Revolutionary War
of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
and Early Tennessee
Compiled by C. Hammett, 2001
for TNGenWeb (TNGenNet) and Giles County in the Revolution

DAN ALEXANDER applied for his Revolutionary War pension while living in Marion County, Tennessee, in April 1833. He enlisted in Mecklenburg, County, North Carolina, in the spring of 1781, under Lieut. Ezekial POLK, Capt. Peter BURNS, Maj. Moore, Col. Wade HAMPTON and Gen. SUMPTER. He fought in the battle of Eutaw Springs. His discharge was burned when his home was burned. He was born 15 Feb 1764 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and removed from there to Haywood County, North Carolina, and then in 1832 to Marion County, Tennessee where he died on 1 Oct 1839. His widow, Sarah Alexander, applied for pension on 25 Feb 1853 while living in Dade County, Georgia.

DAN ALEXANDER applied for his revolutionary pension while living in Hardeman County and his name appears on the 1832 List. He was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1757. He volunteered under Capt. ALEXANDER and Genenal ERWIN. The Captain was nicknamed "Black Alexander." Col. GATES wore velvet breeches and a pale blue coat with epaulettes. He rode a bay horse.

ELIJAH ALEXANDER applied for his revolutionary pension while living in Maury County, Tennessee, September 11, 1832, age 72. He declared he was born in Mechlinburg [Mecklenburg] County, North Carolina, in 1760, as recorded in his father's family Bible. He remained in Mechlinburg County until 1819 when he moved to Maury County, Tennessee. In March 1780, Colonel Thomas POLK made a demand on nearby companies of men to guard a magazine. With the consent of Elijah ALEXANDER's father Elijah entered the service under Captain Thomas ALEXANDER and served three months. Shortly after that the father, William ALEXANDER, sent Elijah to Maryland. After returning he enlisted again in February, 1781. Smallpox appeared in camp and Moses ALEXANDER, brother of the Governor of North Carolina, died. Elijah ALEXANDER was sent home to be inoculated. He enlisted again and rendezvoused at Charlotte under Colonel Thomas POLK and Captain James JACK in March, 1781. Sarah ALEXANDER, widow of Elijah ALEXANDER, applied for widow's pension November 21, 1850, while living in Giles County, Tennessee, aged 88 years. She stated that Elijah ALEXANDER died in Giles County, November 11, 1850. She stated that she was married to the soldier at the home of her grandfather, in Mechlinburg County, North Carolina in June, 1783, by (???) Giles, a Justice of the Peace. She stated that her late husband's sister, Ruth Clark, living in Iowa, 86 years of age in 1850, was present at the wedding. In 1855 Mrs. Sarah Alexander had removed from Tennessee to Mississippi. (Rev War Pension W5201)

In 1835, Elijah ALEXANDER was on the Pension Rolls as "Elijah Alexander, Maury County, Tennessee, Private, North Carolina Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Received, May 3 1833 Pension Started, Age 74."

"According to Zella Armstrong in her series, Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution, compiled from Pension Statements (originally Published in Five Pamphlets, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1933, reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1975), "This is one of the most interesting pension declarations as Elijah's statement is entirely in his own handwriting. The widow stated that they lived together for sixty-six years but no children are mentioned."

CAPTAIN WILLIAM ALEXANDER applied for his revolutionary pension while living in Mechlenburg County, North Carolina. He entered service in that county under Captain Adam ALEXANDER. He was commanded by General Griffith RUTHERFORD in an attack on the Indians. He served under Captain Ezekial POLK in pursuit of the Tory William CUNNINGHAM. He served under General Thomas SUMTER in the battles of Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock and Gates Defeat. He was associated with Colonel Wade HAMPTON in the battles of Monk's Corner, Eutaw Springs, and the taking of Friday's Fort.

Note: Capt. William ALEXANDER did not apparently ever reside in Tennessee, but has been included here due to his possible relationship with other Mecklenburg County Alexanders.


Armstrong, Zella, Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution, compiled from Pension Statements, Originally Published in Five Pamphlets in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1933, reprinted Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, 1975)

White, Virgil, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, 1990

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