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January 3, 1834

BURKE SMITH son of PETER N. SMITH, esq., died December 19, 1833 aged 1 year, 6 months and 21 days [May 28, 1831].


January 17, 1834

A medical student surnamed HARRIS shot and killed a fellow classmate, JAMES P. FENNER at Morrison College in December 1834. FENNER was from Jackson, Tenn. and on the news of his death the town's young men issued an encomium in his memory, emphasizing the deceased's "warm-hearted sincerity." [December 27, 1833]

GEORGE OLIVER, native of North Carolina died in Giles Co., Tenn., December 25, 1833; had also lived in Williamson Co., Tenn. for many years.


January 24, 1834

FRANCES daughter of JAMES ARMSTRONG, SR. died January 21, 1834 in the 22nd year of her age.

JOSEPH CARSON born in Ireland, June 12, 1750; served in the British army; migrated to U.S. about 1790; died in residence of WILLIAM H. HILL, Williamson Co., Tenn., January 16, 1834.


January 31, 1834

Mrs. [ ] THOMAS died January 13, 1834 in the 83rd year of her age.

WILLIAM SPENCER infant son of AMOS DOTSON died January 27, 1833.

ROBERT C. infant son of WILLIAM JOHNSON, Franklin, Tenn., died in Columbia, Tenn., Jan. 28, 1834.

Mr. L. [J. B.] BEECH died January 26, 1834.

DYER articles on page 15.


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        Nothing but the circumstances of privation which surround the situation of the widow and children of my deceased father, the late Colonel Robert Henry Dyer without any individual ability on my part to relieve their embarrassments could induce me at this, or any other time, to present myself to the public as the Manager of a Lottery. This, however, is the resource which the General Assembly, in its liberality, has placed in my hands as a means of relieving my father's family from being reduced to want, and of discharging a debt, which his estate is justly owing. To pay this debt, and all his other debts honorably, was among the last injunctions imposed by my deceased parent upon me as his only son.
          It is generally known that throughout the late war, from its commencement to its termination, my father discharged his duty in the public service as became a soldier and a man. It neither becomes me in this or in any other place, to boast of, or to reiterate his services. It is proper, however to state, that they were performed at the sacrifice of fortune and health. His loss of time and money, in the public service, connected with numerous pecuniary obligations incurred for others before and after that time, and which he was, during his life, compelled to discharge, left him at the time of his death, greatly embarrassed in his circumstances. To discharge the debt due to the state, above alluded to, would now require the sale and sacrifice of every article of property, real and personal, of which he died possessed. In this state of things, and for the purpose of securing his widow and infant orphans in the possession of a small home, the scheme of the Grand State Lottery class first, is now presented to the public. For myself, my time, my services, and personal responsibility, together with that of the most sufficient sureties who have generously agreed to stand by me, is freely given without the expectation of any personal or individual profit from the undertaking. Under these circumstances, the scheme is submitted to the friends, the former companions in arms, of the deceased, and to the liberal minded citizens of this State generally, as well as is the generous citizens of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and other States, to whom the character and services of the late Colonel Dyer are not wholly unknown.



March 21, 1834

Grand State Lottery


For the relief of the heirs of the late R. H. Dyer deceased.

To be drawn in the city of Nashville on the ___ day of March 1834

The following gentlemen will be invited to superintend the drawing of the same:

SAM G. SMITH, Secretary of State.
THOS. CRUTCHER, Treasurer.
JOHN M. BASS, Mayor.
E. S. HALL, Esquire.


1 Prize of $ 8,000
1 Prize of $ 2,000
1 Prize of $ 1,000
1 Prize of $ 500
1 Prize of $ 300
1 Prize of $ 200
1 Prize of $ 100
1 Prize of $ 100
1 Prize of $ 100
1 Prize of $ 100
1 Prize of $ 100
4 Prizes of $ 75
5 Prizes of $50
36 Prizes of $25
36 Prizes of $20
468 Prizes of $15
3780 Prizes of $9

Whole tickets, $8, halves $4, quartes $2; eighths $1. Certificates, containing a combination of 14 tickets will cost $65.

** Orders for tickets addressed to the undersigned, care of WM M'CONNELL, Agent, inclosing cash, or prize tickets in any respectable lottery, will receive the most prompt attention.

Nashville, Nov. 18, 1833. Proprietor.

N. B. The postage need not be paid on letters enclosing $10, or upwards, for tickets. J.H.D.

the office of the
Grand State Lottery.

Is kept on Deaderick street, next door to Saml. Hogg & Co's Drug Store, and immediately opposite the office of the Nashville Republican.

Nov. 21, 1833. WM M'CONNELL, Agent.

Tickets and shares for sale at Michael Doyles and at the Review Office Franklin Ten.




Departed this life on Thursday, the 11th instant, at his residence in this county, after a short illness, Colonel ROBERT H. DYER, a distinguished hero in the service of his country, under Gen-Jackson, during the late war. Few men commanded more the respect and esteem of an extensive acquaintance in private life and none ever deserved better of his country as a soldier. He served in all the memorable campaigns under Gen. Jackson, down to the termination of hostilities at the celebrated battle of New Orleans. He was brave, intrepid and ever foremost in battle, paved the way to victory, The memory of such a man deserves more than a passing notice, We shall be pleased hereafter to obtain and present to our readers, a biographical sketch of our much lamented and departed friend. A numerous family deplore his loss. His remains were interred at his late residence, on yesterday, with military honors.


PRIVATE ACTS OF TENNESSEE, 1832 (Nashville, Tenn., 1832), pages 53-54:


An Act for the relief of the heirs of Robert H. Dyer, deceased.

Whereas, it is represented to this General Assembly, that the late Col. Robert H. Dyer, of Madison county,


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died in the year 1826, indebted to the State of Tennessee, in the sum of three thousand dollars, and that the executor for the payment of the same, gave a deed in trust on the whole of the estate of the said Robert H. Dyer, excepting what was consumed in the payment of individual debts, amounting to about a sufficiency to pay this debt, and that the collection of this debt would deprive the widow and several daughters, of the means of support, and take from them almost all the comforts of life: Therefore,
        SECTION 1. Be enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That Joel Henry Dyer, executor of the last will and testament of the said Robert H. Dyer, deceased, be, and he is hereby, authorized to prepare and draft a scheme of a Lottery in any manner he may think best, in order to raise the sum of six thousand dollars, for the benefit of the heirs of the said Robert H. Dyer, to be applied to the payment of the expenses of drawing this Lottery, and of the debt, interest and cost now owing by said executor of the said Robert H. Dyer, to the State of Tennessee.
        SEC. 2. Be it enacted, That before the said Joel H. Dyer proceed with said Lottery, he shall enter into bond with sufficient security in the sum of twelve thousand dollars, payable to the Governor and his successors in office, conditioned for the faithful payment of all prizes when drawn, or in case of failure to draw said Lottery, for the repayment to such persons as may have purchased tickets, of the sum by them advanced, which bond when executed, shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State, and upon breach of which, suit may be brought to recover for the use of any person or persons aggrieved, from time to time, until the penalty be paid.
        SEC. 3. Be it further enacted, That the said Lottery be drawn and completed in the space of three years, from the first day or January 1834, and that the collection of the said debt, be, and the same is hereby, suspended for the period or three years, from the said first day of Jan. 1831: Provided, nothing in this act shall be so construed as to affect a lien given on certain [property] by the executor of the said Robert H. Dyer, deceased, to secure the payment of the above mentioned debt.
        SEC. 4. Be it enacted, That the said Joel Henry Dyer, is hereby authorized and empowered, (if in his opinion it would be most beneficial to the estate,) to sell the right of drawing this Lottery to any person or persons, he first taking bond and security from such person or persons to pay the prizes, and also such part or portion of the money as he by his contract with said person or persons may be entitled to: Provided, that nothing in this act contained shall authorize more than two classes to be drawn in said Lottery.


Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate.

Passed November 11, 1833.


ROBERT HENRY DYER was born in North Carolina, one of the children of JOEL DYER and his wife, SOPHIA DYER; the family moved to east Tennessee when he was eight years old; he had a lively record as a volunteer soldier (lieutenant-colonel, wounded in November 1814) in the War of 1812; eventually moved to west Tennessee, Dyer County, and in 1824 to Madison County, Tennessee where he lived about ten miles north of Jackson, Tennessee, on a 275 acre farm off the middle fork of the Forked Deer River, just north of present day Oakfield, where he died May 11, 1826 and where he was buried. (Most of biographical information, above, came from the JACKSON GAZETTE, May 28, 1825 and May 13, 1826]

Colonel DYER had been loaned $3000 from the State of Tennessee to create a canal from the mouth of the north fork of the Forked Deer River, southwest of present-day Dyersburg, Tennessee to the Mississippi River (1825). He had a warehouse situated beside the Mississippi River where the north fork flowed into the greater river. He died before he could develop this canal and his estate was held accountable for the repayment of the loan. The state allowed his executor to hold a state-wide lottery as a means of raising money to pay the debt but as there were several other lotteries held at the same time, this lottery failed.

For more information about the DYER family, see Jonathan K. T. Smith's GENEALOGICAL MISCELLANY II., MADISON COUNTY, TENNESSEE (Jackson, 1996), pages 40-41; IBID., III. (Jackson, 1996), pages 53-65.


February 7, 1834

JOHN B. BEECH born Chesterfield Co., Va., 1760; as a youth served in the Revolutionary War; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1819, where he died January 26, 1834 in the residence of PRESLY DOTSON.

Colonel WILLIAM POLK died in Raleigh, N.C., January 14, 1834 in the 76th year of his age.

GUSTAVUS A. POPE, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Columbus, Miss., Jan. 13, 1834, aged 22 years.

THOMAS B. TEMPLE died in Williamson Co., Tenn., February 2, 1834 aged 35 years.


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February 14, 1834

GUSTAVUS A. POPE died in Columbus, Miss., of consumption, January 13, 1834 aged 21 years "and a few days" old.

Colonel WILLIAM C. PINCKNEY died in Colleton District, South Carolina, December 30, 1833 in the 66th year of his age.

NATHAN KING, esq., a Revolutionary War veteran, died near Fayetteville, North Carolina, December 31, 1833 in the 83rd year of his age.


February 21, 1834

LORENZO DOW, "a well-known itinerant preacher" died Georgetown, D.C., February 2, 1834; native of Coventry, Conn.


March 6, 1834

M. E. CATOR married MARY J. PORTER, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 4, 1834.


March 14, 1834

WILLIAM WIRT died in Washington City [D.C.], February 19, 1834 aged about 62 years. [Wirt, a sometime U.S. attorney-general and historical writer, was born November 8, 1772 and died February 18, 1834.]

General MARCUS CALMES died Woodford Co., Ky., February 27, 1834 in the 80th year of his age; captain in Revolutionary War and served as a general in the War of 1812.


March 28, 1834

Dr. M. R. HADEN, Virginia, married Miss C. J. G. DAVIS, March 26, 1834.

DAVID TRIMBLE married MARTHA G. FOSTER, March 23, 1834.

JOHN C. HAMPTON, Surry Co., North Carolina, married ANNE daughter of J. DRENNAN, Wilson Co., Tenn., March 27, 1834.


April 4, 1834

Recent deaths: ALEXANDER MERRILL; JOSEPH DUGGER; Infant child of Mr. NEELY.

ANDREW FANE left his father's home in Augusta Co., Va. in April 1815 and hadn't been heard from since that time. His father, DANIEL FANE, asked the broad public as to his possible whereabouts. His parents now lived near Jefferson, Rutherford Co., Tennessee.


April 11, 1834

JOHN COOK, veteran of Revolutionary War, died Williamson Co., Tenn., recently.

ALEXANDER MERRILL, Portland, Maine, died recently, aged about 35 years; surviving were his widow and children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH BREATHITT, mother of the late governor of Kentucky, died Russellville, Ky., recently.

Colonel JOEL PARRISH died Nashville, Tenn., April 4, 1834.

ELI FIELDS died Nashville, Tenn., April 6, 1834.


April 18, 1834

MILTON S. HAMILTON died on the steamboat "Tobacco Plant" between New Orleans and Natchez, Miss., about April 2, 1834 in the 26th year of his age.

WILLIAM B. McCLELLAN died Brownsville, Tenn., April 10, 1834 aged about 36 years.

Mrs. CHESLEY DAVIS died early in April 1834 in Brownsville, Tenn.

Mrs. JANE HOLLAND died Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 27, 1833 in the 63rd year of her age.


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SOLOMON W. GRIFFIN, Louisiana, married CHARLOTTE EDNEY, Haywood Co., Tenn., Apr. 4, 1834.

WILLIAM J. LEDYARD, merchant, Mobile, Ala., married LAURA daughter of JOHN P. ERWIN, esq., in Nashville, Tenn., April 14, 1834.


April 25, 1834

SAMUEL B. STOCTON, formerly editor of the Lebanon (Tenn.) REPOSITORY was killed in an "affray," Mobile, Alabama, April 4, 1834.


May 2, 1834

JOHN MARRS, respectable citizen of Lauderdale Co., Alabama left Florence, Ala. for his home about 6 miles away on a recent Friday and was shot and killed and robbed of about $700.

THOMAS W. WILSON married MARY BANKS, April 30, 1834.

WILLIAM L. BERRY, printer, married NANCY G. WALLACE, Fayetteville, Tenn., recently.

Dr. FIELDING DEADERICK married ANN LETITIA COOPER, Nashville, Tenn. [April 24, 1834].

A. [AARON] B. SLUDER married ELIZABETH GARNER, April 24, 1854.

Captain WILLIAM ANDERSON, officer in the Revolutionary War, died Maury Co., Tenn., April 5, 1834 in the 79th year of his age.

Hon. LITTLETON P. DENNIS, member of the U.S. Congress, from Maryland, died Washington City [D.C.], April 14, 1834.

BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1974, Washington, D.C., 1974, pages 848-849:

DENNIS. Littleton Purnell (nephew of John Dennis), a Representative from Maryland; born at "Beverly," Worcester County, Md., July 21, 1786; attended Washington Academy, Somerset County, Md.; was graduated from Yale College in 1803; studied law; was admitted to the bar and practiced; member of the State house of delegates in 1815, 1816, and 1819-1827; presidential elector in 1800, 1812, 1816, 1824, and 1828; member of the executive council of Maryland in 1829; an elector of the Maryland State senate in 1831; elected as a Whig to the Twenty-third Congress and served from March 4, 1833, until his death in Washington, D.C., April 14, 1834; interment in the Congressional Cemetery.


May 9, 1834

GEORGE BECTON died Davidson Co., Tenn., May 4, 1834 in the 94th year of his age; veteran of Revolutionary War.


May 30, 1834

The Rev. JOHN W. HANNER married ELIZABETH R. PARK, May 27, 1834.

Dr. HENRY Y. WEBB married MARTHA J. HUGHS, May 29, 1834.

JAMES F. MAY married ELIZA F. daughter of WILLIAM PERKINS, dec., Davidson Co., Tenn., May 22, 1834.


June 6, 1834

HENRY JONES died on steamboat "Bonnets O'Blue", steaming from New Orleans to Nashville, Tenn., of cholera, May 17, 1834; buried on south side of Miss. River, 14 miles above Randolph, Tennessee.

ALEXANDER DONELSON died Davidson Co., Tenn., May 23, 1834 aged 83 years; the oldest brother of Mrs. Andrew [Rachel] Jackson; son of Colonel JOHN DONELSON of middle Tenn. fame.


June 13, 1834

FRANCIS H. WILKINSON, Franklin, Tenn. married ANGELINE ANGUISH, June 9, 1834.

Colonel GREENWOOD LEFLORE, Mississippi, married PRISCILLA DOULY, Franklin, Tenn., June 9, 1834.

JAMES W. C. PARKER married MARY A. REYNOLDS, June 10, 1834.


June 20, 1834

ELIZABETH daughter of ROBERT WHITE died near Franklin, Tenn., June 15, 1834.

ALEXANDER C. EWING died June 13, 1834 in 37th year of his age. Methodist.


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June 27, 1834

JOHN H. SMITH, Nashville, Tenn. merchant died in that city, June 23, 1834.

M. R. CRADDOCK died near Tallahassee, Florida, May 26, 1834; formerly of Franklin, Tenn.


July 4, 1834

The Marquis de LaFayette, Frenchman who assisted in the struggle for American independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War died at Lagrange, France, May 20, 1834 in the 77th year of his age. On Tuesday, June 24, 1834 the membership of the Constitutional Convention, being held in Nashville, issued a resolution of respect in his memory.

Mrs. MILES PRIEST died June 27, 1834.

JOHN BUCHANAN died June 30, 1834 after a severe illness.


July 11, 1834

Colonel JOHN H. BULLOCK married MARY WOLDRIDGE, July 6, 1834; both of Franklin, Tennessee.

ELIZA wife of THOMAS J. WHITFIELD died July 5, 1834 aged about 23 years. Methodist.

WARNER T. WORMLEY son of Capt. JOHN WORMLEY, Maury Co., Tenn. died July 6, 1834; young man.

JAMES DEJARNETT, formerly of Pittsylvania Co., Va., died Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 8, 1834. Baptist.


July 18, 1834

From the WESTERN METHODIST. ELEANOR wife of the Rev. ROBERT DAVIS, Franklin, Tenn., born Lunenburg Co., Va., 1771; married March 1795; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1801; joined Methodist Church, 1803; died May 22, 1834; wife and mother.


July 25, 1834



JOSHUA PECK married AMELIA BUSHEL, July 17, 1834.

BUSHROD BIRCH married ARBELLA CHILD, Pittsfield, Mass., July 18, 1834.

Miss S. daughter of H. PEEBLES, Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 21, 1834; consumption.

Infant Child of RICHARD WHITBY died Franklin, Tenn., July 22, 1834.

JOHN S. WOOD, Mississippi, died at Colonel B. S. TAPPAN's residence, Franklin, Tenn., July 20, 1834; born in Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 10, 1813; at one year of age he moved with his family to Petersburg, Va.; moved to Franklin, Tenn., 1825; moved to Miss., 1832 but returned to Franklin in May 1834. Funeral in Methodist Church.

WILLIAM L. DUNCAN, Bolivar, Tenn., offered a $500 reward for the capture of CHISM MAY, a man tall with sandy hair and his brother, OLIVER C. MAY, heavy with dark hair, for having murdered LEWIS BOLT in Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 12, 1834. Their father, WILLIAM MAY and brothers, JAMES and CARROLL MAY, were also implicated in the murder and they "escaped with the murderers."


August 1, 1834

EDMUND C. GENET died Schodak, Rensselaer Co., New York, July 28, 1834; formerly French minister to U.S., who took up permanent residence in the United States.

Mr. [CHARLES] SLADE died July [26] 1834; U.S. representative from Illinois.

BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1974, Washington, D.C., 1974, page 1705:

SLADE, Charles, a Representative from Illinois; born in England; immigrated to the United States with his parents, who settled in Alexandria, Va.; attended the public schools; moved to Carlyle, St. Clair County, Ill.; engaged in mercantile pursuits; held several local offices; member of the State house of representatives in 1820 and 1826; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-third Congress and served from March 4, 1833, until his death near Vincennes, Ind., July 26, 1834.


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MARY wife of TILMAN F. ATKEISON and daughter of ROBERT WHITE, Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 30, 1834.

Infant Son of LOVING H. WOLDRIDGE died July 24, 1834.

In Ireland, Right Reverend Doctor DOYLE, Roman Catholic Bishop died recently. [JAMES WARREN DOYLE, born in 1786, died "at his residence, Braganza, near Carlow, on June 16, 1834." See his biographical sketch, DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, Oxford, volume 5, 1967/68, pages 1316-1317.]


August 8, 1834

CAREY H. MOORE, Cumberland Presbyterian, died August 3, 1834; family man.

BENJAMIN F. BROWN married Mrs. ANN JONES, August 5, 1834; both of Davidson Co., Tenn.

JOHN LITTLE DILL married FANNY B. HILL, July 31, 1834; both of Kent Co., Maryland.

JOHN KING married SARAH TAYLOR, Williamson Co., Tenn. [July 31, 1834].

Infant Child of JAMES WILKINS, Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 16, 1834.

ELIZABETH ANNA daughter of HUMPHREY MARSHALL died August 5, 1834.

The Rev. ROBERT HENDERSON, Presbyterian, died August 6, 1834.

JOSEPH B. HIGHTOWER died July 20, 1834 aged 25 years and 6 months, in the residence of ROBERT S. HIGHTOWER, Covington, Tennessee.

SAMUEL T. EDWARDS died Williamson Co., Tenn., July 23, 1834; "got religion on his deathbed."

B. PATTON died Randolph, Tenn., July 10, 1834 a few hours after leaving a steamboat on the Mississippi River.

Dr. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL died Paris, France, May 21, 1834; a resident of Columbia, Tennessee.

JOHN McDANIEL, Williamson Co., Tenn. jailer, advertised that a black slave named ISHAM, aged about 22 years, small statured and missing a toe on his left foot, was captured and jailed August 6, 1834. He told his captors that he "belongs to RICHARD CHAPELL, Maury County, Tennessee."


August 15, 1834

JOSEPH GILBERT son of WILLIAM D. SUDBURY died August 12, 1834 aged 15 months.

WILLIAM D. HOPKINS died August 13, 1834 in the 32nd year of his age.

HENDLY STONE, esquire, died August 12, 1834 in the 65th year of his age.

MARY M. wife of CHARLES D. PARRISH, Franklin, Tenn. merchant, died August 13, 1834.

Dr. [BENJAMIN] WILLIAMS, 100 years old, married NANCY, youngest daughter of JAMES ISRAEL; all of Knox Co., Tenn. [This was a belated marriage announcement, perhaps because of the likelihood of notoriety. This couple were married in Knox County on December 9, 1829.]

JOHN NASH married LUCY JORDAN, August 14, 1834, Davidson Co., Tenn.

JOSEPH POTTS married JANE WILLIAMSON, Franklin, Tenn., August 11, 1834.


August 22, 1834

THOMAS HOGE, JR., formerly of Franklin, Tenn. died Jonesboro, ILL., July 30, 1834 of bilious fever.

JANE H. STONE, Presbyterian, died August 16, 1834 in the 20th year of her age; daughter of Hendly Stone, dec.

MARY M. B. wife of CHARLES D. PARRISH, daughter of WILLIAM B. WOOD, Petersburg, Va., born Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 8, 1811; died August 13, 1834, Franklin, Tenn.


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JOHN J. CANAN, editor of the Ebensburg (Pa.) Spy married MARGARET DAVIS, July 17, 1834.

ALFRED M. HOUSE married LOUISA BRADFORD, Davidson Co., Tenn., August 12, 1834.

Williamson County Court, July Term, 1834.

Petition Distribu:
Ava Payne, Robt G Payne and Jas. M Payne, Stokely T Payne &. Burgess Payne, by their guardian Baldwin Taliafero.
Richard Swanson, Ambrose Powel, and Frances his wife, Benjamin F. Payne, Robert E Spilman and Lucy G. his wife, May B Medley &. Mariah his wife, Wm G Payne, Henry T Payne, and Oliver Payne.

It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that process of subpoena has been regularly issued, and returned not found, as to defendants, Ambrose Powel and Francis his wife, Benjamin F Payne, Robert B. Spilman and Lucy G his wife, Henry T Payne and Wm G Payne, and it further appearing that the said Benjamin F Payne, Ambrose Powel and Francis his wife, Robert B Spilman and Lucy G his wife, Henry T Payne and William G. Payne are not inhabitants of this state: it is therefore ordered that publication be made for three weeks successively, in the Western Weekly Review, a newspaper published in the town of Franklin, requiring the said Ambrose Powel and Frances his wife, Benjamin F Payne, and Robert B Spilman and Lucy G his wife, Henry T Payne and Wm G Payne to appear before the court here at the next term of this court to be held at the court-house in the town of Franklin on the 1st Monday in October next, then and there to answer the petitioners' petition, or the same will be taken for confessed, and set for hearing exparte.

A copy Attest THOS. HARDEMAN, Cl'k.
August 1st, 1834.
Prs fee $6.00


August 29, 1834

JENKINS W. SWANSON married SARAH MALONE, Giles Co., Tenn., August 21, 1834.

WILLIAM WARREN married SARAH WALKER, Bedford Co., Tenn., August 5, 1834.

WILLIS WILLIAMS married LURENIA WHETTER, Bedford Co., Tenn., August 21, 1834.

ROUSFORD McGREGOR, Jefferson, Tenn. married ISABELL daughter of Colonel JAMES HENDERSON, dec., in Rutherford Co., Tenn., August 20, 1834.

LANDON A. McKINNON, McMinnville, Tenn. married SYRENA G. ROBINSON, Rutherford Co., Aug. 21, 1834.


August 29, 1834

PETER BARTON died near Brownsville, Tenn., August 19, 1834 aged 67 years.

EMMA infant daughter of JOHN P. ERWIN died in Nashville. August 24, 1834.

JASPER ANDERSON, businessman, died August 24, 1834.

ENOCH MURPHY died in Overton Co., Tenn., recently; county surveyor.

NELSON JONES died in Maury Co., Tenn., recently.

ALICE wife of Capt. LEWIS G. UPSHAW died in Giles Co., Tenn., August 10, 1834.

WINFIELD ROGERS died August 12, 1834.

Miss ELIZA C. CRAIGMILES died in Green Co., Tenn., August 5, 1834 aged 10 years.

SUSAN wife of JESSE GIBSON died Bedford Co., Tenn., August 15, 1834.

Mrs. [ ] JOHNSON, wife of NATHAN JOHNSON died August 15, 1834 aged 70 years.

Miss SARAH WILLIAMSON died August 18, 1834, aged 12 years.

HUMPHREY MEADOWS died August 19, 1834.

JOHN PINSON, JR. died August 21, 1834.

JANE wife of SAMUEL H. PATTON died August 22, 1834.

PENELOPE wife of JAMES H. DAVIS, died in Wilson Co., Tenn., August 10, 1834.

JESSE HOLLIS died recently.

Mrs. MATILDA MONTAGU died in residence of her father, ROBERT McLIN, August 9, 1834, Henry Co., Tennessee.

Dr. WILLIAM B. ELGIN died in Hardeman Co., Tenn., August 14, 1834.

Mrs. LUCY ANN COOK, widow of DR. MARCUS COOK died in residence of her father, the Rev. EDWARD JONES, Madison Co., Tenn., recently, aged 23 years.

MARY wife of JOHN STEELE, editor of the POLITICAL INTELLIGENCER, Little Rock, Ark., recently.

Dr. JOHN C. CABELL, "an old and respected citizen" of Lynchburg, Va., where he died August 7, 1834.

CATHARINE widow of DUNCAN ROBERTSON in Nashville, Tenn., August 15, 1834.

STITH MEAD, a Methodist preacher for 40 years, died in Amherst Co., Va., aged 68 years.

THOMAS CHANCE , veteran of the Revolutionary War died in Buckingham Co., Va., recently, aged 81 years.

RICHARD KING died in his residence, one mile south of Gallatin, Tenn., a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church, recently, in the 67th year of his age.


      The examination of the students of this institution, closed on the 16th inst.- a session of three and a half months, will commence on the 1st of September and terminate on the 15th of December next. In this institution the following branches of Literature are taught:

Reading, and Writing, per session of 5 months, $6.00

English Grammar, Geography, Modern History, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Rhetoric, Logic Chemistry, Astronomy and Geometry, $12.00

Music lessons on thee Piano, $20.00

Drawing in water colors on Velvet, $10.00

      Various kinds of needle work given gratis. Boarding can be had at respectable Houses near the Academy on very moderate terms. Letters addressed to Hardemans X Roads Post office to either of the Trustees will be attended to.


Williamson County, Ten. Aug. 22, 1834.

I attended the examination of the pupils of the Porter Female Academy, on the 16th inst., which is under the superintendence of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis and daughter; I was well pleased with the manner in which the examination was conducted. The young ladies, in the presence of a large audience satisfactorily evinced that they had been educated with great care and attention, by answering and expounding with much readiness, all questions that were propounded to them, in the various branches of learning upon which they were examined, and thereby acquitted themselves with much credit and reflected, an honor upon their teachers. In concluding the examination, we were charmed and delighted with the performance on the Piano Forte, by the young ladies who had been acquiring a knowledge of the art under the instruction of Miss Ellis. We had also exhibited to our view, suspended upon the wall of the room, various productions of needle work exemplifying and displaying much taste, neatness and skill in those branches of education.

Preceptor in the Hardeman Academy.


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JOHN J. RAMSEY, Fayetteville, Tenn. married SUSAN HOGE, McMinnville, Tenn., in Warren Co., Tenn., August 12, 1834.

LINTON ROGERS married MARGARET daughter of WILLIAM MACKEY; both of Pittsburg; in Chambersburg, August 5, 1834.

Mrs. [ ] ROGERS, aged 16 years, died August 9, 1834.


September 5, 1834

JOHN CUNNINGHAM died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 19, 1834 aged 32 years.

A daughter of JOHN MAYFIELD died August 28, 1834 aged about 27 years.

Mrs. DORCAS L. WOODS daughter of the Rev. ROBERT HENDERSON, dec., died Sept. 1, 1834.

JAMES ARMSTRONG died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 2, 1834; "an aged man."

JEMIMA wife of ANDREW CRAIG died August 30, 1834.

FREDERICK MELLEN died Boston, Mass., recently, aged 20 years.

Mrs. ELIZABETH RAINEY died Shelbyville, Tenn., August 28, 1834.

MARTHA wife of THOMAS BROWN died Giles Co., Tenn., August 26, 1834.

VIRGINIA widow of JAMES H. TOPP (died August 11, 1834) died in Pulaski, Tenn., Aug. 28, 1834.

SAMUEL H. GOTT, esq. died Marion Co., Tenn., Aug. 15, 1834 in the 56th year of his age.

ANN RAMSEY wife of JOHN HILL; daughter of Capt. JAMES McNUTT died August 29, 1834.

Colonel WILLIAM PIATT, U.S. Army, died Philadelphia, Pa., August 16, 1834.

JANE wife of WILLIAM WHITEMAN died in Knoxville, Tenn., September 1, 1834.

JAMES I. GREENE, Roane Co., Tenn., recent delegate to the state Constitutional Convention, died Davidson Co., Tenn., August 29, 1834.

Colonel ZEBULON PIKE, captain in Revolutionary War, died July 27, 1834 aged 82 years; father of General Zebulon M. Pike.

WILLIAM T. son of WILLIAM B. MELVIN died August 16, 1834 aged about 25 years, Adams Co., Miss.; native of Virginia; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1819.

Dr. ROBERT DICKSON died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn., August 16, 1834; his wife followed on August 17, 1834.

GEORGE PERRY, veteran of Revolutionary War, died Davidson Co., Tenn., August 6, 1834 aged about 70 years.

EZEKIEL LANE, esquire, died New Hanover Co., North Carolina, August 29, 1834 aged 61 years.

MALCOLM McCASKILL, native of Scotland, died Cumberland Co., N.C., Aug. 22, 1834 in 81st year.

ISHAM GUNTER died Chatham Co., N.C., July 29, 1834 aged 103 years.

GABRIEL LEA died Caswell Co., N.C., July 23, 1834 aged about 77 years.

MARY H. daughter of SAMUEL H. and MARY A. STACKHOUSE died of congestive fever, Hinds Co., Miss., August 8, 1834.

WILLIAM CAIN, SR. died Orange Co., N.C., July 28, 1834 aged 91 years.

THOMAS RAGAN died August 26, 1834; born in New Jersey, 1755; moved as a child to N.C.; served in Revolutionary War - in the battles at Monmouth, Brandywine and Eutaw Sprs. (where he was wounded). Methodist.

JAMES BOND died Edwardsville, Illinois, early August 1834.

Mrs. STEPHEN WHITE died McQuapin Co., ILL., recently.


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MICHAEL PAGE died McQuapin Co., Ill., August 5, 1834.

STOKELY D. HOULITT died Davidson Co., Tenn., August 21, 1834 aged 28 years.

NELSON HENRY died Madison Co., Miss., recently, aged 24 years.

Mrs. FRANCES wife of JOHN P. BYRN, esq.; daughter of JOEL DYER, died Dyer Co., Tenn., August 1, 1834.

ISRAEL GILPIN died Boone Co., Ky., recently, aged 93 years; veteran of Revolutionary War.

ARTHUR SCHAFF, librarian, U.S. Dept. of State, Washington City [D.C.], died August 9, 1834.

HUGH PETTIT, former sheriff of Franklin Co., Ala., died recently.

ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG died Claiborne Co., Miss., recently, aged 65 years.

Mrs. MARY wife of J. W. THOMPSON died recently.

THOMAS R. KENNEDY, Jonesboro, Tenn. married HARRIET H. EMOCK, Jonesboro, in Washington City [D.C.], August 7, 1834.

C. D. SLAUGHTER married JULIA E. CLEMENT, Campbell Co., Va., August 31, 1834.

The Rev. O. D. STREET, Winchester, Tenn. married MARY ANN daughter of THOMAS ADKINS, Madison Co., Ala., in Huntsville, Ala., August 28, 1834.

JOHN M. BELL, Giles Co., Tenn. merchant married FRANCES oldest daughter of Dr. G. D. TAYLOR, August 26, 1834.

BENJAMIN M. McFARLAND, formerly of Wilson Co., Tenn. married PENINA daughter of Colonel THOMAS DUNN, Weakley Co., Tenn., August 7, 1834.

SAMUEL PEASELL married MARY daughter of Capt. HENRY BARKLEY, Rutherford Co., Tenn., Aug. 22, 1834.

GEORGE B. HOUSTON married LAMANDA daughter of JOSHUA MONDAY, August 14, 1834; both of Knox County, Tenn.


September 12, 1834

CATHARINE DICKINSON infant daughter of JOHN W. MILLER, Franklin, Tenn., died Sept. 5, 1834.

TABITHA wife of PRICE GRAY died September 11, 1834.

BRANCH WILLIAMSON, formerly of Amelia Co., Va. died Jackson, Miss., August 25, 1834.

W. W. LENNARD, esquire, died Hardeman Co., Tenn., August 30, 1834.

JOHN D. PHILLIPS died near Harrisburg, Tenn., August 28, 1834 in the 19th year of his age.

JOSIAH ROGERS died Sevier Co., Tenn., August 12, 1834 aged 68 years.

JAMES H. WILKERSON died Jasper, Tenn., August 12, 1834.

WILSON STEELE, esq., died Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1834 aged about 32 years.

J. TENNISON, Franklin, Tenn. advertised for recovery of JOHN WHITLEY, aged about 17 years, his runaway apprentice, "famous for keeping the worst company within his reach and always tells lies when guilty of crime which is very common with him." Advertised Aug. 29, 1834.

PETER N. SMITH, Williamson Co., Tenn., advertised that he would sell for debt due him from ROBERT PARRISH, on Sept. 20, 1834, the slaves, KITTY aged about 25 years and her 3 children, AILCY aged 8 years; CINDA, aged 5 years; ALBERT, aged 1 year.


September 19, 1834

ALGERNON SYDNEY son of D. HARDEMAN died September 14, 1834.


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Members (delegates) to the Tennessee Constitutional Convention, held in Nashville, May 19-August 30, 1834, to revise the chief body of law for the state; the citizens of the state voted to accept their revisions in March 1835.


        We are indebted to the Nashville Banner for the following biographical notices of the members and officers of the present state convention. The information was furnished the editor of that paper on personal application. It will be seen that there are 34 farmers, 16 lawyers, 2 doctors, 1 merchant, 5 farmers and merchants, 2 ministers and doctors, 1 land surveyor and merchant; 1 land surveyor and farmer, 1 tanner, and 1 carpenter in the Convention.
        W B Carter (president): Residence, Carter County; born October 21st 1791, at the place where he now resides. Occupation a farmer
        Robert Allen: Residence Smith County; born June 19th, 1778, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Emigrated to Virginia in infancy, and to Tennessee in 1797. Occupation a merchant and farmer.
        Hugh C. Armstrong: Residence Overton County; born January 4th, 1784, in Surry county N. Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1800. Occupation a farmer.
        Adam R. Alexander: Residence Shelby County; born November 15th, 1788, in Washington county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1791. Occupation a farmer.
        Richard Bradshaw: Residence Jefferson County; born January 15th 1788, in Greene County, then North Carolina, now Jefferson County, Tennessee. Occupation a farmer.
        Robert M Burton: Residence Wilson County; born November 20th 1800, in Granville county, North Carolina, educated at Chapel Hill, N.C. - Emigrated to Tennessee in 1823. Occupation a lawyer.
        Willie Blount: Residence Montgomery County; born April 18th 1769, in Pitt County, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1791. Formerly Judge, and afterwards Governor, of Tennessee Occupation a farmer.
        Newton Cannon: Residence Williamson County; born May 22nd 1781, in Guilford County, N.C., Emigrated to Tennessee in 1799. Occupation a farmer.
        William G. Childress: Residence Williamson County; born March 31st, 1793, in North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1795. Occupation a farmer.
        Terry H. Cahal: Residence Maury County; born September 4th, 1802, in Henry county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1807. Occupation a lawyer.
        Robert L Cobbs: Residence Maury County; born September 25th 1790, in Louisa County, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1814. Occupation a lawyer.
        Richard Cheatham: Residence Robertson County; born February 20th 1799, in the county of Robertson, Tennessee. Occupation a merchant and farmer
        Maclin Cross: Residence McNairy County; born March 31st 1803, in Overton County, Tennessee. Occupation a lawyer.
        Burchett Douglass: Residence Wilson County; born October 6th, 1793, in Sumner County, Tennessee. Occupation a farmer
        James Fulton: Residence Lincoln County; born December 18th, 1797 in Washington county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1819. Occupation a lawyer.
        Francis B Fogg: Residence Nashville, Davidson County; born September 21st, 1795; in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1818. Occupation a lawyer.
        Gray Garrett: Residence Claiborne County; born in Cocke County, Tennessee, September 9th, 1800. Occupation a lawyer.
        James Gillespy: Residence Blount county; born September 2d, 1772, in Augusta County, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1787. Occupation, a farmer.
        James I Greene: Residence Blount county; born in Prince Edward county Virginia in 1781. Occupation, a farmer and merchant.
        James Gray: Residence Stewart county; born November 6th, 1788, in Montgomery county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1809. Occupation, a farmer.
        Bolling Gordon: Residence Hickman county; born April 12th, 1801, in Davidson county, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Calloway Hodges: Residence Jefferson county; born in Greene county, Tennessee, October 11th 1784. Occupation, a farmer.
        Isaac Hill: Residence Warren county; born December 20th, 1797, in Edgecomb co., N. Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1805. Occupation, a farmer.
        Adam Huntsman: Residence Madison county; born February 11th 1786, in Charlotte county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1809. Occupation a lawyer.
        West H. Humphreys: Residence Fayette county; born in Montgomery county, Tennessee, August 26th, 1806. Occupation a lawyer.
        Nelson I. Hess: Residence Gibson county; born March 29th, 1795, in Madison county, Kentucky. Emigrated to Tennessee in March 1804. Occupation, a Doctor of Medicine, and a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
        John Kelly: Residence Marion county; born June 2d, 1779 in Greenbrier county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1781. Occupation, a farmer.
        Andrew A. Kincannon: Residence Lincoln county; born December 1st, 1797, in Surry county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1818. Occupation, a farmer.
        Joseph Kincaid: Residence Bedford county; born May 5th, 1794, in Madison county, Ky. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1818. Occupation, a Doctor of Medicine.
        Peter Kendall: Residence Henry county; born July 29th 1778, in Montgomery county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1804. Occupation, a farmer.
        Bradley Kimbrough: Residence Monroe county; born November 2d, 1799, in Jefferson co., Tennessee. Occupation a lawyer; more recently a minister in the Baptist church.
        William Ledbetter: Residence Rutherford county; born February 12th 1800, in Brunswick county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1814. Occupation, a farmer.
        William H. Loving: Residence Haywood county; born November 21st 1803, in Nelson county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1820. Occupation a lawyer.
        Abram McClellan: Residence Sullivan county; born June 20th, 1788, in Sullivan county, then North Carolina, now Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Robert J. McKinney: Residence Greene county; born February 1st, 1804, in the county of Derry, Ireland. Emigrated to the United States in 1812 to Tennessee in Occupation a lawyer.
        John A. M'Kinney: Residence Hawkins county; born November 25th, 1781, in the county of Tyronne, Ireland. Emigrated to the United States in September 1799, to Pennsylvania, and to Tennessee, in 1805. Occupation a lawyer.
        Joseph A. Mabry: Residence Knox county; born March 19th 1796, in Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in infancy. Occupation, a farmer.
        John McGaughey: Residence Green county; born July 12th, 1792 in Sevier county, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        John Montgomery: Residence Charlotte, Dickson county; born February 13th, 1794, in Sumner county, Tennessee. Occupation a lawyer.
        George W L Marr: Residence Obion county; born in Henry county, Virginia, May 26th, 1779. Emigrated to Tennessee in the year 1799. Occupation a lawyer, more recently a farmer.
        John Neal: Residence McMinn county; born December 10th, 1783, in Washington county, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Richard Nelson: Residence White county; born April 2d 1800, in Greene county, Tennessee. Occupation a lawyer.
        Thomas C Porter: Residence Giles county; born July 20th 1787, in Davidson county, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        John Purdy: Residence Henderson county; born April 16th, 1798, in Mifflin county, Pa. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1819. Occupation, a farmer.
        William C Roadman: Residence Cocke county; born October 6th 1784, in Williamsburg, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1808. Occupation, a merchant and farmer.
        George W Richardson: Residence Franklin county; born in Roane county, Tennessee, April 28th, 1798. Occupation, a farmer.
        Henry Ridley: Residence Rutherford county; born May 29th, 1794, in the county of Davidson, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Julius C N Robertson: Residence Hardeman county; born February 20th 179?, in Washington County, Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Matthew Stephenson: Residence Washington county; born February 7th, 1777, in Rockingham county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in infancy. Occupation, a farmer, land surveyor, and a merchant.
        William T. Senter: Residence Rhea county; born May 12th, 1801, in Hawkins county, Tennessee. Occupation, merchant and minister of the Methodist Episcopal church.
        James W Smith: Residence Beech Hill, Jackson county; born May 18th 1770, in Granville county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1811. Occupation, a farmer.
        William C Smartt: Residence Warren county; born November 13th, 1785, in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1797. Occupation, a farmer.
        Henry Sharp: Residence Lawrence county; born September 24th 1779, in South Hampton co., Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1803. Occupation, a farmer.
        James Scott: Residence Hardin county; born July 22d, 1804, in Clarke county, Georgia. Emigrated to Tennessee in 1825. Occupation a lawyer.
        Ennis Ury: Residence Carroll county; born March 15th, 1799, in Davidson county, Tennessee. Occupation a merchant.
        John Whitson: Residence Anderson county; born February 20th, 1796, in Washington co., Tennessee. Occupation, a farmer.
        Isaac Walton: Residence Sumner county; born February 1st, 1764, in Gates county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in 178?. Occupation, a farmer.
        John J White: Residence Sumner county; born April 3d, 1793, in Hampshire county, Massachusetts. Emigrated to the west in 181?, and to Tennessee in 1814. Occupation a lawyer.


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        Jonathan Webster: Residence, Bedford county; born March 19th 1779, Spottsylvania county, Virginia. Emigrated to Tennessee 1808. Occupation a farmer.
        Robert Weakley: Residence, Davidson county; born July 2d 1764, in Halifax county, Virginia. - Emigrated to North Carolina in the fall of 1783. Occupation, a land surveyor and farmer.
        William K. Hill, Secretary to the convention: Residence, Maury county; born March 18, 1796 in Dublin county, North Carolina. Emigrated to Tennessee in March, 1812. Occupation, a farmer.
        William I. I. Morrow, Assistant Secretary: Residence, Monroe County; born November 27th 1802, in Jefferson county, Tennessee. Occupation a doctor of medicine.
        James McDowell, Doorkeeper: Residence, Rutherford county; born in Greene county, then North Carolina, now Tennessee, in the year 1787. Emigrated to Kentucky in 1808, and again to Tennessee, Rutherford, in 1816. Occupation a carpenter.
        Alfred C. Robertson, Assistant Doorkeeper: Residence, Overton county; born February 8th 1804, in Washington county, Tennessee. Occupation, a tanner.


MARY C. wife of THOMAS J. PRITCHETT, aged 34 years, died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 16, 1834; wife and mother. Methodist.

THOMAS K. HANDY married MARIA HENDERSON, Franklin, Tenn., September 16, 1834.

ANDREW HALFACRE married MARY BARNES, Williamson Co., Tenn., August 22, 1834.


J. STEWART married MAHALA CORBIT, Davidson Co., Tenn., September 18, 1834.


September 26, 1834

The Rev. ROBERT HENDERSON, D. D. [Doctor of Divinity], died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 6, 1834, aged 71 years; he had just returned from a visit to his farm, lain down to rest and died. A long-time Presbyterian preacher.

Mrs. DORCUS L. WOODS oldest daughter of the Rev. ROBERT HENDERSON died September 1, 1834 in 40th year of her age in the former residence of her father.

The Rev. GREGORY T. BEDELL, rector St. Andrew's Church, Philadelphia, died Aug. 30, 1834 in the 43rd year of his age.

LYCURGUS infant son of JOSEPH PENNISON, Franklin, Tenn., died September 20, 1834.

Captain WILLIAM FLEWELLEN, native of Halifax Co., N.C., died in Carroll Co., Tenn., August 23, 1834 in the 81st year of his age.

ANDREW HODGE married LOUISA C. ORMES, September 18, 1834; both of Williamson Co., Tenn.


October 3, 1834

BENJAMIN infant son of JAMES GARY died "this evening," October 3, 1834.

DIXON ALLEN died Gallatin, Tenn., September 26, 1834 in the 27th year of his age.

DANIEL PERKINS, "old man," died Williamson Co., Tenn., September 30, 1834.

ROBERT RODGERS married ELIZABETH TILMAN, September 16, 1834. Madison Co., Tenn.

JOHN M. BARNETT married MARTHA M. CLEMENT, September 17, 1834. Madison Co., Tenn.

Dr. JOHN F. RHOTON, Davidson Co., Tenn. married JULIET N. daughter of Judge JACOB PECK, September 16, 1834. Jefferson Co., Tenn.

A. ADAMS married Mrs. MARY C. RICHARDSON, September 23, 1834. Rutherford Co., Tenn.

FRANKLIN P. WHITE married MARTHA M. ASHLIN, Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 2, 1834.

PAGE BOND, agent of JANE HOLLAND's heirs, advertised that all claims against her estate should be filed with him promptly.


October 10, 1834

NARCISSA W. youngest daughter of Colonel NEWTON CANNON, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Sept. 22, 1834.

SARAH wife of Dr. CHARLES F. DANDRIDGE, Henry Co., Va., granddaughter of PATRICK HENRY, died September 12, 1834.


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Dr. RALEIGH WHITE died Pittsylvania Co., Va., September 15, 1834 aged about 90 years; veteran of the Revolutionary War.

JEREMIAH DIAL died September 12, 1834 in the 75th year of his age. Bedford Co., Tenn.

TURNER COLEMAN married ELIZA J. JONES, Montgomery Co., Tenn., September 25, 1834.

DAVID T. SCOTT, Clarksville, Tenn. married CHARITY ANN SLATTER, Sept. 11, 1834.

HENRY ALLISON, Gibson Co., Tenn. married ELIZABETH CLARK, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., in the former county, September 9, 1834.


October 17, 1834

THOMPSON youngest brother of Colonel NEWTON CANNON died Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 5, 1834.

JONATHAN DRYDEN died Williamson Co., Tenn., October 4, 1834.

JAMES ALLEN married NANCY FITZGERALD, October 9, 1834.

ANDERSON BUFFINGTON, printer, married PAROLEE C. CABLES, Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1834.

JOHN THOMPSON PETERS, a judge of the Conn. Supreme Court died [August 28, 1834].


October 24, 1834

Colonel OGLESBY SCRUGGS, Nashville, Tenn., died Oct. 19, 1834; formerly of Virginia.

BAKER DORCH died Robertson Co., Tenn., recently.

NARCISSA W. daughter of Colonel NEWTON CANNON died Williamson Co., recently [Sept. 22, 1834].

MARTIN SHORES, aged 27 years, died Lincoln Co., Tenn., recently.




Mrs. JOHN MILSTEAD [as noted in the NATIONAL BANNER & NASHVILLE WHIG, October 20, 1834]

RICHARD JOHNS son of Captain H. ROBERTSON, aged 10 years.

MASON son of GEORGE A. WILSON, aged 13 months.

WILLIAM H. son of REUBEN BOLLES, aged 8 years.

ANN wife of JAMES CAMPBELL in 61st year of her age, died in Knoxville, Tenn.

MARTHA wife of P. A. WATERS in her 27th year of age.


General GABRIEL HESTER, former surveyor-general of Pa. died at the age of 56 years.

JOHN ECHOLS, Revolutionary War veteran, died October 12, 1834 in the 78th year of his age.

Dr. REUBEN A. GENTRY married RUTH RODGERS, Williamson Co., Tenn., October 22, 1834.

JAMES W. STAINBACK married MARTHA C. EPPS, Davidson Co., Tenn., October 16, 1834.


October 31, 1834

AMANDA WHITMAN wife of GABRIEL BUFORD died Oct. 26, 1834 in her 30th year. Baptist.

BENJAMIN H. LOFLAND, formerly of Russellville, Ky., died Perry Co., Tenn., October 18, 1834.

Lt. JAMES WEST, 7th U.S. Infantry, died Ft. Gibson, Ala., September 28, 1834 in 25th year of age.

JULIET wife of Dr. JOSIAH RHOTON died New Market, Tenn., recently.

JAMES B. GREEN died Williamson Co., Tenn., October 22, 1834.

Midshipman DAVID IRWIN, Nashville, Tenn., died Pensacola, Fla., October 6, 1834.


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JAMES JOHNSON married NARCISSA MERRITT, October 23, 1834.

LEWIS HOLT married EMILY CUMMINGS, October 29, 1834.

R. HI. WHITE, formerly of Nashville, Tenn. married M. A. F. daughter of DANIEL NELSON, Rutherford Co., Tenn., October 23, 1834.


November 7, 1834

JESSE COCKRUM, Baptist, died Hardeman Co., Tenn., October 23, 1834; husband and father.

MASON only child of GEORGE A. WILSON, esq., died Fayetteville, Tenn., Oct. 8, 1834.

C. J. FOX WHARTON, esq. married AMANDA CRIDDLE, Williamson Co., Tenn., October 7, 1834.

DANIEL H. McKINNEY married HANNAH daughter of THOMAS WEST, Grainger Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1834.

MEDICUS A. LONG, Nashville, Tenn. married MARY P. TYLER, Warren Co., Tenn., Oct. 30, 1834.

SAMUEL P. WALKER married ELEANOR T. WORMLEY, Maury Co., Tenn., October 22, 1834.


November 12, 1834

JAMES HUNT, veteran of Revolutionary War, died Rutherford Co., Tenn., recently, aged 78 years.

LUCINDA daughter of THOMAS FRAZIER, esq., died Knox Co., Tenn., recently, aged 17 years.

Capt. ABSALOM THOMPSON, Williamson Co., Tenn. married MARY B. SANFORD, Maury Co., Tenn., November 11, 1834.

LYTLE POWELL, executor of JOHN BLYTHE's will, advertised for persons with claims against this estate to file same promptly.


November 21, 1834

ASHLEY PAGE son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH STURDIVANT died Nov. 5, 1834 aged 7 years and 5 months [born in June 1827].

Colonel JAMES MARTIN died Stokes Co., North Carolina, October 30, 1834 in the 94th year of his age.

JOHN P. BROADNAX died Vernon, Miss., Nov. 4, 1834; former resident of Williamson Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM A. OLD died Louisville, Ky., recently, of apoplexy [stroke].

Dr. ALEXANDER S. J. ALSTON died Tipton Co., Tenn., Nov. 8, 1834 in 24th year of his age; formerly of Hillsborough, North Carolina.

FELIX son of the Rev. ISAAC CONGER died Lincoln Co., Tenn., recently, aged 22 years.

WALTER SHARP died recently, aged 24 years.

EDWARD WADE died Hardeman Co., Tenn., recently, aged 28 years.

JAMES CLACK died in residence of Dr. WILLIAM F. SMITH, Lincoln Co., Tenn., October 30, 1834 aged 78 years and 4 months [born in June 1756].

ABSOLAM T. MACE, formerly of Jackson College, died Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1834 in 27th year.

Tribute of respect by students of Jackson College [Columbia, Tenn.] in memory of fellow student, EDWARD CAMPBELL who died November 4, 1834 in the 18th year of his age; son of Captain ROBERT CAMPBELL.

WILLIAM BROOKS, aged 53 years, Weakley Co., Tenn. married Mrs. SUSAN P. C. CHANDLER, aged 27 years, Henry Co., Tenn., recently.

THOMAS BUFORD, Giles Co., Tenn. married ELIZABETH BUFORD, Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 11, 1834.


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December 5, 1834

ASA HAM died December 4, 1834 aged 75 years; husband and father.

MARY JANE wife of ALBERT G. WARD, died Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1834; native of Danville, Kentucky.

CHARLES W. GRAHAM, Maury Co., Tenn. married ELIZA HARRIET McDANIEL, Williamson Co., Tenn., November 20, 1834.

WILLIAM DALE married Mary E. RILEY, Columbia, Tenn., November 20, 1834.

MOULTRIE MARTIN, Yazoo Co., Miss. married SUSAN E. FRIERSON, Maury Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1834.


December 12, 1834

DAVID MERIWETHER married ELIZA JANE daughter of MATTHIAS DEBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn., December 9, 1834.

Major JAMES T. BROWN married CAROLINE D. GIVINS, November 27, 1834.

P. M. HUGHLETT, Independence [Henderson Co., Tenn.] married UNICY W. WHITE, November 27, 1834.

EDWIN RAWLINGS married ELIZA TYSON, November 27, 1834. Williamson Co., Tenn.

GLADIN GORIN, Lexington merchant married JANE daughter of HUGH W. WORMLEY, Nov. 20, 1834.


December 26, 1834

JAMES RICE died in December 1834; burial with masonic ritual.

WILLIAM O. SMITHSON married LUCY W. GILES, December 17, 1834.

SPENCER DOBSON, Williamson Co., Tenn. married ROSANNA J. BENTHAL, Giles Co., Tenn., December 11, 1834.

Major SAMUEL J. ROGERS married Mrs. S. S. BROOKS, Dec. 11, 1834; both of Pulaski, Tenn.

BUCKNER ABENATHY, Pulaski, Tenn. married FRANCES daughter of WILLIAM GRAVES, Giles Co., Tenn., December 10, 1834.

JACOB GARRETT, Williamson Co., Tenn. married A. C. CONNER, Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1834.

CLAIBORNE COLLINS, Green Co., Ala. married ELIABETH JONES, Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1834.


HENRY GREEN married M. HENRY, Davidson Co., Tenn., December 18, 1834.


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