.    Mountford Henry Fletcher
d.    Alice Elizabeth Fletcher
6.    Robert Goodloe, died March 20, 1881 in Mobile, Alabama.
a.    Henry L. Goodloe
b.    Mary N. Peterson
c.    Bettie George
d.    Margaret Wooten
e.    James Newton Goodloe
f.    Julia Goodloe
7.    Alfred Goodloe, dead, left following children:
a.    Alfred Goodloe, Jr.
b.    Alice M. English
c.    Nancy M. Webb   

Children of Thompson Wright, deceased
1.    Isaac N. Wright
2.    Mary E. Rucker married one Bowers
3.   Amanda Johnson
4.   Thompson J. Wright
5.    Narcissa R. Hall
6.    Araminta Johnson

R. C. Alford, in a deposition given on October 7, 1887 stated he was 70 years old and that his mother’s maiden name was Jane McElhatton. Her father was John McElhatton. According to him, John McElhatton was a brother to Mary Wright’s father.
R. C. Alford further testified that his mother died in Arkansas during the war in .  She had eight children living as of October 1887
1.    Malinda Ewing, wife of William Ewing
2.    Thomas H. Alford
3.    Mary Knox,  wife of John Knox
4.    Margaret Snow
5.    Rebecca Sisco
6.    John M. Alford
7.    Orlando D. Alford
8.    Robert C. Alford
a. Alexander Wright Alford, age 44 in November 1887
9.    Jane Winton, died in Texas leaving several children
10.    Louisa Brady, died in Tennessee, leaving one child, Ples Brady

Samuel Stotter died in Hardeman County, Tennessee, December 27, 1860.  Samuel Stotter’s mother was sister of Jacob Wright
1.    Austin M. Stotter
2.    Mrs. Fannie Smith
3.    Elizabeth H. Anderson
4.    Ella M. Mercer, wife of W. A. Mercer
5.    Mary D. Nichols and her husband W. Nichols were deceased
a.    Sawmilla Nichols
b.    William Nichols
c.    James P. Nichols

Lewis Jetton, born 1807 in Rutherford County, moved to Cannon County in 1837.  He married Rebecca Goodloe, daughter of a sister of Jacob Wright.  In his deposition, Lewis stated that the mother of his wife and the mother of Jacob Wright had been half-sisters.  He also stated that Jacob Wright’s mother was Rebecca Thompson and that the maiden name of mother of his wife was Coots. Rebecca Jetton died about 1880.  He added that Rebecca Thompson had brothers, Tom, Jason and John, that lived in North Carolina.  Tom and Jason later came to Tennessee and settled near Nashville.  Lewis mentioned that he had seen a Thomas Thompson at Jacob and Mary Wright’s house.

Children of Rebecca Jetton
1.    Albert Jetton
2.     J. T. Jetton
3.    C. T. Jetton

A. M. Alexander stated in his deposition that his wife’s maiden name was Mary McElhatton.  Mary’s mother had lived about two miles from Jacob Wright.  He further testified that Mr. McElhatton died before his daughter.  Mary was the given name of Mrs. McElhatton and when she died she left between 200 and 300 acres of land she lived on about 2 miles from the Wrights to her daughter. A. M. Alexander was 68 years old in May 1882.  He married Rebecca December 3, 1837.  During their marriage they lived within 2 ½ miles of the Wright’s.  He also understood that the mother of Jacob Wright and the mother of Mary McElhatton was half sisters. He added that Jacob Wright had stated that his mother was Rebecca Thompson.  He also stated that Jacob’s wife was the daughter of Mary MeElhatton, whose maiden name was Coots.  He stated that R. C. Alford and his mother had visited them about 1839 or 1840.  They were accompanied by the Wrights.  Mrs. Alford’s name was Jane.  The Alfords claimed to be full cousins.  Their fathers were both McElhattons, one John and the other William.  The Alfords lived in Roan county, Tennessee.  Mrs Alford was 40-45 years old and the son about 19.  The Wrights offered to deed the McElhatton tract of land, about 640 acres, to Mrs. Alford if she would move to Middle Tennessee and live on it.  Mrs. Alford asked to consult with her husband before making a decision.  The land was never deeded.    He added that Mrs. Mary Wright had died about 1876 at age 82.  Mrs. Alford may have had about six children, one of which was Mary and another was Lucinda.

October 15, 1883, Mary Jones gave the following information during a deposition         taken in Summitt Township, Effingham County, Illinois
Mary Jones was 90 years old, December 29, 1882. Mary Jones had lived with Wm and Sarah Jones as one of their family since 1851.Mrs. Sarah Jones’ father was Isaac Wright.  He lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Isaac Wright was a brother of Jacob Wright, father of Rebecca T. Alexander.  Mary stated that Isaac Wright had a son, Enos Wright, by his last wife.  Enos lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.

October 15, I881, Lucinda Levitt gave the following information during a deposition taken in Summitt Township, Effingham County, Illinois. Lucinda was 49 years old, June 23, 1882.  Wm. and Sarah Jones resided in Summitt Township, Effingham County, Illinois.  Sarah Jones’ father was Isaac Wright.  He lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Isaac Wright died sometime during the Civil War.  He was brother of Jacob Wright, deceased.  Rebecca T. Alexander was the only child of Jacob Wright.

May 4, 1883, F. C. Mosby gave the following information during a deposition.  The only heirs of Mrs. Elizabeth McElroy that she knew of were Mrs. Mary Hunter, Samuel McElroy, Tennessee McElroy, Elizabeth McElroy and Robert McElroy.  Mary Hunter was a widow the last she knew and  lived in Mississippi.  Samuel McElroy was killed in Nicaragua and Tennessee McElroy lived in Texas.  She probably didn’t marry.  Mr. Mosby didn’t know anything about Elizabeth McElroy except she was last living in Mississippi.  Robert also lived in Mississippi.  Isaac Dill died leaving the following children:
1.    Joseph Dill, Missouri. One of his daughters married one Petty.  Lewis Jetton’s wife was one of his children and H???? McDowell, wife of James McDowell was another.  The Jettons lived in Wilson County and the McDowells lived in Moore County, Tennessee.
2.    Isaac Dill, Rutherford County, Tennessee.  He had a daughter who married William Thomas.  They lived in West Tennessee.
3.    Elizabeth Dill, married  one Hall, and moved to West Tennessee.
4.    Unidentified Dill, married H. McHenry, and lived in Rutherford County, Tennessee..
5.    J. M. Dill, son, lived in Rutherford County, Tennessee
6.    A. Dill, son, lived in Woodbury, Tennessee
7.    Wyatt Dill, a son, lived in Rutherford or Wilson County, Tennessee.
8.    Newton C. Dill, deceased, left following children.
a.    Elizabeth Dill, married one Bemis.  All her children were dead except Thomas Bemis.
b.    Thomas Dill, lived and died in Texas, leaving seven children
A.    Joseph Dill
B.    James Dill, deceased, left following children
i. Maggie Dill
ii. Thomas Dill
iii. Joseph Dill
iv. Nancy Dill
C.    Mary Dill, Rutherford County
D.    Valentine Dill, Rutherford County
E.    Z. T. Dill, Rutherford County
F.    Sallie Dill, Rutherford County
G.    Amanda Dill, Rutherford County
c.    Mrs. Catharine Booker, Hamilton County, Tennessee
d.    Noah Dill died leaving three children but they have all died.  One of his daughters married one Delbridge and she died leaving children.  They lived in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

     Mr. Mosby stated that Alfred Miller had 10 children:
     1.   Charles Miller, Texas
2.    Laura Betty/Belty, Murfreesboro
3.    Henry Miller, dead, left following children:
a.    Mary Miller, Murfreesboro
b.    Electra Miller, Murfreesboro
c.    Horace Miller, Murfreesboro
4.    Lizzie Jones, Rutherford County
5.  Mary Miller married to W. J. Queen, Kentucky
6.    Alfred Miller, Murfreesboro
7.    Dave Miller, Murfreesboro
8.    N. C. Miller, Rutherford County
9.    Isaac A. Miller, Rutherford County
10.    Austin Miller, dead, left following children:
a.    Charles Miller
b.    Austin Miller
c.    Mary Miller, married one Bonds.
The three children all lived in Hardeman County, Tennessee

Wright Brashear, dead, left following children:
a.    John Brashear
b.    Annexa Brashear, married to Charles Miller
c.    Henry Brashear
d.    Sallie Brashear, married to J. W. Jones
e.    Mrs. Sallie E. McAshan
f.    Sam Brashear
g.    Fannie Brashear
h.    Wright Brashear
They all lived in Harrier County, Texas.

?L?. Jarrett gave the following information in his deposition. The heirs of Mrs. Rebecca Jarratt, deceased, formerly Rebecca Brashear, first wife of D. M. Jarratt were:
1.    Mrs. May Smith, wife of John H. Smith, Cannon County
2.    Julia ?Carder?, Coffee County, Tennessee
3.    Isaac L. Jarratt, dead, left six children living in Cannon County as follows:
a. Clemmie Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell
b. David Jarratt
c. Mack Jarratt
d. Ida Jarratt
e. Julia B. Jarratt
f. Lee Jarratt
The first five were minors
5.    Dasia Jones, dead, left one child, Fanny, wife of Charles Abernathy
6.    Amanda Beard, dead, left one child, Amanda, wife of Minos Leatherman
7.    J. A. Jarratt, Lawrence County, Alabama

Dr. J. H. Dickens in his deposition of October 13, 1884, stated he had been the family physician for Mrs. Alexander for 34 years.  He married the half-sister of Mr. Alexander, and his wife was living.

John H. Jetton, dead, left following children:
1.    W. G. Jetton
2.    M. R. Jetton
3.    J. R. Jetton

Mrs. Sarah McKnight, dead, left following children :
2.    Elga McKnight
3.    Ella McKnight
4.    Anna McKnight

Jason Wright, died in Dyer County, Tennessee, left following children:  Jason was son of Isaac Wright
1.    Jacob Wright
2.    Jesse T. Wright
3.    John Bell Wright
4.    King Hubbard Wright
5.    Amanda Wright Brinkley, wife of Thomas H. Brinkley
6.    Mary Wright Taylor, wife of Ayres Taylor
7.    Rebecca Alexander Wright Maxwell, wife of J. Maxwell
8.    Hannah Wright Galagher, died, left following children
a.    Dana A. James
b.    Mary Ann Galagher
9.    Lucinda Wright Gleaves, died, left following children
a.    John Gleaves
b.    Jacob Gleaves

April 1884 term, the death of Mrs. Amanda Mosby was announced.  Her heirs at law were listed as follows:
1.    James C. Mosby
2.    Samuel G. Mosby
3.    Mary H. Crosslin, formerly Mary H. Mosby, wife of Jasper Crosslin
4.    Rebecca S. Mosby
5.    Andrew J. Mosby
6.    Eliza Mosby

Following information came from deposition of Marcus F. Schlater February 9, 1884.  His full name was Marcus Fullions Schlater, he resided in Iberville Parrish, Louisiana,  he was 32 years old and was a  laborer.  His mother’s maiden name was Ann Eliza Wright.  She first married B. M. Lindsey, Iberville Parrish in 1840.  Her second marriage was to Sebastion Urban Schlater, Iberville Parrish,  January 13, 1842.  His mother died Iberville Parrish, April 18, 1878, intestate. She left nine children as follows:
1.    Henry Clay Schlater, born December 11, 1842, lived in Iberville Parrish
2.    John Dutton Schlater, born May 16, 1846. lived in New Orleans
3.    Frederick Newton Schlater, born March 2, 1850, lived in Iberville Parrish
4.    Marcus Fullions Schlater, born December 27, 1851, lived in Iberville Parrish
5.    Leonidas Lucins Schlater, born June 5, 1854, lived in Iberville Parrish
6.    Rebecca Auroa Schlater, born February 5, 1856, married A. Benjamin Marionneau and lived in Iberville Parrish
7.    Anna Hennica Schlater, born September 4, 1861, lived in Iberville Parrish
8.    Gervey Walter Schlater, born November 4, 1863, lived in Iberville Parrish
9.    Sebastain Urbin Schlater, November 4, 1863, lived in Iberville Parrish
The following two children died before their mother:
1.    Ellen Henrietta, married to Hermogene Rudolph Dupuy, died without children
2.    Penella Pelodoiska, never married

Mr. Schlater stated his mother’s father was Abram Wright from Tennessee.  Abram Wright died in Iberville Parrish April 22, 1829.  He had only one child.  The father of Rebecca Alexander and the father of his mother were brothers.

    Sarah Jones, age 74, and William W. Jones, age 72, gave the following information in a deposition on April 14, 1887:  Mrs. Martha A. Jones’ maiden name was Strayhorn and she was the daughter of Thompson and Martha Strayhorn.  Martha Strayhorn’s maiden name was Martha Wright and she was daughter of Isaac Wright, brother of Jacob Wright.  Martha A. Strayhorn married Charles Jones on or about 1876 and on the date of the deposition lived near Riverside, Columbia County, Oregon.  Sarah Jones stated that she knew Martha Wright in North Carolina and Tennessee.

May 26, 1886, the death of Mrs. Amanda Mosby was announced in court. Her children were
1.    James C. Mosby
2.    Samuel G. Mosby
3.    Mary H. Mosby, married to Jasper S. Crosslin
4.    Andrew J. Mosby
5.    Eliza Mosby

November 10, 1887 it was announced by the court that Elizabeth McElroy had died leaving following heirs;
1.    Mary R. ?Hunter? of Mt. Pleasant, Mississippi
2.    Temmie ? Moorsman & husband, G. L. Moorsman of Clarksville, Texas
3.    James W. Crawford, Clinton, Arkansas
4.    Bob Lee Crawford, Clarksville, Texas, minor, child of Elizabeth R. Crawford, daughter of Wm. McElroy
5.    A. Webb Crawford, Clarksville, Texas, minor, child of Elizabeth R. Crawford, daughter of Wm. McElroy
6.     Robert  B. McElroy, Jr., son of Robert B. McElroy, Sr. son of Wm. McElroy

It was also announced that N. Carrie Miller had intermarried with Thomas Boyles

June 1883, John W. Wright filed a claim that he was son of Isaac Wright, brother of Jacob Wright and was a cousin-germanus of Rebecca T. Alexander.         

In a deposition given on April 16, 1888, J. L. Vaughan stated that he knew Ed H. Delbridge and listed his children as follows:
1.    Pattie M. Delbridge
2.    Maud H. Delbridge
3.    Josie Delbridge
4.    Tennessee Delbridge
5.    Cecilia Delbridge
6.    Warren Delbridge
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