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January 5, 1838

ANN H. VAN PELT wife of HENRY VAN PELT died December 28, 1838 in the 37th year of her age.

D. W. PARRISH, formerly of Franklin, Tenn. died Pontotoc, Miss., Oct. 25, 1837; "a young man."

JOHN O. CRUMP married ELIZABETH STANLEY, Dec. 24, 1837.

WILLIAM A. McCLANAHAN married CYNTHIA CRAIG, Marshall Co., Miss., November 15, 1837.


January 26, 1838

ELIZABETH wife of Colonel JAMES G. JONES; daughter of Major ANTHONY SHARP, dec., died near Franklin, Tenn., January 20, 1838 in the 40th year of her age; surviving were her widower and ten children.

MARCUS H. BAYNES, Sumner Co., Tenn. married MARY ANN ROWE, Davidson Co., Tenn., January 18, 1838.


February 2, 1838

DRUCILLA W. wife of CHARLES W. SMITHSON, Williamson Co., Tenn. died January 12, 1837 aged 20 years.


February 9, 1838

REBECCA BOYCE wife of THEOPHILUS L. GENTRY; daughter of THOMAS SAPPINGTON, all of Williamson Co., Tenn., died from scarlet fever "with sore throat", Jan. 10, 1837 in the 27th year of her age.

ROBERT TAYLOR, JR. married PHEBE CHRISTIAN, Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 19, 1837.


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February 16, 1838

ROBERT BUCHANAN married HARRIET BATEMAN, Williamson Co., Tenn., February 8, 1838.


March 9, 1838

RACHAL wife of THOMAS HARDIN PERKINS, SR., Williamson Co., Tenn., died near Clarksville, Tenn., February 24, 1838 aged 81 years. Baptist.

MELINDA widow of Colonel JOHN WILLIAMS, Knoxville; sister of HUGH L. WHITE and mother of Hon. JOSEPH L. WILLIAMS; died March [1?], 1838.


March 23, 1838

ABNER C. PATE married Mrs. MARY SIMMONS, Williamson Co., Tenn., March 11, 1838.


March 30, 1838

FRANCES A. wife of DAVID CAMPBELL died March 23, 1838 aged 23 years. Methodist.

WILKINS TANNEHILL infant son of WILLIAM T. BERRY, Nashville, Tenn. bookseller died March 25, 1838.


April 6, 1838

CATHARINE infant daughter of RICHARD MAURY, Williamson Co., Tenn. died March 23, 1838.


April 13, 1838

The barns of Major JAMES BROWN, about four miles from Franklin, Tenn. and that of JOHN D. BENNETT, about one mile from Franklin, both burned April 6, 1838.

THOMAS McGILL died March 1, 1838 from wound received during a recent election in Benton Co., Tenn.; surviving were his widow and four children.


April 20, 1838

ROBERT GUTHRIE, veteran of the Revolutionary War, died Williamson Co., Tenn., April 13, 1838 aged 82 years. Presbyterian. [His wife, MARY GUTHRIE's pension application, W293, shows that he was born October 24, 1757; died April 13, 1838; married MARY TAYLOR, March 9, 1780; they had lived in South Carolina and Kentucky before moving to Williamson Co., Tennessee.]

JAMES NEWSOM died "at sunrise," April 16, 1838.

MARY FRANCES infant daughter of WILLIAM A. SLAUGHTER, Franklin, Tenn., died April 18, 1838.

RUFFIN BROWN, Williamson Co., Tenn. died April 18, 1838; "old man."


April 27, 1838

GEORGE E. COOK died April 19, 1838 aged about 35 years.


May 11, 1838

WILLIAM BERSON, JR. died May 9, 1838 aged about 30 years.

ANDREW JACKSON EDWARDS died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 4, 1838; "a young man."

JOHN H. son of BENJAMIN CLARDY died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 1, 1838 aged about 12 yrs.

ROBERT M. HOUSE married MARY R. BARNES, near Clarksville, Tenn., May 10, 1838.


May 18, 1838

Miss MARGARET W. HART died Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 6, 1838 aged 37 years.

WILLIAM M. son of Dr. J. MANEY died near Nashville, Tenn., May 12, 1837 aged 6 years.


May 25, 1838

Mrs. MARY A. MOREHEAD, late of Warren Co., Ky. died in Nashville, Tenn., May 20, 1838.


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J. W. GARDNER married SARAH M. POYNER, May 12, 1838.

WILLIAM B. NAPTON, Mo., attorney-general, married MALINDA daughter of Judge WILLIAMS, Knoxville, Tenn., in Saline, Mo., April 27, 1838.


June 1, 1838

CLARINDA wife of DYER PEARL, Nashville, Tenn., died May 14, 1838 on her way with her daughter on a steamboat to New England.

MARY D. daughter of GRIFFIN and MARY D. STITH, prince William Co., Va., died in Washington City [D. C], May 18, 1838 in the 12th year of her age.

ELIZABETH B. infant daughter of L. B. McCONNICO died Franklin, Tenn., May 25, 1838 aged twenty months.

EDWARD L. GIVINS, Alexandria, Ala. married MARGARET A. daughter of Colonel MILLER FRANCIS, late treasurer of State of Tennessee; in Nashville, May 24, 1838.


June 8, 1838

J. SOAP, member of Captain YOAKUM's Company of Volunteers from Rutherford Co., Tenn., died in the Cherokee Agency, May 16, 1838, from accidental gunshot wounds.

JAMES McGAVROCK died Wythe Co., Va., May 12, 1838; a hosteler.

GEORGE W. MITCHELL married SARAH BYNUM, Spring Hill, Tenn., May 30, 1838.

WILLIAM P. McDANIEL, Franklin, Tenn. married MARTHA E. SCANTLAND, Nashville, June 1, 1838.


June 15, 1838

Miss MARTHA BUMPASS died Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 10, 1838 aged 19 years.

Mrs. JOHN JACKSON died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 10, 1838 of dropsy; ill for 6 months.


June 22, 1838

JOHN GRAY died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 8, 1848 aged 78 years. His wife, ANNA GRAY, died June 10, 1838; had "lived long and harmoniously together."

GEORGE W. MORRIS married SUSAN CLAUD, June 20, 1838.


June 29, 1838

HARPETH infant son of Major JAMES S. PARISH, Williamson Co., Tenn. died June 25, 1838.

Infant Daughter of JAMES GRAY, Franklin, Tenn. died June 18, 1838.

SARAH wife of THOMAS H. FLETCHER, died Nashville, Tenn., June 24, 1838.

ELIZABETH wife of General ROBERT CANNON died Shelbyville, Tenn., June [15?], 1838.


July 6, 1838

LODWICK B. BEECH died July 1, 1838.

Mrs. GEORGE LONG died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 30, 1838.

SUSANNAH widow of Dr. ROGER B. SAPPINGTON, Nashville, died in residence of her son, Dr. M. B. Sappington, June 19, 1838 in the 59th year of her age.

JOHN APPLEBY married TIRZAH KING in Marshall Co., Tenn., June 21, 1838.


July 13, 1838

MARY wife of WESLY JACKSON died July 9, 1838 aged about 30 years.

MRS. WHITFIELD died July 9, 1838 "upwards of 100 years."

Mrs. [ ] NEWSOM died July 7, 1838.


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FRANKLIN M. BINGHAM, son-in-law of RICHARD HALEY, drowned in the West Harpeth River, Williamson Co., Tenn., July 10, 1838.

JOSEPH HAELSTEAD and AMANDA M. daughter of Captain W. D. THARP, Williamson Co., married July 4, 1838.

LEANDER S. HAVNER married MEADY D. ALLEN, July 12, 1838.


July 20, 1838

ELIZABETH wife of GEORGE LONG, Williamson Co., Tenn., born in "Franklin," March 9, 1802; died June 30, 1838. Methodist.

SUSAN A. wife of THOMAS SHELTON, Williamson Co., Tenn. died July 16, 1838 aged 28 years.

ALABAMA infant daughter of WILLIAM POTTS, Lick Creek, Williamson Co., Tenn., died July 6, 1838.

SENA CLOUSTON daughter of HUGH DUFF, Franklin, Tenn. died July 18, 1838 aged 6 years.

WILLIAM HARDEMAN infant son of STEPHEN POTTS, Lick Creek, Williamson Co., Tenn. died July 12, 1838.

R. McNAIRY CROOK and MARY C. STANLY, Franklin, Tenn. married July 15, 1838.


July 27, 1838

JAMES MOORE, as a youth served in the Revolutionary War, died July 12, 1838 in the 75th year of his age.

WILLIS POMEROY, Williamson Co., Tenn. died July 19, 1838 aged about 34 years.

MARY JANE daughter of Colonel JOSEPH W. and MARGARET N. CAMP died July 22, 1838 aged between 12/13 years old.

WILLIAM BEECH married JANE VAUGHAN, Williamson Co., Tenn., July 26, 1838.

BENJAMIN F. WEAKLEY married MARY E. PORTER, Williamson Co., Tenn., July 26, 1838.


August 3, 1838

JAMES WILSON, SR. died August 1, 1838 aged 79 years. [In his repeated death notice in the August 17 issue of the REVIEW, his age was given as 76 years.]

ELIZABETH wife of SHADRACH SUDBURY, Williamson Co., Tenn. died August 1, 1838.

MILDRED infant daughter of HENRY VAN PELT, Franklin, Tenn. died August 3, 1838.

SARAH JANE daughter of JOHN McINTYRE died August 22, 1838 aged about 15 years; Williamson Co., Tenn.

WOODSON son of MILLER FRANCES died Nashville, Tenn., July 28, 1838.


August 10, 1838

THOMPSON H. KING married ALLEBERY STANFIELD, Williamson Co., Tenn., August 8, 1838.

B. HARPER SHEPPARD, lawyer, Jackson, Tenn. married PHEREBY E. R. daughter of LEMUEL DONELSON, dec., Williamson Co., Tenn., August 2, 1838.

Dr. J. P. THOMAS, Miss., married ILLINOIS C. daughter of Colonel M. M. KEARNEY, near Nashville, Tenn., July 26, 1838.


August 17, 1838

J. H. BENEDICT, aged 35 years, died Russellville, Ky., August 1, 1838.

Rev. JOHN N. BLACKBURN died Oldham Co., Ky., Aug. 3, 1838 in residence of mother-in-law, Mrs. EDWARDS.


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DAVID McGAVROCK died near Nashville, Tenn., August 7, 1838 aged 75 years; had lived 43 years "at his late residence."


August 24, 1838

ANN wife of GEORGE MAYFIELD, Williamson Co., Tenn. died Aug. 19, 1838 in the 58th year of her age; native of Washington County, Virginia.

DAVID ROBINSON died Williamson Co., Tenn.., August 3, 1838 aged about 18 years.

Mrs. JOHN NICHOLS died near Nashville, Tenn., August 6, 1838.

WILLIAM JONES died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 11, 1838 aged about 28 years.

HENRY BYRD died near Franklin, Tenn., August 17, 1838 aged about 22 years.


August 31, 1838

STEPHEN SMITH POYNER, formerly of Williamson Co., Tenn., died Amite County, Mississippi, recently, by accidental gun-fire; husband father. An encomium, by the Amite Library and Debating Society, undated.

General JAMES J. GAY, Miss., married ELVIRA daughter of SAMUEL PERKINS, Williamson Co., Tenn., August 29, 1838.

J. M. BUMPASS married C. A. EZELL, Giles Co., Tenn., July 26, 1838.


September 8, 1838

MARTHA wife of JAMES WILKINS died August 26, 1838. Methodist.

GEORGE W. HUGHS, Williamson Co., Tenn., died August 20, 1838; "young man."

NANCY G. wife of HENRY M. HUTTON, Davidson Co., Tenn. died August 15, 1838 in the 40th year of her age; left widower, and six children.

MARY WILSON daughter of HENRY VAN PELT died Port Gibson, Miss., Aug. 17, 1838 in the 14th year of her age, while on a visit with her uncle, JAMES MAURY and wife, whose son, JULIAN PHILIP MAURY, died August 13, 1838 aged 4 years.

THOMAS M. COLLINS, formerly of Williamson Co., Tenn. married VIRGINIA HULBERT, Miss. Co., Ark., in Hot Springs Co., Ark., August 7, 1838.

HARRISON NICHOL, Williamson Co., Tenn. married MARY daughter of WILLIAM MOORE, Sept. 4, 1838.

WILLIAM C. KENNEY married ELIZABETH OLDHAM, Williamson Co., Tenn., September 4, 1838.

Colonel THOMAS H. BRADLEY married JANE daughter of JOHN WATSON, September 6, 1838.

LEWIS CORZINE married JANE R. WHITE, September 6, 1838.


September 14, 1838

RICHARD L. ANDREWS, esquire, died Sept. 11, 1838 aged about 32 years; had masonic burial. Resolutions of respect in his memory passed by the Franklin Bar, September 12, noting his "bland and gentlemanly deportment."

BARBARA wife of H. M. ELLIOTT died August 31, 1838 aged 28 years.

THOMAS B. SMITH, a store clerk in Nolensville, Tenn. died September 7, 1838.

JANE wife of SAMUEL FLEMING; daughter of J. THOMPSON, Williamson Co., Tenn., died September 2, 1838 aged 37 years.

AILSON wife of ROBERT CAROTHERS died September 11, 1838 aged about 42 years.

JOHN N. infant son of the Rev. WILLIAM H. BALDRIDGE, Williamson Co., Tenn. died Aug. 14, 1838.


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September 21, 1838

WILSON CALHOON, volunteer in Captain JAMES W. CARSON's company raised for defense of the "northwestern frontier," recently, died August 14, 1838.

LETTY wife of D. W. PORTER died Centerville, Tenn., September 17, 1838. Methodist.

THOMAS HOLLON infant son of A. S. DENTON of Oxford, La., died Fayette Co., Miss., July 31, 1838.

JOHN A. SCALES married EUPHEMIA JOHNSON, Williamson Co., Tenn., September 13, 1838.

DE LAFAYETTE COVINGTON, Rutherford Co., Tenn. married Mrs. ELIZABETH RANSOM, Williamson Co., Tenn., September 13, 1838.

WILLIAM C. CRAWLEY married ISABELLA HILL, September 20, 1838.


September 28, 1838

DANIEL McMAHON, native of Pennsylvania, died near Franklin, Tenn., September 21, 1838 in the 89th year of his age; veteran of Revolutionary War; moved to Tennessee in 1800. [His military pension, S4199, reveals that he was born in Philadelphia, 1751.]

JOHN Y. SMITH died Maury Co., Tenn., September 22, 1838 aged 35 years.

JOSEPH A. VADEN married CATHARINE G. WILSON, Williamson Co., Tenn., September 27, 1838.

THOMAS L. HENDRICKS married ELIZABETH PRINCE, Williamson Co., Tenn., September 20, 1838.


October 5, 1838

ANDREW CROCKETT, JR. died of congestive fever, September 7, 1838 aged 30 years. Williamson Co., Tenn.

LUCY CORNELIA daughter of R. L. MAURY died September 22, 1838 aged 8 years and 5 months [born in April 1830].

RUSSEL R. DANCE died near Nashville, Tenn., October 3, 1838.


October 12, 1838

The Rev. GIDEON BLACKBURN, D. D., died near Carlinsville, Ill., August 23, 1838 in the 66th year of his age.

ROBERT DUNLAP, esquire, native of South Carolina, died Stewart Co., Tenn., September 12, 1838 aged about 50 years; a state representative from Stewart Co., Tenn. [Dunlap served in the Tennessee House of Representatives, from Stewart County, 1837-1839.]

MINGO MASHULATUBBE, for many years chief of the Lower Town District Choctaw Nation died in the Choctaw Agency, September 30, 1838 aged about 60 years; "an orator and warrior." In accordance with treaty of 1825 he was a United States pensioner.


October 19, 1838

Hon. THOMAS STEWART died near Franklin, Tenn., September 16, 1838 aged 76 years; for many years a circuit court judge.

Dr. FELIX G. WILBURN, Hinds Co., Miss., died October 3, 1838 aged about 28 years; moved to Miss. from Williamson County, Tenn.

GEORGE F. CRITZ died Limestone Co., Ala., September 21, 1838 aged 50 years; reared in Williamson Co., Tenn.

JEREMIAH youngest son of DAVID DWYER, died Louisville, Ky., September 24, 1838 in the 28th year of his age; formerly of Williamson Co., Tenn.

ANDREW McRADY died Williamson Co., Tenn., September 6, 1838 in the 81st year of his age.


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October 26, 1838

WILSON DAVIS died October 16, 1838 aged about 36 years.

SAMUEL OWEN, aged about 40 years, died in residence of JAMES C. OWEN, Williamson Co., Tenn., October 20, 1838.

A resolution of respect in memory of Hon. THOMAS STUART, "aged and venerable friend," by the Chancery Court and Franklin Bar, dated October 24, 1838. STUART had located in Nashville, Tenn., 1789; served as judge of the fourth judicial district, 1809-1836. [His surname spelled STEWART in October 19th issue of the REVIEW]


November 2, 1838

MARTIN FRALEY, SR., "highly respected citizen" of Hardin Co., Tenn. was stabbed to death at Wolf's Ferry in that county, October 10, 1838, murdered by drunken JOHN and SOLOMON STEP, Big Bear Creek, Tishomingo Co., Miss., who may have escaped to Texas.

MARY wife of THOMAS BERRY died Williamson Co., Tenn., October 26, 1838 aged 63 years.

ALBERT BULLINGTON married MARY E. HAYES, Franklin, Tenn., November 1, 1838.

ISOM R. THWEATT, Franklin, Tenn. married Mrs. SUSAN THOMPSON, Columbus, Miss., October 18, 1838.


November 9, 1838

WILLIAM MARSHALL infant son of THOMAS and SARAH HOGAN died Murfreesboro, Tenn., October 31, 1838.

MILTON REESE McKAY died November 9, 1?38. Cumberland Presbyterian.

FELIX G. McCLAREN married NANCY C. daughter of MATTHEW MARABLE, Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 23, 1838.

Colonel WILLIAM CARROLL married ELIZA JANE BREATHITT, Nashville, Tenn., November 5, 1838.

Major W. GORDON, Texas, married VIRGINIA S. daughter of General J. P. RUSSWURM, Rutherford Co., Tenn., October 31, 1838.


November 16, 1838

WHITE PATH, 75 year old chief of the Cherokee tribe died near Hopkinsville, Ky., recently, "in company with the first detachment of emigrating Cherokees."

HOLLAND L. WHITE, Williamson Co., Tenn. died November 15, 1838 aged about 45 years. Baptist.

Mrs. HANNAH PORTER died in residence of JOHN P. McKAY near Franklin, Tenn., November 8, 1838 aged 88 years; migrated to Davidson Co., Tenn. about 1785.

ELIJAH ABRAHAM infant son of JAMES (dec.) and NARCISSA NORTH died November 13, 1838.

JAMES H. MANEY died in residence of his father, Dr. JAMES MANEY, near Murfreesboro, Tenn., November 13, 1838 aged 20 years.


November 23, 1838

Mrs. SALINDA BRANDON died in residence of JOSEPH TAYLOR, Williamson Co., Tenn., November 14, 1838.

THOMAS HARDIN PERKINS died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 19, 1838 in 83rd year of his age.

KEZIAH S. wife of JAMES DAVIS, Sumner Co., Tenn., died November 13, 1838.

ROBERT GILLESPIE died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 16, 1838 "in the prime of life."

ELIZABETH oldest daughter of JOHN REED died November 17, 1838 in her 24th year of age.

PHEBE wife of EDWARD HOOD, an "amiable old lady," died November 18, 1838.

MARTIN GRIDLEY, merchant, New Orleans, married SARAH daughter of JOSHUA FARRINGTON, Brownsville, Tenn., October 31, 1838.


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SHADRACH W. PRIMM married MARY S. HAMPTON, November 20, 1838.

E. D. SAPPINGTON, Missouri, married PENELOPE CAROLINE daughter of former Governor Breathitt, Kentucky, in Tennessee, November 4, 1838.


November 30, 1838

EDWARD B. LANGSTROTH, native of United States, was killed by his servants in the Durango District, Mexico, June 15, 1838.

GERSHAM HUNT born Rowan Co., North Carolina, 1765; died November 16, 1838.

RICHARD L. MAURY died Williamson Co., Tenn., October 26, 1838 aged about 30 years.

THEODORICK CARTER died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 24, 1838 aged about 50 years.

Colonel S. P. CARSON, formerly member of the United States Congress, from North Carolina, died Hot Springs, Arkansas, November 2, 1838 aged about 40 years.

BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-l974, Washington, D.C., 1974, page 711:

CARSON, Samuel Price, a Representative from North Carolina; born in Pleasant Gardens, N.C., January 22, 1798; studied under private tutors in Pleasant Gardens; engaged in agricultural pursuits; member of the State senate 1822-1824; elected as a Democrat to the Nineteenth and to the three succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1825-March 3, 1833); unsuccessful candidate in 1833 for reelection to the Twenty-third Congress because of the sentiment against the nullification doctrine of Calhoun which he supported; again elected to the State senate in 1834; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1835; moved to Texas in 1836; member of the Texas convention that adopted the constitution of that Republic in 1836; appointed Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas in September 1836 and served until 1838; sent as a commissioner to Washington, D.C., to intercede for the recognition of the independence of Texas in 1836; died at Hot Springs, Ark., November 2, 1838; interment in the Government Cemetery, Hot Springs, Ark.


December 7, 1838

GEORGE H. MOORE married SALINA P. BUTTS, November 6, 1838.

WILLIAM BOND, administrator of RICHARD L. MAY's estate, advertised that he would sell livestock, furniture, farming tools and crops at the former residence of the deceased, located six miles west of Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 19, 1838.

JOHN P. McKAY advertised that he would sell EATON, MILES, PATSY, PEGGY, ELIZA and her two children, SAM and PERKINS, from WILLIAM McKAY's estate, Jan. 5, 1839.


December 14, 1838

The Rev. Dr. DASHIELL WILLIAM S. BOLLING, Columbus, Miss. married Mrs. MARY M. HILL, Franklin, Tenn., December 12, 1838.

Dr. T. WELLS, Nashville, Tenn. married ELIZABETH daughter of CALEB GARRETT, Franklin, Tenn., December 10, 1838.

GREEN H. MORE married SELINA P. BUTTS, December 6, 1838. [He was called WILLIAM H. MORE in the December 7 issue of the REVIEW.]


December 21, 1838

AMANDA BANKS died Williamson Co., Tenn., December 18, 1838 aged about 16 years.

MARTHA infant daughter of ISAAC BARR, SR. died "at turnpike gate no. 3," Williamson Co., Tenn., November 30, 1838 aged about 12 years.

HEZEKIAH TERRILL married MARGARET S. DABNEY, December 20, 1838.


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